A study by Statista has E-Commerce expected to reach 4.2 Trillion USD by the end of the Financial year of 2020-2021. E-Commerce Website design services are working hard in working out the E-Commerce Strategies to help their clients get a part of this Trillion Dollar Pie. 

Open Designs, one of the best E-Commerce Development Companies in India, offers simple and effective insights to enhance your E-Commerce business in 2020.  

Personalised Content

We are pulled towards products, services, or experiences that are personal to us. Offering your customers personalised content that gets their attention. E-Commerce Website Design Services enable this personalisation from the users online shopping and browser history. As they enter your site, have products and services relevant to them pop up on the home page, preferably with attractive offers. 

Inbuilt VR and AR experiences

Technology is overtaking the world and you need to get on that ship right away. AR and VR are cool tools that retain customers on your site. It allows users to experience the product or services in their actual settings from their own spaces. 

E.g: If you sell furniture, then AR can help re-imagine the customer’s choice in their own space before they buy it.  

Bid on Google Shopping Ads

When searching for an item online, you see different products of the same category listed as images on top or to the side of the search listings. These are the Google Shopping Ads which have helped improve conversion rates to nearly 200%, simply by targeting potentials who have a history with that product or service. 

Multi-Channel Marketing

Companies with Multi-Channel marketing retain about 89% of their customers. When your business is present on all the viable platforms, then can reach a higher volume of potential customers. E-Commerce Website Design Services can help you seamlessly integrate these platforms for any transition between them. 

User-Generated Content

84% of the current adult generation, relies on third party recommendations to convince themselves to avail of a product or service. Reviews, feedbacks, testimonials are organic ways to boost conversions, especially now when the markets are flooded with choice. 

Interactive posts

Interactive posts are content where the customers can interact with your website. They are quite useful in gaining relevant information from target demographics to provide them the best service. Surveys, Quizzes, Games, etc improve both customer retention and conversions, keeping your website popular. 

Discounted Recommendations

Most customers place products on their wish list without deciding on them. Either they were not convinced enough or forgot about them, the latter being more common. Remind them with pop-ups, Emails, Messages that refer to the products in their wish list or lying idle in their carts along with discounts for the same. 

Structured Markup Coding

E-Commerce Website Design Services use these snippets of Coding called Schema or structure Markup Language, that help Search Engines understand the site’s data. They help the Search Engines boost your rankings for the right targets.  

Voice activation

Anything voice-activated is destined for the future. No more do we physically have to pick up a device or type commands into it. The added perk is making your site more accessible to people with physical disabilities. Businesses can organically capitalise on using long-tail keywords in their SEO. Very few brands have incorporated this in their E-Commerce. If you do it, your business would be a forerunner to this facility. 

Improve loading speed

Advanced technology also leads to impatience as everything is expected to occur at the user’s will. slow loading pages are conversion killers, that cause customers to leave the site. A Google Study shows a 90% increase in Bounce Rate with an increase in loading speed of just 5 seconds. Improve your site’s loading speed by truncating any obsolete data.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is just another form of User Generated Content.  Social Media influencers already have a mass following who emulate their practices. Just make sure you get the right influencer whose following matches your target audience. 

E-Commerce Website design in India needs to incorporate these strategies instead of following on trending and most times short-lived fads. The 2020 Market poses a lot of competition with the pandemic leading more people to open up businesses. It is important to offer the best in products or services, all the while ensuring it is visible to the right people. 

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