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Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic'.

Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic'.

SEO Has One of the Best ROI

When it comes to SEO, we believe that the road to an 'Organically' ranked No.1 website is led directly from a strategically 'Optimised' website. Cutting through the 'casual' traffic, an Organically Optimized website delivers highly-specific, highly-relevant, high-quality traffic that rapidly catapults your website page ranking to a numero uno position on Google’s search engine results.

At Open Designs, we focus on capturing the right keywords, eliminating poor traffic, and directing high-yielding customer traffic to your website through a slew of proven SEO roll-out strategies. Shunning the quick-fix, band-aid SEO treatment that most agencies adopt, we at Open Designs KNOW and believe that there is no ''Short-cut to SEO Success''.

Our Search Engine Optimization Capabilities.

Top 10 SEO companies in chennai

Website Initial Audit

Website Initial Audit When you want to direct Organically Optimised traffic to your site, you need to ensure that your website systemically includes and expands its online reach to those who're on the hunt for the items/ solutions your company is selling. As such, Open Design's team will first run a diagnostic On-page audit to gather the keywords specific to your site. Digging a level deeper, we'll then expand our scope to the exact nature of your business and the connecting inward links. This last leg of our Website Initial Audit exercise will deliver an itemized optimization review and determine the aggressive SEO roll-out procedure for getting your business to where it wants to be - The No.1 Rank on Google’s search engine results.

Keyword Analysis

Before overhauling the existing SEO framework of your website, we run a Keyword Analysis examination that involves determining the strength of your existing SEO-related keywords and the web crawler advertising-related keywords (SEA). A strong keyword and statistical survey will guide us on the SEO strategy to undertake and enable us to make sensible projections on your website's likelihood of coming out first on Google’s search engine results.

Top 10 SEO companies in chennai
Top SEO services company in chennai, India

Competitor Analysis

As a business owner, you can name your biggest rivals, however, would you be able to name your toughest SEO competitor? At Open Designs, we employ a host of Competitor Analysis investigations to understand which SEO contenders are fighting for the same piece of the pie, and who exist outside of your speciality but might still be potential rivals.

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is a hugely successful approach in showcasing your products or services on the web. To that end, we've enabled businesses to 'identify' nearby clients, helped them 'reach out' to potential leads and 'impacted' a possible sale!

Top 10 SEO companies in chennai
Best SEO Agencies in Chennai

On-Page optimization

Tactically, the on-page optimization strategy is the bedrock of a successful SEO roll-out. At Open Designs, we enable each page of your website to rank higher and gain increasingly significant traffic in web indexes such as Google’s search engine results. Our means to an end - getting to the coveted No.1 Rank on Google - are obtained by undertaking deep SEO optimization inside the site, working on the Title, Meta Tags- Description & Keywords, Image Optimization - Alt and Img, Robots.txt, and schema among other things.

Furthermore, as part of our operative On-Page optimization shape-up, we extend downward into enhancing the back-end technicalities such as Gzip Compression, OG Tags, Broken Links Checker, Duplicate Content Checker, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools setup.

Off-Page Optimization

When it comes to Off-page Optimisation, we believe that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. And so, we treat the Off-Page Optimization process as an all-important step in the run-up to the grand finale.

Our Off-Page SEO includes optimizing Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Press Release Submission, Forums Submission and rolling-up our sleeves when it comes to backlinking signals outside of your site. Open Designs' Off-Page Optimization techniques work on legitimately influencing Google's search engine results by engaging various procedures carried-out on 'outside' sites to improve your website's overall rankability.

Top 10 SEO companies in chennai
Best SEO Agencies in Chennai

Mobile SEO

If your site has been optimized with a Mobile SEO plan, rest assured your clients will experience a responsive site versatile to a wide range of screen sizes - Big, little small, portable or tablet, laptop or PC.

An unmistakably progressively organic technique for making websites optimized for the mobile, Open Design's Mobile SEO strategy includes recognizing your site's customers gadget first and diverting them to your responsively optimized site.

Considering that over half of the Internet users surf sites through their cell phones, this is a game-changer in Open Designs' Organic Optimization strategy.

Monthly SEO Report

As part of our Organic Optimization strategy, we provide our customers with a reporting dashboard that is committed to delivering on the promise of manifold organic traffic to your site. With the Monthly SEO Report, our clients are privy to a traffic chart of development v/s decline of your site along with an audit screenshot of the channels that are sending the most traffic your way.

Top SEO services company in chennai, India
Top SEO services company in chennai, India

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) implies assuming responsibility for the online discussion related to your product/service.

And as such, our ORM procedures guarantee that your customers hear, see and read correct information when they search for your business on the web.

We believe that ORM is key when it comes to making or closing a sale, building a brand identity, taking ownership & committing to responsible action when things go awry, and building a positive image about the business you're marketing.

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