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By 2020, Consumers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human! Consumers are more likely to do their own research about your company before your first point of contact with them and that is through the blogs. A blog with high-quality content also helps build brand loyalty, increase inbound links, further increasing conversion rates.
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Digital Communication strategy during the pandemic

As uneasiness over the coronavirus pandemic develops, we’re sure that you too are reading news bulletins, articles & reports from various online sources and getting updates from well-meaning friends from across the world. Like the rest of us, we’re certain that you too are in self-quarantine and logging in to work from home.  Some of you might be browsing through […]

The Importance of Websites for Business

Any business would enjoy a low-expense showroom that is open to its customers all throughout the day and week. Having a website is akin to having such a showroom. These days, getting a website has become pretty cheap. It is a cost-efficient way to acquire a reliable and effective marketing tool. Listed below are eight benefits that a website offers […]

How to optimize your Facebook PPC campaign?

The constantly changing and evolving landscape of social media marketing is often daunting for brands to keep up with. Although new social media platforms seem to crop up and go into oblivion at a rapid pace, one platform seems to be a constant – Facebook. With over two billion users Facebook is the perfect platform for a business to focus […]

10 Ways to Hide Elements in CSS

There are numerous alternatives for users to hide elements in CSS. These methods vary in the manner in which they influence approachability, design, animation, execution, and incidence treatment.  Animation A few CSS hiding choices work completely or partially. The component is either completely noticeable or completely hidden and there are no events in-between. Other options, such as transparence, can offer […]

20+ Best Mind Mapping Tools For Designers

Mind Mapping presents the most dependable means of giving one’s conceptions a pictorial depiction. One has to essentially begin with a great idea, from which they can gradually develop more modest designs and conceptualizations in order to generate an expansive arrangement. This will assist in obtaining a healthy perception of one’s ideas and moreover, stimulates the additional augmentation of these […]

How to create a social media calendar that works?

When it comes to the continuous stream of fresh content, knowledge, and concepts, it is simple to get carried away with the everyday administration of many accounts across several social media platforms. Many popular brands are recognized for their sharp banter and skill to hop on to trending issues as and when they arise. Real-time tweeting for significant occasions and […]

How Inspirational Logos Can Affect Your Bottom Line?

All business owners are aware of the fact that having a powerful identity and brand image is paramount to success. Logos form the core of visual marketing for a brand. Logos have the capacity to generate immediate acceptance on the part of your target audience. Even still, business owners find the tough to fully realize the power that a great […]

What happens if you stop doing SEO?

Companies frequently feel the need to carry out and halt their SEO strategies as they wish. Most of these businesses are under the impression that doing so will not result in any problems whatsoever. This is however far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that this results in a number of issues across the board. Detailed below […]

Top 26 Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow

Aside from sound strategies, an exceptional roster of the latest digital marketing tools can also assist digital marketers in achieving desired results for their digital marketing campaigns by enhancing productivity, increasing reach, gaining new insights and automating repetitive tasks. Listed below are some of the best digital marketing tools (classified as per their functionality) out there, today. Tools For Organic […]

Are Blog Comments Useless for Link Building?

Blog comments can without a doubt promote any brand when done executed in the right manner. The challenge lies in the fact that most SEO professionals are not aware of how to utilize in the best way possible, so as to be capable of weaning maximum benefit from them. As the internet has continued to age, blog comments have been […]

Top 2020 WordPress Plugins for Supercharging Your Website

WordPress plugins are exceptional tools for supplementing and increasing diverse capabilities to WordPress. This article sheds light on the most beneficial WordPress plugins that any individual or WordPress Development Company can opt to utilize on their WordPress websites in 2020. Despite the fact that the character of one’s WordPress website essentially defines what plugins they should acquire, there are many […]

The most important social media trends to know for 2020

2019 witnessed the dawn of numerous smart trends and features on social media platforms. The first few months of 2019 witnessed the introduction of the Checkout Feature on. Instagram, using which brands could sell their products as well as make purchases without having to go be redirected anywhere else. If you are a brand that wishes to ace your social […]

How to Become an Interaction Designer?

From websites and mobile applications to video games and software, a lot of things are accomplished with the help of interaction design. This is a burgeoning domain, in which expertise, is currently the need of the hour across industries. If you are interested in pursuing a career as an interaction designer but are not quite sure as to how to […]

How To Write SEO Friendly Content (Beginner To Advanced)

If you want your content to rank highly, then optimizing it for users and popular search engines is key. Generating content that is SEO friendly, however, is time-consuming and laborious. Although, by doing so, one is guaranteed to achieve phenomenal SEO friendly content that ranks highly. Most people are under the impression that content that is optimized for SEO is […]

How to Boost Your Digital Marketing Productivity?

As far as digital marketing tactics are concerned, one is likely to encounter heaps of strategies and routines on driving productive marketing crusades and accelerating conversions. While being aware of and putting into such strategies is important, doing so alone is not enough. By establishing appropriate expectations with regards to both volumes and lead generation, as well as by putting […]

How to Beat Big Brands in SEO

There is no dearth of guidance on the internet about how one can go about promoting their search engine rankings from companies that offer the best SEO services. Although most of this guidance is questionable, some of it is truly relevant. For those who are brand-new to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it can be difficult to recognize […]

5 Web Design Trends That Have Real Staying Power

Although most trends are not long-lasting, they are worth paying attention to. If you desire to engage your target audience effectively, it is imperative that you stay abreast of these trends. Before you seek the web design services of a web design company in Chennai, you should acquaint yourself with prominent web design trends. Listed below are all the trends […]

Web Design Trends 2020

A trend is a style that’s hot now in a web site design. Using the right trends will give an edge to the product by making it look fresh and much ‘sought after’ aiming at the same web experience on all devices namely mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc…! Web Design Trends: Oversized lettering Bigger size letters catch the user’s attention. Having […]

Toeing the fine line between Business Writing and Creative Writing

Some believe that business writing and creative writing are similar, but the truth is, they are not. There is an unmistakable contrast between business writing (endeavoring to make a certain set of people mindful of and possibly buying your item), and writing imaginatively (not for selling but feeding somebody’s creativity).  While creative writing may emulate business writing styles, seldom will […]

How to write a blog?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like a white, freshly opened word document stares and dares me on days when I simply don’t know how and where to begin with a blog.  Should I go for humour or get into the facts headlong? Have I ‘’lined up all the ducks’’ or is the ‘’hook’’ lost in a labyrinth […]

Tips On Digital Marketing For 2020

Accelerating technological developments have given rise to exciting improvements in digital marketing. We now have a better understanding of our users than ever before. That results in customized online experience for everyone on the Internet. Your digital marketing strategy for 2020 should include understanding across a wide range of disciplines. Hey, we’re all talking about big data. With the word […]

Why Voice Search Is Important For SEO

Technology enables people to interact with devices using their voices. Voice-controlled assistants have become a vital part of everyday life. Imagine not having to get up to turn off the lights or close the doors from the comfort of your home. You just speak your command with voice-controlled assistants like Alexa and Siri, and you get your wish. Voice commands […]

Consistency is Key in Social Media

Consistency is key in social media. You need to be consistent for your audience to understand your product. You can rise in audience engagement and scope by being consistent in your brand. You need to be identifiable to gain popularity with your intended audience from the tone of voice used in communications to the aesthetics of your profiles. language  To […]

Lotte India

About Lotte India Lotte India Corporation is one of the pioneer chocolatiers in the country and the company is a highly respected player in the confectionery space. The company’s flagship brands such as Coffy Bite, Caramilk, Lacto King, Lotte Eclairs, BooProo and Spout gums are popular among children and adults alike. PROJECT Lotte India Corp Ltd. PLATFORM Web FRONT-END FRAMEWORK [...]

Marketing and SEO Tips

Marketing has had huge variations from how it was decades back to what 2019 has. Marketing and its twin brother SEO are to be manipulated right to reap the best. Leading search engines get their SEO algorithms a new route to optimize the feel for the users. Traffic is wanted here and that’s the crazy demand for any business as […]

Color on web design

Play the color psychology in the right way. Personal experiences apart, there are universal facts on the effects of colours in our life. Picking up the right color for your website is indeed challenging if uniqueness is what you expect. There’s a plethora of colour combinationos that has stood to be landmarks for a company’s site. Recent research results show […]

Internet Of Thinks – The UX Struggles

Have you got craze towards fantasy movies? Well a 20 year back movie scene has now become a casual matter of life as fictional science has turned out real. With all sort of advancements in technology, things have possessed an extra tag called smart and are given importance and pride according to their rate of smartness. Turning things digital is […]

How To Use The Best UI Patterns?

A UI design pattern is something challenging for designers. It’s because the formula is too simple. Aesthetic patterns and functionalities that are very simple have to be implemented. And that’s it. The UI is ready. Yet, if you judge it as mere patterns, then it becomes a cookie cutter kind of matter. You may not find out the difference in […]

Web Design Trends to Try in 2018

The internet world began decades back and there have been as many competitors who survived, died and still struggling. All that they were have been striving for is to capture the minds of the millions of users and make browsing, the UI, and the process in short, the web design as efficient as it could be. The design keeps changing. […]

5 Psychology Secrets for Great Interaction Design

Gathering users to a business is a way old known thing. The interests and trends keep switching and upgrades by time. In today’s time, understanding the user interests and providing them the best experience is the magic that required great techniques. Connecting and engaging them is an interesting business provided you manipulate with different strategies. It’s all about interaction, emotion […]

What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)

Bored of screens and UI? What’s next? There’s a change. There will be a change. All we got to do is get prepared for it well before we lag in pace. We are now in the era where everything is visualized. It’s screens everywhere. Manipulating with screens have become the predominant part of day to day living. On the side […]

User Interface is User Experience ?

Yea, kind a sure of this statement. UX and UI are the twin mates of business. They seem identical but have a deep inter relation between them. They just differ by their expansions. What makes the user speak to the webpage is the reason behind the crave for the best UI. Coming across this statement, UX is not UI, well […]

Why White Space is Crucial to UX Design?

When you look into some illustration or any piece of art or gape at anything for the matter, if it’s too jam packed, it becomes a little complicated to understand or at least takes some time for understanding. But when you look at something that has little empty spaces here and there, it becomes a little more clear. The comprehensive […]

How to Integrate Live Content Into Your Small Business Plan

What is the talk of marketing right now??? Real time virtual connection with the audience is indeed the smartest way for amplifying your product to far places. Rather than the geographical extent of travel of the marketing, the introduction of live streaming in your pages, your product has got a wide chance of being seen in a more appealing 2D […]

Why Now Is the Best Time to Start Thinking About Your Content Strategy

Your past…. Every new start of planning starts very fresh and with a pulpy zeal. Almost, the very same pattern of plans are followed year after year. Anytime soon would be the best to make plans. It’s never an auspicious time that has to waited for to open up a constructive thought into action. The sooner and smarter the kick […]

Creating the best lead-generation website, step by step..

This is a slow and steady walking strategy for the lead-gen website. For attaining the lead-gen, your website should have basically read the mind of your target customers. Well, let’s have a look into how well you can hold a website. There are two basic modes of websites in the internet. 1. The Launch: This eats up a lot of […]

How To Build Your Brand Through Digital Marketing

It’s all in the hands of marketing skill to amplify the goodness of your brand seeking a plethora of customers grossing towards your brand. So it is essential to know the techniques of marketing to reach your business goals. The trendy way of marketing is going in screens. Yes, I am suggesting you digital marketing. This is a conglomeration of […]

How to Increase Sales Using Different Social Media Platforms

Overflowing ideas and templates, posters and banners all set for release, but how? Struggling to market your business? Here are some tips to follow to be the talk of the social media. Establish a strong base unique to your product. Social media is a wise way of promoting as it assures a good revenue with less investments. Here are some […]

SEO Services in High Demand

The digital marketing world is sprinting towards its goals and websites are craving to be the buzz in the search pool. In order to survive this dire situation, one should work out on ways to enhance the audience grabbing tactics. This cannot be done manually but you have something called SEO service provider which would ease you in earning a […]

Google rebrands its ad lineup, with AdWords becoming Google Ads

Something more than just a name change….. For digital marketing, Google Adwords is the most widely used tool which has now gone for a transform after a span of 18 years. Apart from the name change, there are new features on top of it with the motive of making digital advertising easier. The Smart Campaigns is one among the newly […]

Does Your Website Need SSL Certificate?

What is SSL? Owning a website, one is obliged to obviate the risks that their audience are exposed to in the internet pool. Your website may not be secure enough to handle various personal information of your users. In order to maintain a secured website you should be aware of certain certificates that are provided in concern for security reasons. […]

How Digital Marketing Helps Business?

 Overview This blog focuses on the benefits out of using digital marketing in your business and points out the fruitful outcome by following the digital marketing principles. What does your business lack to survive the market stress? There is a tremendous competition out there for the tiny businesses popping out as well as the medium sized ones finding a position […]

Why should you hire a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Overview This blog is an aid to comprehend the need for a digital marketing consultant in your business. You would be gaining ideas of how to enhance your business through these people. What is digital marketing and why do you need consultants? Hosting and running a prosperous website isn’t an piece of cake. It is the start of welcoming dynamic […]

ROI of B2B Mobile Apps

Overview of B2B Mobile Apps In the age of mobile proliferation and gaining momentum of smart phone usage amongst all sets of people in the market, B2B marketers cannot avoid the usage of Mobile apps for their business conversions. Most of the customers spend their major chunk of their time on mobile apps so it is a natural process that […]

B2B Marketing Strategy: PPC Campaign Optimization

Introduction to PPC Campaign for B2B Marketing B2B marketing through PPC campaign needs to be dealt different from B2C campaign. The customers in B2C are direct end users but in case of B2B it is business to business network. The B2B customer’s needs to know and understand what is being marketed through paid media efforts and what benefits will be […]

Key to Tap the ME Generation: Personalized Marketing

Introduction of ME Generation The ME generation is the group of people who are defined by the technological advancements in their time period namely smart phones, social media, high speed and instant internet along with surge of information available offhand. They are the millennials who belong to the age group of 20 to 35 including the people from Baby Boomers […]

Secrets of Time Tested Marketing Tool: Story Telling

Overview An age old practice of transferring knowledge and experience in any field is called Story Telling. We ourselves have heard quite a lot of stories and have passed them on to our younger generations with or without add-ons. It is a very important and integral part of a communication process in marketing. With digital marketing in its peak, storytelling […]

Influencer Marketing: A peek in to its Rules, Regulations and ROI

Overview of Influencer Marketing Digital marketing has become the key for all the businesses to gain more leverage in the market. The concept of Influencer marketing is not new to the field of marketing but has widen the scope of influence through digital media. The influencer marketing in the past used to be through second hand information and opinion leaders. […]

Major Marketing Trends for B2B Companies

Overview of Marketing by B2B Companies Marketing is an important aspect of any business to sustain in a competitive market environment. B2B companies look at marketing as an essential element in their business. Digital marketing is the trendsetter in marketing of all kinds of products and services on digital media. The trends in marketing have been changing ever since sales […]

Content Marketing for B2B Companies

Content Marketing for B2B companies is the art of creating and utilizing content for developing better audience in the social mediums. It is also done to develop and strengthen brand presence and generating better leads and sales from other businesses. The main attraction of B2B content marketing is the knack of using content for businesses by businesses. B2B content marketing […]

Tactics in Fighting Sales Challenges of B2B in Present Market Scenario

The sales strategy is the key differentiator for any business. Be it product or a service based business – an effective sales strategy can make a huge difference in the B2B market. A B2B selling involves a lot of people and processes before the sale is initiated in the market. There are certain challenges faced by B2B organisations in closing […]

Important Social Media Trends for B2B Companies

Why Social Media for B2B Companies? Up till recently B2B organizations were using social media for posting white paper, content and varied ads. In the recent times social media is becoming more interactive with live videos and features like story telling through pictures and gifs. This has changed the way people look at social media marketing from the B2B angle. […]

Requirements of Present Day B2B Customers

To match the technologically advanced marketing systems, it is essential to understand B2B customer requirements completely before pitching into sales. The sales executive must have a good understanding of the requirements before entering the sales mode. The requirements of the customers are stated below in a list to provide better understanding of B2B sales: 1. B2B customers look at subject […]

How to be Cost Effective with Influencer Marketing with a Tight Budget

Overview An influencer marketing is one of the best methods which is very cost effective if used optimally. This can be done when the influencer is adept with the current market trends reaching out to the optimum customers. The influencer marketing can be of good use when creativity in the product marketing is also added. The influencer marketing is one […]

Deep secrets of successful video marketing revealed

Five years into the future – would you be reading this blog or watching it? With popularity of online videos rising exponentially – this is an interesting perspective to ponder. Online videos have become the key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. Businesses that overlook the importance of video marketing may do so at their own […]

How Brands are embracing Digital/ Visual storytelling in the Middle East

We often assign specific industries to nations and are quick to attribute specific commercial categories to those countries. Naturally, history, geography, statistical data and politics contribute a huge role in our judgements but it cannot be ignored that we rarely change our opinions and often end up stereotyping the economy and its people. Our case in point being the GCC […]

When dusk settles on the horizon and you’ve said your prayer, feed the body but don’t forget to nourish the soul.

Ramzan isn’t simply 1 month of fasting – it is a 30-day opportunity to Right Every Wrong! Cleanse the mind of Evil, Erase thoughts of wrongdoings. Let love for mankind fill your heart and lead you to good deeds (action). We all know Ramzan is a month of fasting, observed by Muslims brethren and sisters across the world. But that’s […]


Remember the days when the class teacher asked us to jot down essays on topics she thought befitting or gave lessons on the best content writing styles suited for a variety of different circumstances. These lessons in prose were usually so well engraved in our minds that we often fell back on them many aeons later. That was before the […]

Leverage the power of LinkedIn and watch the world of opportunities unfold before your eyes

In the professional social media world many believe that regular posts on relevant topics helps to create lasting impressions on employers and connections alike. True, but not entirely so! For ‘merely’ posting tirelessly in order to be found amidst LinkedIn’s 780 million member worldwide network is tantamount to looking for the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack. Why? Because a. […]

Must-Read Digital Marketing Strategies for IT Companies

Despite all the incredible innovations that the tech industry brings to the table, spotting the right digital marketing tactics , remains a challenge. B2C colleagues on the other hand have fared far better in this sphere. Content as a problem-solver: You do know that having relevant content is very important. But creating focused content is more important! And in order […]

Redefining Communication- Role of Social Media in Disaster Management

Social media are forms of information and communication technology disseminated through social interaction. Social media rely on peer-to- peer networks that are collaborative, decentralized, and community driven. In recent years, social media has emerged as a popular medium for providing new sources of information and rapid communications, particularly during natural disasters. With the disasters around the world becoming a frequent […]

Digital to the core- Winning B2B Marketing

Why Digital Marketing matters for B2B: If you have been in the B2B market for a while, you know how to reach potential customers. Why do you need to insert digital media? Because Digital Marketing keeps you Competitive and improves customer relationships. “You need to innovate just to stay in place, let alone to get ahead of the competitive curve.” […]

The Simplest ways to make the best of Digital Marketing in 2017

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. The Year 2017 is the Year to embrace customer experiences. Doing more of what doesn’t work won’t make it work any better. Local Businesses and Startups are competing for Customers, Clients more today than ever before. “A Brand is no longer about what we tell the consumer it is – […]

The Psychology of Consumerism in a Digital Age

Consumer psychology is a growing field of psychology that studies how our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and perceptions influence how people buy and relate to goods and services. Why Consumer psychology is important in Digital era? Because businesses need to understand their consumers to develop products and marketing campaigns that appeal to their target audience, marketers/ consumer psychologists often spend time […]

How font influences people in Social Media interaction & engagement

The art of arranging type, to make the content readable and appealing, is called Typography. The key elements of typography involve Line length, Line spacing and Kerning (spacing between individual characters), besides Typeface and Fonts. The major difference between typeface and fonts is, Typeface: Family of fonts with similar features. Fonts: A particular typeface with a specific size, style and […]

The Role of Digital Marketing in the Healthcare and Hospitality Industries

HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY The surge in information technology and the easy accessibility it provides to the common man, to a variety of information has forced every business entity or service sector to go digital. With so much of information available on the net, anybody can find a solution for their ailments, online. It is hence no wonder that the healthcare industry […]

Impact of regional languages in Social Media

India is a land of many languages and dialects. Hindi is the official language and a sizeable population speaks Hindi while the rest are comfortable in their regional language. Though English is spoken in the metros and is the recognized official language, a majority of the Indian population do not speak the language. English is the language most widely used […]

Secrets Uncovered About Digital Marketing Trends- A Spotlight

Next in our series on digital marketing, let us explore the prevalent trends. Every New Year presents fresh marketing challenges. Armed with a meticulous marketing strategy with some fore-thought to deal with what is predicted for the following year, these challenges can be easily overcome. Thus, marketing goals are set, based on the market predictions for your industry. A few […]

The Unconventional Guide to Content Marketing and ROI

In our series on inbound marketing, we saw the contribution of social media and emails. Let us know how content contributes to inbound. Content marketing is strategized to engage customers, lead them to take an informed decision, and finally give an increased ROI. It’s success rate is evaluated by the results produced by the persuasive content that engages audience effectively. […]

True facts about Love of Social Media for Senior citizens

Today, one’s existence is linked to their presence on social media. Here is a tool, a channel of information so powerful that it has transformed the way we interact with our peers, our family and friends. It is often thought that social media is for the youth, the working population, the ever expanding businesses’ and the government agencies to reach […]

Email Marketing As A Viable Channel For Inbound

We explored the various possibilities to enhance inbound with social media, in our previous blog. Email marketing is one of the channels that contribute to inbound. Let us know more. Business entities adopt the many forms of inbound marketing strategy, to create brand awareness and to engage target audience. In spite of many other social media platforms like twitter, face […]

Basic Bricks of Digital Marketing for Real Estate

The Indian real estate has come a long way from marketing through print advertisements, or sign boards. The increase in the digital marketing spend of the corporates goes to show how well they have received it. A survey by Assocham projects 25% as the percentage of marketing budget, real estate companies spend on digital marketing. This reflects their acceptance of […]

How to stay popular with the Inbound Strategy in the social media world

Inbound all the way! Inbound marketing is an interesting and effective strategy that brings customers ‘in’ as against businesses having to reach ‘out’ to them. As Laura Fitton, Inbound Marketing Evangelist says, “Focus on the core problem that your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem.” Inbound marketing provides a […]


  2 to 10 seconds is all the time you have got to engage your audience. Delay in loading time will increase the bounce rate. 60% of internet access is done through mobile devices. Hence, stagnant content and static website result in poor navigation and reduced rate of usability. 67% of the smartphone users are likely to turn into potential […]

The Perumpulli Story

A digital media campaign to communicate an important and national message aiming at 100% voting.It was a grand success with a high visibility and starting reach of more than 1 million audience in Tamil Nadu. We thank each and every one of you who have helped spark a fire in this endeavour.   Client:  

Big dreams take wing- Here’s one more impossible-to-miss Digital Thought that transformed a small business into an enterprise

Coming from a small village ‘Iragavaram’ in Andhra Pradesh, nobody would have thought that Kanthi Ranjani would have tasted success so early on in her life. Kanthi’s story is one that inspires and makes you believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to put your heart and mind to it. Of course, things don’t just move by themselves, there’s […]

How Social Media leads can help you predict the Future

The popularity of Social Media as a marketing tool, rose in the last decade as more and more companies realized its true potential and began using it to their advantage. Is SMM really that important? If you are asking that question, then thank goodness you are reading this blog post. Yes. SMM is about connecting directly with the consumer. If […]

Creativity that knows no boundaries! Here’s an ode to the music Maestro Illayaraja

  At a student gathering, Illayaraja once said “You can realise God as you progress in music; nothing in between.” How true his words are! As only true blue Raja’s fans and aficionados can appreciate, Illayaraja’s music transcends all barriers and transports listeners to another plane altogether. His music with classics such as ‘Amma endrazhaikkatha’ or the soul-stirring ‘Chinna Thaai […]

Google to roll out its second mobile-friendly algorithm update in May 2016 to effect SEO ranking- Facts uncovered!

Google announced on March 16th 2016, that they will be increasing “the effect of the ranking signal” for the mobile- friendly ranking update. Google said, this boost will happen at the beginning of May and will roll out gradually over time. If you are already mobile-friendly, then you will not be impacted with the upcoming update and you are safe. […]

Knots and Threads, Bows and Flowers, Pretty Crafty!

How many success stories have we heard to date, those of small dreams that took flight on humble wings and hobbies and passions that became extraordinary examples setting precedents for generations to come. In our continuing focus on ‘Digital Thoughts’ we endeavour to explore passions that turned into small businesses and small businesses that turned into enterprises. An enterprise that […]

The Year 2016 is the year of Website design that will help grow your Business 3x – Facts That Will Impress Your Customers!

Why No one Talks About Website Design for Business Growths ?! Your company wants to be certain that your investment will have a tangible effect on your business–that the investment is worth it, isn’t it? One should know the level of involvement required to make your website an absolute success. In the long term, all the investment in a well-designed, […]

The Role of Trust, Value, relationship and Content- use Thought Leadership to Make Your Voices Heard!

‘Thought Leaders’, and ‘Thought Leadership’, there’s so much in the air these days, isn’t it? Well, here we’ll attempt to throw some light on a topic that has taken the Digital marketing space by storm. Precisely we shall go on to describe it as, ‘A strategy that represents individuals’ or brands’ unique perspective on a key issue and the steps […]

Facebook’s new Reactions feature made us go yay, wow, love and more! More on that here

Facebook’s new Reactions feature made us go yay, wow, love and more! More on that here Think of the many emotions you experience in a single day, a single hour and even more microscopically every minute, and try describing them in, say, one word. Tough, isn’t it? After all no one can claim to experience anger all the time or […]

The 7 mind-boggling ways parenting has moved with times in this day and age of digital technology

Take advantage of the Digital innovation and move with times! Parenting has always been comparable to a tightrope walk, a juggling act if you will. So while on the one hand there will be the usual act of juggling colourful balls in the air (read homework, chores, tamper tantrums), there are other times when the normal juggle turns into a [...]

A crafter by choice, a successful brand by chance – An extraordinary craft given wings the Digital Way

The best way of expressing a person’s innermost feelings is not via an email and neither it is through an impersonal SMS, rather it is through the traditional way of personalized cards and memorabilia’s that the receiver can touch, feel and hold forever in their hearts. And that’s precisely what Niharika Expressions is all about- a venture started by Ms. […]

4 Piping hot tools that are ruling the roost in the web design world

A brand website is arguably one of the foremost marketing tools that an organisation uses to present itself to the outside world. So be it the sites graphic design, codes, user interface and experience design, the search engine optimization tools employed, the compatibility with modern browsers or the responsiveness of the website on multiple devices, one simply cannot ignore the […]

Building brands into enterprises, one fold at a time- Digital Thoughts that are a work of art

Miracles do happen! In reality perhaps so but in the online world they most certainly do. Take for instance the many small businesses that have transformed themselves into successful brands or the many big brands who have realised the value of moving away from the traditional full page blow ups to getting out there on the www and vying among […]

How ecommerce websites are gaining more by using social ecommerce

As the ecommerce race heats up, ecommerce business website owners and digital strategists are coming up with newer, smarter and simpler ways of attracting and retaining their prized possessions i.e their customers. While the tried and tested strategies of reaching out through organic / inorganic campaigns on social media platforms and searches seem to work out well enough, there is […]

Unveiling Open Design’s New Website. Its new, it’s super fast and it’s very intuitive. Check it out

We’re thrilled to launch our new website and even more honored that you took the time to share our joy. It is our utmost pleasure to introduce and welcome you to the new site of Open Designs Interactive. As we prefer to do with all our work, our newly designed site too has been painstakingly and methodically created to offer […]

Transforming Enterprises into Experiences. Sanjana Galada’s Say on Digital Thoughts!

The world is moving digital. Stay put or lose your identity. And so are the young and bubbly entrepreneurs who have taken digital platforms to create an identity for themselves. ODI, with its ethos, “Better Thoughts” has been a medium of converting businesses to profits, by creating simple digital solutions or complex online campaigns. And as the world goes responsive, […]

#Chennaifloods – A testing time for the city but also an example of the genuine kindness of mankind

As we write this our hands are folded in prayer and our hearts fervently hope for some succor for Chennai. As we all know, the city is in a deluge of water and life has been thrown out of gear for all those living in or visiting Chennai. While there have been innumerable stories of people being stranded or caught […]

Digital India- A vision that will connect every village, every town and every citizen of India

India sure is on the crest of a wave right now. And what a giant wave it is! What’s more, this wave has only just begun to form and it does promise to revolutionise the very core of our country. The wave is Digital India and it’s got everyone talking (and in some cases changing their display picture). Digital India […]

4 forms of thought leadership content

Thought leadership means different things to people, or so it seems. In fact a quick survey on this term, even among just a few of your colleagues will give you an idea about how vast (and sometimes mystifying) this term really is. Just to illustrate, say you want to go in for the latest ‘in’ haircut, who do you usually […]

5 Tools everyone in the SEO industry should be using

An SEO ranking is the most sought after position for web designing or content development companies and it remains a cash cow that increases revenue and creates mighty successes out of ordinary businesses. An SEO ranking indicates the standing of a website in the higher section of the search results page. A higher ranked site will be displayed more frequently […]

The 6 biggest mistakes in online branding that you can easily avoid

To really understand the importance about branding, lets begin with an example closer home. Say, you’re using a hand moisturiser ‘A’ since the last few years now and someone switches the bottle one day (leaving you unawares). Would you know the difference or would you continue to use the new bottle with as much enthusiasm as you did the first […]

Capture and play those precious memories with Facebook’s Moments app

Capture and play those precious memories with Facebook’s Moments app Facebook’s Moments app is a life saver for those who had many (read hundreds) of photos that were lying in wait in the camera roll. Now, the many pictures that you may have clicked with your friends or family can be easily uploaded and automatically made into a video replete […]

Thinking About Content Marketing? Here’s how to go about it

Let’s say you want to communicate to your followers about a brand new product upgrade that you have launched. What would you do? Under normal circumstances you’d post it on your Facebook wall, probably do an email campaign or at the most post a video on youtube. But would you just randomly do all of these one fine day or […]

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About ecommerce

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About ecommerce There are many features that will distinguish your e-commerce website from that of your competitors and many important elements that will go a long way in making your site the preferred etailer. If you do it correctly that is. If you don’t, well, we all know the outcome of that, don’t […]

Practical SEO tips that are relevant in today’s day and age

Practical SEO tips that are relevant in today’s day and age Before we decode the labyrinth that is online ranking/ organic- inorganic/ PPC’s/ CPM/ CPC and what not, lets first begin with the basics and understand what the true meaning and relevance of Search Engine Optimisation is all about. Definition of SEO The definition of Search engine optimization (SEO) is, […]

5 tools everyone in the E-commerce industry should be using

5 tools everyone in the E-commerce industry should be using Yes, it’s a secret no more, Retail or e-commerce is bigger than big.Billions are being pumped in and investors are queuing up like never before. From start-up’s to behemoth giants, everyone seems to be getting on the e-commerce bandwagon and the exacting consumer isn’t far behind. This is one giant […]

Big Ideas,Great things and all the stuff that dreams are made of- Sundar Pichai

Big Ideas, Great things and all the stuff that dreams are made of- Sundar Pichai As the world reads up about Sundar Pichai and his rise to fame,one cannot help but wonder about what it is that makes seemingly ordinary people do and achieve extraordinary things. Is it ambition, simplicity of thought, an above average IQ or just plain luck? […]

Is your content marketing strategy doing enough for your business

Is your content marketing strategy doing enough for your business? Let’s start this off by making a rough guesstimate about how many searches Google handles. Some analysts suggest that the search engine handles approximately over 88 – 90 billion searches each month, while some predict the volume to be 1.1 trillion searches in a year. Staggering numbers that can make […]

Open Designs salutes the spirit of the Missile Man of India

Open Designs salutes the spirit ”Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident” – Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam With these words you live in our hearts forever. While the world mourns the loss of a great visionary leader, we’d like to grieve the loss of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam a little differently. We’d like to think of him as […]

Using psychology in online marketing- How brands gain by implementing simple techniques

Psychological Triggers For Conversion Agreed, the world of online marketing is pretty much uncharted terrain and the more you try to simplify it, well, the more you get caught into the web. However, there are some fundamental techniques that have been handed down from generation after generation of web marketeering geeks and they seem to work just fine. Using analytics […]

Plan an effective and highly successful online marketing campaign

Behind every successful marketing campaign are a few smart fundamental tactics! How often have you come across the ill-timed advertisement or the inopportune visual bleeping out from the screen? We’re certain more often than not! Just to drive our point home a bit further, imagine you’re browsing the internet looking for the nearest dentist who can attend to the ‘mother […]

Social media tools to amplify your sales

Social Media Monitoring Tools You no longer have salespeople knocking on your door and rousing you from your sleepy stupor in order to extol the virtues of their products. Neither do you have the pretentious counter girl looking down her nose each time you ask a question. Rather, you have a new turf in which the customer is the undisputed […]

How to segment Blog Content to Drive More Leads and Sales

Blog segmenting for Lead conversion Let’s say you walk into a library looking for a children’s book. You obviously expect to find neat stacks of books lined right up to the top, with clear demarcations about category and sub category. That way you know where to look and you won’t be fishing around wasting precious time. Blog segmentation is similar, […]

Utilise Google Analytics effectively in your Digital Marketing campaign

Glean real time insights about your digital marketing campaign using Google Analytics! Imagine an encyclopaedia armed with complete and precise demographic and psychographic details for say, an entire country. Now picture this in the digital world, the World Wide Web. In it you will find specific information about what user’s browse, how much they browse and for how long they […]

Google Introduces Mobile Search Ads with a ‘Buy Now’ Button

Google’s New ‘Buy Now’ Button- How Google is pressing all the right buttons, every time! The worlds most powerful search engine, renowned for providing a lightning fast platform for e-tailers of all shapes and sizes, is foraying into the world of ecommerce albeit in an oblique approach. Google recently announced that they will soon introduce a ‘buy button’ for those […]

Digital marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing v/s Traditional Marketing- Pros, Cons and a View from the Top! Why traditional marketing is making a quiet exit Before we can cut open this thing, let’s first examine the premise of this whole argument. We’ll begin with a definition of marketing and the basics of why it is such an important tool for businesses and people. Theoretically […]

Improve your Google Ranking using responsive web design

Improve your Google Ranking using responsive webdesign Responsive web design (RWD), simply put, are techniques adopted during web application creation to enable the reader with an easy reading and navigation experience across multiple devices such as desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. A RWD compliant web-site tends to adapt the layout of the viewing environment facilitating minimum of page resizing […]

Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website design?

Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website design? Picture this, you’re not generating any new business enquiries and have even begun losing customers lately. Gradually but surely, your business begins to lose momentum. You’re flailing at all attempts to make your brand visible and your website seems to be perpetually lost in the sea of web pages. Usually, if a […]

Why Internet Marketing is Important

Internet Marketing Strategy: Why is it Important? Businesses these days know how to market their products/ services online. But most of them don’t understand the importance and where to start the Internet marketing. Will you start the business without a plan? Will you place business ads in irrelevant classifieds? Does that bring any sensible traffic? The answer is “No” for […]

Grow your Business online!

Make a Beginning to grow your Business to the next level through our 360 degree online solutions. Dear Internet users! Why are you here? What drove you to this blog? Are you filled with thoughts on how to strategize your marketing plan and how to make your visibility felt in the web/internet world which would in turn translate to a […]

Marketing Revolution in the Social World

As we grow as a Company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategies. Identify these 10 core values: Deliver WOW through service. Embrace and drive change. Create fun and a little weirdness. Be adventurous, creative and open minded. Pursue growth and learning. […]

Attributes of a Social Media Marketer!

“Can we measure the ROI of social media?” the role of the social media manager has not evolved much in the ways of goal-oriented, metrics-driven marketing. It’s possible that this is because many companies haven’t figured out the right way to measure the ROI of their efforts — so they don’t know to hire someone that can help them drive […]

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