From websites and mobile applications to video games and software, a lot of things are accomplished with the help of interaction design. This is a burgeoning domain, in which expertise, is currently the need of the hour across industries. If you are interested in pursuing a career as an interaction designer but are not quite sure as to how to go about doing so, then this article is just the thing for you.

An Interaction designer is considered to be the combination of both a UI designer and a UX designer. Professionals in this field, work on anything that requires interaction between a human and a computer. This article is intended to serve as a guide for anyone who wishes to learn about the skills and capabilities that make for a top interaction designer. Gaining mastery in this domain requires considerable drive and perseverance.

The Fundamentals of Interaction Design

Interaction design has a hand on all modern digital projects on the face of the earth. It has to do with how a user engages with an interface, and concerns more than just aesthetic qualities. The psychology of a user figures greatly into interface design. While a UX designer is concerned with metrics and operations, a UI designer concentrates solely on design and aesthetic qualities. For those who possess capabilities in both these domains, pursuing a career in interaction design offers a world of possibilities. An interaction designer can fit into any design team and become an integral asset for their operations. There is also tremendous scope for growth for professionals in this field. 

Basically, it is up to an interaction designer to devise user engagement by designing key characteristics and developing interfaces accordingly. The design of the interface is meant to harmonize perfectly with predicted user actions. Right from functionality testing and photoshopping, an interaction designer takes care of all aspects of generating a digital interface.

Begin By Acquiring A Concrete Understanding Of User Behaviors

The key to designing a stunning digital interface is to gain a comprehensive understanding of all possible user behaviors. Human engagement and interaction are intrinsic to all interfaces. This implies that interaction designing isn’t only about flashy animation and designs. Figuring out all likely user behaviors and how to manipulate these interactions is crucial. 

Planning is paramount in the field of interaction designing. A designer should begin by contemplating the ideal features for every interface and then order them based on importance. This includes considering factors such as – 

  • how a user will purchase a certain product, 
  • how signing up and registering occurs, 
  • the manner in which a blog is portrayed, and more. 

Every one of these circumstances possesses a unique user flow, requiring distinct interfaces in place to facilitate them.

Paying careful attention to the psychology of users factors a great deal into the designing of an interface. An interaction designer should be capable of envisioning all possible user interactions. Upon the completion of the UI design, an interaction designer starts testing every one of these foreseen engagements. Subsequently, the designer process to make adjustments to the UX accordingly. 

All design choices are made are thought about rationally and made in a logical manner. Gaining an idea of interface psychology is paramount to those who wish to become interaction designers. One of the ways in which interaction designers can refine their craft is to pay attention to all interfaces and imagine how they would modify existing features and add to them. Carefully studying different digital interfaces and making inquiries is integral to the success of a designer in this domain. With time, it is possible for one to develop an inherency to this skill.

Work On Digital Interfaces

Graphic designing capabilities are crucial to the success of an interaction designer. Learning how to design and develop digital interfaces should be a priority for anyone seeking a career in this domain. A concrete understanding of popular design tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator, is a must. Learning and mastering design concepts including –

  • picking colors,
  • using whitespace, 
  • typography, and
  • other universal design principles are also necessary. 

Working on and tweaking sample interfaces should help immensely in this regard. A fair idea of the imaginative process on the whole, with respect to elements such as UI prototyping, wireframing, etc, will work in one’s favor. Although it is good for an interaction designer to be aware of these things, it is not mandatory. Designers with such capabilities, however, are likely to land more lucrative positions in bigger organizations. Right from devising elementary wireframes, to developing and developing prototypes, an interaction designer should be well-versed in all aspects. To begin practicing, try utilizing – 

  • Photoshop to develop a neat e-commerce website and an accompanying mobile application
  • Adobe Illustrator to design the layout of a website.

Incorporate Motion Into Your Designs

With the advancement in technology and animation capabilities, it has become far easier to develop engaging and compelling animation. Interfaces that feature some degree of animation are quickly overtaking the digital landscape. Developing animations for a click, scroll, and all other possible user behaviors are part of an interaction designer’s duties. Such animations have to be outstanding, robust, while also being understated. 

One does not have to have the capabilities of a Pixar animator to pursue a fruitful career as an interaction designer. Albeit, some expertise is required. Such animation skills should be part of an interaction designer’s practice program. Acquiring some exposure to popular animation tools such as Principle and After Effects, should serve an interaction designer well, no matter which industry they serve in. Although this domain is somewhat novel, one can easily acquire decent expertise through various online tutorials and courses that are on offer today.

Utilizing After Effects For Web Animations

The best way for an interaction designer to master animation is to try and develop a demo application using After Effects. This is a great way to gain exposure to designing and creating UX in motion. After Effects is filled with a library of practice activities for interaction designers keen on gaining some animation skills to add to their capabilities. 

Fine-tuning a roster of UI Animation, wireframing, and UX designer skills, is vital to the stability and steadfast growth of an interaction designer’s career. 

Learn Constantly

With the rapid advancement in technology across all mediums, it is crucial for interaction designers to constantly update themselves and acquire more skills. This is the key to not only developing great interfaces but also staying relevant in your niche. The incessant honing of one’s skills and the gaining of further expertise across all areas of interaction design is crucial. Practicing both UX and UI design is absolutely essential to the broadening of an interaction designer’s capabilities and skills. This not only makes it easier for them to find jobs but also opens the door to more lucrative opportunities.

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