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By 2020, Consumers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human! Consumers are more likely to do their own research about your company before your first point of contact with them and that is through the blogs. A blog with high-quality content also helps build brand loyalty, increase inbound links, further increasing conversion rates.
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The Role of Digital Marketing in the Healthcare and Hospitality Industries

Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry


The surge in information technology and the easy accessibility it provides to the common man, to a variety of information has forced every business entity or service sector to go digital. With so much of information available on the net, anybody can find a solution for their ailments, online. It is hence no wonder that the healthcare industry utilizes this to its benefit.

The websites of healthcare organizations offer educational content that discusses health-related issues. Consumers in the young to mid-age group are those who discuss health issues online and trust the information they receive online more than those in the other age group. Healthcare professionals are thus well motivated to participate in these conversions and share their medical knowledge.

The growing health awareness has also lead to the increase of health app usage in smart phones. This is proof enough that the consumers are open to discuss their health issues online to receive appropriate health advice.
Responsive websites enhance mobile experience and offer the consumers easy access to healthcare advice. Video marketing enhanced with features like interviews and patient stories, effectively contribute to a major chunk of the inflow of traffic.

The healthcare consumer is now digitally empowered and so expects and receives quality healthcare deliverables that are transparent and offers high satisfaction. Doctors and patients are the two primary target audience of the healthcare industry. The professional decisions of the doctors affect the market of the healthcare products and services. It is they who prescribe them to their patients. But with the easy accessibility of information digitally, this decision making has now partially shifted to patients too. Armed with the information they gain from their online research, today’s end-users show interest in selecting the hospitals, doctors, treatments and medications.

It is imperative that the healthcare industry focuses on offering the consumers quality online healthcare solutions, as the reach the industry receives through social media can effectively engage and retain consumers.


Peer suggestion plays a major role in driving the buyers’ decisions, and is strengthened further by social media. Especially so, for the hospitality industry. Reaching out to a larger customer base is made possible by mobile and internet. It is up to the hospitality industry to connect, engage and sustain their target audience.

Websites play a crucial role in case of the hospitality industry. Information is sought and bookings are made through them. Hence, the website needs to be highly interactive and responsive.


healthcare digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry


A 5 to 6 minute window is what a guest spends in an average on a website. This stresses on the importance of the content. To engage effectively, microsites helps to a great extent. Again, the content is rich and connects to the users instantaneously, providing them the information they need.

A content need not be just informative. It can also narrate a story. Customer experience shared can connect with consumers on a human level. Relating to it can help them make quick decisions.

Influencer marketing benefit the brands of the hospitality industry to a great extent. Influencers help in the reach and growth of the hospitality brands.

Instant booking tools and travel advisors have been stimulus enough for hotels to dorn multiple caps. Researching, identifying and honing their advantages alone would help hotels to be present across multiple channels.

Hotels have made a smart move to adapt to the smart technology of today. Guests can plan every feature of their trip much ahead, through latest interfaces, the size of a wristband! This has literally bestowed in the hands of the customers, the power to affect promotional results.

Technology moves ahead faster, with newer trends and well-stabilized trends like SMM, influencer marketing, video marketing, etc., becoming essential elements of digital marketing for the hospitality industry. The future may see better trends that would prove to be game-changers. The hotels that are ready to adapt and adopt the new, will benefit best.


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