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By 2020, Consumers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human! Consumers are more likely to do their own research about your company before your first point of contact with them and that is through the blogs. A blog with high-quality content also helps build brand loyalty, increase inbound links, further increasing conversion rates.
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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About ecommerce

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About ecommerce

There are many features that will distinguish your e-commerce website from that of your competitors and many important elements that will go a long way in making your site the preferred etailer. If you do it correctly that is. If you don’t, well, we all know the outcome of that, don’t we?

An ecommerce site that incites

Users nowadays prefer to have a site that educates, engages, provides some sort of instant gratification and makes your website look good in the process too.

A tall order if you’re still following some of the things grandma suggested, however not so much if you consider that all of the above mentioned factors can easily be a part of your ecommerce site too, only you’ll need to implement some of the smart techniques first and fast and quickly then move on to the next few.

Hosting platforms

If you’re planning to launch an ecommerce site for the first time ever, it is best suggested that you first decide which platform you want to host your site on. A quick check on the ease of hosting and reviews will serve to guide site owners about the host. Shopify is one such option and it promises to be slick and fast too, nonetheless do use your judgement or consult a digital marketer about this part.

Emphasise on the cosmetic part of the site

At this point, it’ll be good to remember that your rival’s websites can be used as a case in point and yes, it will probably be undergoing timely up gradations for augmentations and UI (user interface) enhancements. So the sooner you start implementation the better it is for your business.

Your sites interface is going to be the first introduction to your customer (and potential investors) and the seller/ traders. So it’s obvious that the site should be easy to work on with a rich visual effect that loads quickly.

While there are some sites that set a benchmark in simplicity of user interfaces, its best to consider that your ecommerce site should focus on key elements that work.

Be seen on Google

Chances are you’ve already thought of this first. However, do consider leveraging this to expand your site presence in Google’s different merchant areas such as Google Shopping space.

Here your product will be seen alongside your competitors, so it makes sense to focus on getting this right. It’s not cakewalk and does require a good amount of smart tactics to squeeze the most out of these advertising options.

Think of utilising-
Google Special Offers-
The Google Special Offers like Merchant Promotions are a tried and tested Google Shopping feature on which ecommerce site/ product owners can promote their products. The tab is seen on the right hand side of the page in Google Search ads, usually displaying special offers or promotions along with the price, store and product details.

Return policies
Return policies are the dreaded thing that can either make or break the success of your site. Be sure that you know beforehand your rivals return policies beforehand. Tweak and make changes as per your company policy but do remember that the ‘customer is king’ and having a flexible return policy might just ensure a good loyalty base.

Trust in god but ensure complete security
Trusting a site with credit card information is usually considered the epitome of faith in the brand/ company. Renowned ecommerce sites spend a good deal of money and time into making their payment gateways watertight. You should do too. This is one feature that will reap rewards in the long term and help build faith in your site.
Celebrity blog or guest article
This works and how! Get a celebrity to write a blog and post it on your site as well as on other reliable blogging sites. A guest article focusing on topical issues are also immediate eye-catchers.
Site performance during high traffic hours
Imagine doing everything you can to get your ecommerce site up and about, going out with all horns blaring, piquing customer interest and then having to deal with a crashed site. Needless to say, it’s a loss of precious business and reputation.

Have a back up plan ready and make sure that the site has undergone a stress test. Do remember to establish a routine habit out of stress testing the site.

Mobile responsiveness
It is usually thought that mobile conversions are not as high as they could be, which is probably why this is not the number one priority for each and every ecommerce site owner. This however does not undermine the fact that mobile is vital and growing.
Engaging and educating
There’s a reason why some stores and etailers are endorsed more than the others. Is it because they are an out-an-out customer friendly site, in which case they may be providing content/ video tutorials that educate, or perhaps they are engaging their customers with regular emails (that reach the inbox) that actually serve to display the uniqueness of their products in a fun and instructive way.



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