Marketing has always been a time consuming and thought intensive process. But what if there was an easy automated way to reach your customers throughout the period of their association with your brand? This is why the Best SEO services Companies recommend Drip Marketing

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip Marketing or Drip Campaigns are a strategized form of marketing that uses periodic communication to gently induce the customer to buy your product or service. 

Say you are browsing through an E-Commerce site like Amazon and leave some products in cart unpurchased. Within a short time, you will receive a pop up notification or email from Amazon mentioning you forgot about Product X or Product Y, along with additional information and discounts. This is classic Drip Marketing. 

The prospective customer was not ready just then to make the purchase. Drip subconsciously incentivise them into buying, using customised content from predictive online behaviour. The Best SEO services Companies use them to develop a healthy relationship with customers.

How and When to employ Drip Campaigns?

Targeted emails brought in 18X Times the revenue than bulk Emails with generic content and Drip campaign mails have a 119% Click Rate. Setting up a Drip campaign is easy, following the steps below. 

Identify the Target Audience:

Identify and analyse your customer base through their purchase history or the content they engage with. 

Draft a Message:

Create a mail draft pertinent with the situations you want to employ the Drip campaign in. Customised content creates more impact. 

Plan and Execute the Campaign:

Schedule the campaign logistics for each scenario and let the automated system take care of the rest of the work. 

Analyse and Adapt:

Like all marketing strategies, you will need to evaluate the drip campaigns performance and make the necessary adjustments. 

The Best SEO services companies use Drip marketing as an automated system to engage with your visitors to convert them into customers such as,

Lead Management:

Lead Management is all about finding how to engage new and existing customers and filtering obsolete leads.  

Drip Emails can keep your business fresh in their mind with periodic communication with a CTA. This sustained communication leads to 50% more conversions. 

First time Customers:

The Drip campaign can be set up to identify first time. A simple Welcome Email with a Signing Up Discount and Freebie perks will encourage the customer to use your services multiple times. 

When a welcome packet is sent right after a Sign up, the open rate is as high as 88.3% and one can even get them to avail additional purchases or services. First time customers are also more likely to subscribe to newsletters and other product subscriptions, if at least out of curiosity. 

Reminder Mails:

Like Amazon, you can also use it to remind your customers of the products or services they have left unattended in their cart. Reminder drip mails are great for product recommendations, inducing additional purchases.

The Automated reminder mails can also be used to remind them of Renewals, either newsletter subscriptions or product subscription. Notify that their paid user period is ending and would they like to renew the contract. Send them special prices for renewing within a stipulated time period to incentivise them into signing up for it again. The Best SEO services companies have a clear Call to Action for indecisive customers in their Drip mails. 

Acknowledgement Mails:

Acknowledgement mails, more commonly known as Thank You mails are a clear sign to the customer that you value their patronage. Set up the Drip campaign to send out the acknowledgement mail in two parts. 

The first step is a confirmation mail where you send additional information on the subscription or purchase they made. This is a great way to engage with them sustaining their interest. The second step is to send them a Thank you mail to thank them for choosing you above other similar businesses. The two can also be done in a single Drip mail.  

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Is Digital marketing the future?

Digital marketing is one of the ways in which you can boost the business sales like never before. Having said that, considering how reliant everyone has become on digital marketing, it is all set to rule the future. Here is why –

  • The extent to which people these days are using the internet throws light on how increased internet usage would be in the days to come.
  • Digital marketing is an excellent way of building brand awareness among people.
  • All the digital marketing strategies put forth by the companies can be monitored as well. The expectation vs. reality picture becomes way clearer now. This further helps in opening up doors for improvement, if any.

Is digital branding the same as digital marketing?

No. Digital Marketing and Digital Branding are different from each other. Digital Marketing focusses on promoting a particular product or service, highlighting its benefits and how useful it would be to the consumers. Digital branding on the other hand is much more subtle and highlights the personality of the company or brand as a whole. Products and services will come and go. Digital marketing strategies will change to suit the seasonal needs or are tailor made for the product in question. However Digital branding is like a long tern digital marketing strategy to bolster the reputation of the company. It communicates what are the core values of the company and what they do to upkeep those values to give the best customer experience.

Why Digital marketing is important for marketing?

Digital Marketing has become an essential part of today’s business world. It has become so competitive that traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as before. Digital marketing can improve your conversion rate, boost traffic to the site, keep your customers engaged, helps you understand the market and customers with valuable insights, increases your reputation, and is generally cost effective. Most of your online customers are using their mobile phones to access your site. Digital marketing helps make your business more accessible to mobile users, who make up nearly 60% of the clientele. It makes the entire customer journey more interactive and memorable, bringing you loyal customers, who come just for a good user experience. Digital marketing can also be automated, freeing you from the hassle of keeping track of the campaigns.

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