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Choose the right keywords and most of your efforts are sorted.

Open Designs, being the best SEO Company, will help you with choosing the right keywords. Keywords are at the focal point of SEO, and SEO is the focal point of a successful online business. From insights on target audience demographics, we isolate the best SEO strategies that you can implement.


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SEO Company In Chennai

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the element of digital marketing that drives traffic to your online content, be it your website or social media accounts.

Imagine a potential customer X is searching online for services or products that your business offers. They type their search in a Search Engine like Google. It brings back millions of results. Of course, X is most likely to click on the links from the top results. Wouldn’t you want your business to be on top? That’s exactly what SEO does. It drives your business to the top through free and organic search results.

Search Engine Optimisation is the foundation of all successful digital marketing strategies and campaigns. As the best SEO agency in Chennai, Open Designs leverages the most effective SEO strategies to organically place and sustain your business in the top Search Engine Results. We have dedicated SEO experts who research, keep up with, and even create keyword trends that drive business to your website.

Why is it important?

SEO has always been at the forefront of Digital Marketing and has remained relevant through the years. Regardless of typing or using voice commands or even gestures, people end up using search engines to look up information, shop, sell, and more, online. Capturing their attention to your business at this pivotal point gets you a high volume of good leads. You can’t do business with mere footfalls. There needs to be an influx of website visits that actually convert into paying customers. This is where a smart SEO strategy from a great SEO services company in Chennai comes into play.


If you are looking to organically direct traffic to your site, then it is important to understand the difference between SEO and SEM.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation involves gaining organic and free traffic to your site through best practices.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing involves both organic and paid traffic, with emphasis on the paid footfalls.

In a way, SEO is a part of SEM.

SEO includes Keyword Research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. The process begins with analysing the existing content and website performance, and identifying areas of improvement. This is followed by keyword research and insertion of these keywords to ensure that the search engine brings your site to the user’s attention. SEO works best for easy to rank keywords that are more common and you have clear knowledge of the user's intentions.

SEM includes both SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) methods to drive traffic to your site. Depending on the SEM strategy, you can opt for quick results or sustainable results. PPC is an instant method of driving traffic to your site and starts showing results within minutes. In PPC, each click by users costs you money. More the click, more your expense, but it also means more revenue to your site in terms of converting customers. PPC works well for hard to rank keywords.

As the best SEO services company in Chennai, we at Open Designs encourage the sustainable approach of SEO with a combination of best SEM practices to speed up the results.

What is advanced SEO?

Advanced SEO is the set of SEO practices that require expert level knowledge to strategize and implement. And, we at Open Designs are experts at it!

There is a deeper understanding of Google’s algorithm and what a website needs to rank higher in the current trends. Web crawlers show a tendency to rank websites that are optimised with advanced SEO higher than those optimised with normal SEO practices. When talking about advanced SEO, of course the question arises how to take SEO to the next level.

There are 10 simple yet effective ways, we at Open Designs implement Advanced SEO

Refurbished Content

Instead of creating fresh content, we leverage the existing website content and its reach. There is good scope for improving existing content with a few tweaks and keyword insertions. Using performance data, we retain the content that works and improve upon the poor performing areas.

Pillar Pages

Pillar pages help concentrate all your content to a single page, from which users can navigate through your site. With topic clusters you are bringing together related content and make it easier for the algorithm to understand the relevancy of the page to the search intent of the users.

Content Audits

Content audits help identify redundant and obsolete content that is holding back your site in the search engine results. We conduct them on a continuous and periodic basis depending on content volume, helping you stay on top of customer expectations.

Merge pages with same intent

With content heavy websites, there is the issue of 2 or more pages having the same intent and optimised for the same keywords. Both the pages won’t rank high in search results. We audit the site and merge the pages and reduce the site redundancy.

Improved internal linking

Internal linking is an oft overlooked SEO tactic that can work wonders for your digital presence. We identify your high ranking pages and link them internally in related pages. This boosts organic visibility and also works well when you scale up the site with new content.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are the most coveted Google feature for listings. They are highlighted results that feature at Position Zero in the search results. We help your business achieve the Zero Position increasing the click rate and conversions.

Remove 404 Pages

As websites scale up, there is the risk of 404 pages. They can considerably slow down your site. You might even have backlinks to these pages that could harm your reputation. We audit and remove these pages to optimize your site for relevant content.

Hop on competitor’s broken links

We run competitor analysis and identify their 404 pages. This presents a whole niche to capitalise on where your resources can be cited as reliable links. This form of broken link building brings your site to the limelight as authoritative and credible.

FAQ Schema

If your page calls for Q&A style content, we craft it into a FAQ schema that will take your page high up in the search engine results. These tend to rank within the top 5 results and users can actually access the different FAQs right from the search results page.

Access to site log files

We give you access to your website’s log files that shows you exactly how your site is being crawled. Not only does it help recognise issues, it also highlights opportunities that make your site rank better in the search engine results.

What are the principles of SEO?

There are 5 fundamental SEO principles that Open Designs, as the best SEO services agency stands by.

  • Keyword Optimisation: We engage in keyword research and insert high ranking keywords in your website and advertising content.
  • Title Tags:We create compelling title tags that brands your content as relevant to user searches by the search engine algorithm.
  • Meta Description:We write powerful meta descriptions with strong calls to actions that not only ranks sites better but actually converts.
  • Quality Content:We publish high quality content that keeps users engaged and boosts dwell time on your site, and actually adds value to customers.
  • SEO Audit:We offer detailed SEO audits that measure site performance and identify areas of improvement to optimise and drive traffic.
10 Important benefits of SEO
  • Increased organic discovery
  • High quality website traffic
  • Impressive return on investment
  • Improved credibility and trust
  • 24 x 7 business promotion
  • Targets entire marketing funnel
  • Reaches the right target audience
  • Optimised user experience
  • Enhanced PPC success
  • Sustainable marketing strategy
  • Key to search visibility

Types of SEO Services

On-Page SEO Service

Our on-page SEO services focus on creating content that users or as we see them, potential customers, want to see and engage with. It means any modifications to a webpage that is made with the express intention of driving more organic traffic to it. This process involves a lot of keyword targeting. There is a distinct difference between people who want to learn and people who want to buy. Your website needs to have content that clearly aligns with your end user’s search intent.

This is done through strategic keyword insertion, titles with clear Call-to-action, HTML tags, descriptive URLs, and optimised media in the form of images, graphics, videos, and layout design.

On page SEO focuses on optimising the individual pages of the website. This is a continuous process and the website needs periodic review and auditing to keep up with digital trends. It ensures that your website gains the reputation of a trustworthy, reliable, and authoritative site.

It is very important since it helps the search engines understand your site and its content, and also matches the relevancy to the user’s search query. Our SEO experts do a thorough audit of your website and improve your on-page factors to keep your business at the top of search engine result pages.

Off-Page SEO Service

Our off-page SEO services involve securing your website’s search engine rankings through a series of optimisation strategies off your website. It involves a lot of link building that traces back to your site as a reliable authority. We engage in 3 different types of off-page SEO.

Natural off page SEO happens when a third party website or say an influencer finds your site by chance and genuinely approves of your content. They link your resource to their site or social media and help others discover your business.

Manual Off-page SEO happens through a deliberate initiative of reaching out to third-parties, and pointing out how your resources would be useful to their audience. It gets them to link your website on their pages as a credible source.

Created Off-page SEO involves spamming other pages with your links. It could mean leaving a comment on different blogs with a link to your site or adding your site link to a directory. This tactic shows results but is not very effective, and our experts rarely recommend it.

We focus on providing actual value to other users and building productive relationships with industry influencers and link analyses. We invest the requisite time and patience to organically build links that divert traffic to your site.

Technical SEO Service

Our Technical SEO services focus on keeping your website up to the mark of the evolving search engine guidelines, so that it gets seamlessly crawled and indexed. This involves an extensive website SEO audit to identify problem areas and engage in improving these aspects for a premium online experience.

With more and more people going online, the algorithm seeks sites that are current, load faster, and easily navigable to keep its users engaged. These websites rank better in the search engine results. If your website doesn’t meet these standards it could translate into a drop in your ranking.

We create actionable technical SEO strategies that include competitor analysis to see what works in the open market, keyword optimisation, speed optimisation, media optimisation, backlink analysis, and website migration. We research and stay on top of industry trends and our methods fix redundancies and remove obsolete content that pulls your site down.

This enables tailored solutions with higher closing rates, so your site is always future proof. We provide regular consultation, weekly and monthly audits, and practical insights that leverage your marketing strengths. Achieve long term profitability through integrated SEO services from the best SEO company.

Content SEO Service

Our Content SEO services focus on creating high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience, easily visible to the search engine, and compelling enough to boost conversions. We are partnered with skilled content writers, churning out SEO friendly content in a number of languages to ensure your business reaches the right audience.

The process involves strategic embedding of high ranking keywords in the website and other advertising content to make your brand more visible in the online community. With content that’s aligned to potential customer’s search intent, and their language and word preferences, your website will be among the top ranking pages in the search engine results pages.

SEO content provides a way of free organic marketing that adds credibility to your site, and drives attention and traffic towards it. It also focuses on gaining high quality leads in addition to lead volume, thereby improving your conversion rates and decreasing bounce rate of your site.

As the best SEO services company, we help your business cater to everything from commercial queries to informational searches that meet your audience demands. With dedicated SEO writing, we stay true to your brand values while crafting comprehensive content that stands out from everything else on the internet.

Local SEO Service

Our Local SEO services help your business appear in location specific searches, especially for customers in your proximity. This is useful for small and large businesses with physical presence. Even if you have multiple locations within the same city or across the country, or even across the globe, we ensure that people near you can easily find your business.

The methods include registering and optimising your Google My Business account, which is the first step to establishing your business’s online presence. We also engage in local competitor research to figure out what works in each location.

We track the online feedback and promptly respond, with necessary adjustments with localised keyword insertions, content marketing, website performance optimisation, and reliable link building. This is crucial in drawing the attention of high quality leads, raising the odds for customer conversion.

We help you frame the perfect on-page SEO and E-Commerce SEO to target your local clientele. With detailed location specific performance analysis, we can identify stores that need more promotions and those that need branding in niche areas. We also focus on Mobile search rankings for those customers who shop on the go, boosting your visibility beyond the usual range.

Ecommerce SEO Service

Our dedicated E-Commerce SEO services help businesses sell online. There is a distinct difference between informational SEO and SEO for E-Commerce, which our experts are adept at. We have experience in working with some of the premium E-Commerce brands out there, with a thorough understanding of what sells.

E-Commerce SEO diverts traffic to your online business with a combination of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and website optimisation. Any user that makes a search for shopping online tends to gravitate towards the top links in the results. Our best SEO services make sure your business site is among those results.

With targeted keywords and other localised SEO practices, we ensure you stay within the radar of potential customers from around the globe. We conduct extensive SEO audits and competition research to identify performance areas and white space opportunities to enter the market. The content is not only SEO optimised but actually engaging for the best customer experience.

With both organic and paid marketing, Open Designs guarantees high returns on investment. We offer tailored strategies with proven results. In addition to how your website appears and its functional performance, we expand your visibility. Detailed weekly and monthly reports help stay on top of trends, and always keep you in the top results.

Voice Search Optimization

Our voice search optimization services bring your business level with the evolution in the digitalscape. Hands free technology has reached a wider audience, and it has also improved internet accessibility for people with disabilities. This has widened the potential customer base for businesses.

Statistics reveal that almost 50% of user searches across the globe are voice searches. More people are investing in smart assistants like Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant. Shopping for groceries becomes as simple as calling out the list and the smart assistant places an order with the local business to be delivered at home. We help you capitalize on this niche.

Our data-driven voice optimization services drive up your revenue and profits. We do a detailed analysis of what your business offers, and arrive at keywords that potential customers use to search for similar services or products. High ranking keywords differ for text searches and voice searches.

With a thorough understanding of your target demographic, we do on page SEO to accommodate voice searches. There is emphasis on long-tail keywords that are more common in voice searches, with which the website is optimised. The voice search optimization also includes optimization for mobile devices, so users can find your business on the go.

Process of SEO

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is again the foundation of SEO practices. It essentially means the insertion of relevant keywords that explain the nature of your business, its services, and its products, in your website and Ad content.

These keywords are derived from target audience research, arriving at the words they would use to search for services and products that your business offers. It involves a thorough and native understanding of the different target demographics to accommodate them all.

The research also helps to identify where your largest traffic and revenue shares come from. By populating your site with these keywords, the search engine pushes your site to the top of the search engine result pages, improving its visibility.

Content Relevancy

The second step is checking for Content Relevancy. Relevance from an SEO standpoint refers to how well the Search Engine Results matches with the user intent. The Search Engine algorithm goes through millions of sites and brings the most relevant ones to the top of the results.

Our SEO experts go through the existing content on the site as well as the keywords used to check for its relevance. This step helps identify ambiguous and redundant content that can confuse the search engine and also users.

We focus on building relevancy in your website through a combination of language, colloquialisms, matching text, relevant images, graphics, and more. This enables users to relate to the content and spend more time on the site and also convert.

Link Building

Link Building is crucial to improving the authority of your business website. It involves third party websites linking to pages on your site, citing your content as a reliable reference. Google’s algorithm ranks such websites high in the results pages.

The Google algorithm views these backlinks as ‘Votes’. So higher the number of backlinks to your site, the higher the votes, and the better the position. A lot of research also goes into the Link placement into trusted sites to ensure no red flags.

At Open Designs, we help organically build backlinks to your website and build a trusted network of leads. From guest posts to influencer marketing, our expertise lies in ethical link building with value addition at both ends.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking is the process of monitoring the inserted keywords on a daily basis to keep up with their relevance and their effectiveness. It is one of the ways to ensure that the SEO strategy employed is actually working.

Keyword tracking is measured by 4 metrics – Visibility of the site based on keyword rankings, Position of the website in the search results pages, the average monthly search volume, and the top ranking pages of your website.

We track keywords across different locations and help our clients stay relevant to their target demographics. We also engage in competitor research to find out who is tracking the same keywords you are and the associated changes in keyword position.

Website Analytics

Website analytics is evaluating the developed and functioning website to understand user interactions with the site. It tracks usage statistics, heat mapping, and site performance to identify areas of improvement.

SEO is all about manipulating the site to play by the rules of the Search engine algorithm. The website needs to exhibit certain positive traits to meet its checklist. It tracks the loading speed, bounce rate, dwell time, link quality, scroll depths, transitions, and visual stability.

By analysing these metrics, our SEO experts engage in increasing the performance of the site. Redundant and broken links are taken down, transitions and navigability are improved, the quality of content is improved, and load time is decreased.


Client's Benefits

Traffic Source

In order to increase the conversion rate, increase the traffic rate but Organically. SEO can help your brand reach customers when they rightly need it.

Trust &

It is definitely not an easy task to rank first, and
everyone is aware of the percentage of authority required to rank on page 1. Hence the Trust & credibility is automatically built.

Attracts Local

You don't have to search across the globe to find
the potential customers. Just be visible to the audience around you, and the rest will happen.

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