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By 2020, Consumers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human! Consumers are more likely to do their own research about your company before your first point of contact with them and that is through the blogs. A blog with high-quality content also helps build brand loyalty, increase inbound links, further increasing conversion rates.
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5 Psychology Secrets for Great Interaction Design

5 Psychology Secrets for Great Interaction Design

Gathering users to a business is a way old known thing. The interests and trends keep switching and upgrades by time. In today’s time, understanding the user interests and providing them the best experience is the magic that required great techniques. Connecting and engaging them is an interesting business provided you manipulate with different strategies.

It’s all about interaction, emotion and how real the product or service is. For best experience, best designers are required. Well, something little funny or crazy is that, a designer isn’t highlighted or spotlighted during the post product release. This should not affect the designers mind. They should be empathetic and their motive has to be just the best experience that they could provide and self satisfaction, may be like, their design gives happiness to many. Or slightly framing the statement in a better way, designers shouldn’t be craving for credits. Rather, they could have a voluntary thought of doing some good deed for users’ happiness.

1. The charm to be recited

Ok, if you are the designer I am talking to, well this blog is a non technical one, you should probably try out strategies to keep up your good work. There is no step by step procedures. It’s just a random idea for an exceptional design. So what is it all about?? Design?? Yes design. The best possible design that you could come up with has to be what that you need to chant every time you relax. Repeat this until it becomes the “abcd”. Try to make yourself very intentionally active so that you could discover new experiences.Of course as a designer you would naturally be enriched with ideas on what the users are in need of or what would amuze the users. Creating a user persona is a way that you may adopt for having the needs in mind rather than a blank perception. But just achieving the needs isn’t the goal. Going far beyond it and surprising the users is the coolest achievement as a designer.

A little homework has to be done prior to the design. For example you could gather data on users who visited the site; Users who went through the trial package; Users who successfully bought the product. This overall monitoring of the user engagement could pave way for identifying how to improve on business perspectives; and if it is the design that has to be moulded, then the design can be focused more.

The question “why” is what you have to run behind and find a solution. Why the users returned halfway? Why they purchased? Why they dint even have a look into this? All these questions will have interesting behavioural answers which has to be seeked as swift as possible. The thirst of knowing answers will generate more solutions once they are known.

2. Comfort, that’s what any soul seeks

The more the comfort provided, the higher the users get engaged. Sometimes you cant make changes to the design like the screen size, the type of the device etc. but enhancing the comfort of use in various environments could be done. In order to make the design “feel awesome”, it should possess a very comfortable platform.

Imagine the variations in the sizes of the devices. Actions performed will differ according to the size. Be it the wave motion or thumb patterns, even for the simplest action, the grasping capability would differ.

The readability plays a big role here. Contrast stuffs gain attention. But make sure the mix of colors doesn’t cause eye irritation.

3. An emotional connection

Even if there is just one emotion, grab it perfectly. Like too many cooks spoil the broth, do not expect to bring out too many expressions which may cause a blunder. A single exceptional expression would do.

The design should exhibit some strong user and product relationship. The color combo is the recipe. A good UI design, which is a pleasant one tickles up the zeal towards looking into more of the service or product. Here is where you should very well know your targets; and based on them, you can meddle with the colors.

Color nurtures the bond.
Red: passionate, excitement.
Orange: lightheartedness
Green: prosperity
Purple: luxury

Creating an emotional bond or rather trust that builds upon the product or the entire business is one among the checklist tasks. Colors have the astonishing power of evoking the inner soul. A careful use of colours evokes a great expression.

4. Mind and Soul – The mental trigger

Nothing is one way. They get involved with you. Then do something in return. Its a fashionable demand nowadays. Like, if you give some survey, pay them in return. That’s today’s trend. Nothing is done free of cost. So give them back something and that will keep them engaged with you.

Coming to the waiting time, you could use interesting animations like minimalist ones which will be cute enough to keep them stay in your page. Sometimes you could even give picture puzzles or any other creative idea to divert them from realising the delay.

5. How simple the page is?

Simplicity embosses the details. Popular social media sites have got people almost living in it. People share literally share their life and that’s because the platform is so easy to handle. This simple matured sites not only welcomes people but also triggers the spectators to engage them with the active world.

So what are the factors that make a page look simple?

The typography – Focus on the font which would be legible. The spacing – The space between lines or words or even letters make a reason for reading as well as leaving. Interactions and of course the colors that we have already discussed.

Keep up with a considerable number of notifications and feeds. The processing should be swift probably not more than 0.1 second. The reflex action of the smallest clicks to posts should consume very minimal time sometimes even negligible to increase the experience.

Manipulate the 5 tips discussed above and enjoy an amazing business.


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