As soon as a visitor clicks on your site link, they are led to the homepage that ultimately decides whether they choose to interact with your site. 

Get the first impression of your website right, with effective homepage design tips from the Best web development company in Chennai

Clear communication of purpose

The home page must communicate with clarity the what, why, and how of your website. Using a combination of graphics and copy, convince the user that your site matches their intent. Any queries as to their purpose must be clarified on opening the home page.  

Above the fold CTAs

CTAs convince the user to buy your products or services. The Fold refers to the hypothetical split between what appears on and off the screen. Placing the CTAs above the fold ensures that potential customers are nudged into purchasing without navigating the whole site. 

High-quality graphics

Use high res images and infographics that easily convey the necessary information to the users. Use original product images that set you apart from the competition. The best web development companies know that this is great for being inclusive to people whose first language might be different, and people with cognitive disabilities. 

Mobile optimisation

Over 53% of internet users use mobile browsers. Sites that are easy to view on a mobile screen have high retention and conversion rates. Mobile screens come in different sizes and orientations. Make sure that your home page appears relatively uniform and optimised for them before releasing it for public use. 

Cultivate emotion with colours

The Best web development companies ensure that the home page’s colour theme matches your brand and tone. Every colour has a distinct personality and association. Any mismatch will create an unconscious aversion to the users. Have a set colour theme that remains uniform throughout the site. 

Easy Navigation

Make sure that the home page has links to other pages of the website within 3 clicks. The user should be able to identify how to move through the sites from the home page. Have a cascade menu feature with properly identifiable terms in the target audience’s language. An additional Search Bar feature can provide instant access to other pages, products, and services with the right keywords. 

Directional cues to content

While browsing from different devices users are likely to miss important content, especially when scrolling through. Subtly point out the CTAs and other important information with directional cues. The cues can be as apparent as a glowing arrow or low key like having an image of a person with their eyes trained on the content. They help the user go with the flow of information you want them to go in. 

Optimum use of White space

Make effective use of the White space to design visually pleasing home pages. Create a visual hierarchy that is emphasized by the white space between them. This draws your visitors’ attention to the critical content without distracting them with a cluttered home page. 

Remove the Sidebar

The sidebar was a staple of the first generation websites, a feature that has now become redundant and is just a distraction. Ask your Web design and Development Company to remove the sidebar and you will thank us. 

Add trust seals and certificates

93% of consumers swear that online reviews influenced their purchase. New visitors need assurance that they can trust the website. Trust seals and security certificates reinforce that your website is safe and secure to shop from. 

Choose the right fonts

There are plenty of fonts available online now that are creative and professional. Try to use no more than three distinct fonts that differentiate between headings, the body of the content, and CTAs. Google fonts have many free options that are easy to read and balance the visuals. 

Reduce home page load time

Over 40% of users abandon the site if it takes more than 10 seconds to load. Surveys among browsers reveal that the preferred loading time is 2-3 seconds. Not only is it good for SEO, but it increases the impact of the home page on the viewers. 

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