The lockdown is well underway and a lot of companies are in a state of stagnation. This is understandable considering the situation that the world and the global economy is currently in. Social distancing, lock downs, quarantines have all impacted the way businesses are being run and employees are being handled. The vast majority of the global workforce is currently working from home.  Most small to medium scale businesses have registered to receive some financial assistance from the government and are keen to resume their operations and get their flow on. 

While this eagerness to get things up and running is admirable, businesses need to be vary of how they approach the future. All lessons learned from the lockdown need to be implemented. Any business that fails to do so will be putting itself in a very bad situation with regards to the way in which it will compete with its competitors. If there’s one lesson that needs to be definitely learned and implemented, it is that businesses need to strengthen their online presence. And, there’s no better way to do this than through steadfast and planned SEO (search engine optimization). Businesses that take the time to carefully think about their goals and devise their SEO strategy accordingly will be in a much better position to dominate their competitors than those that fail to do so. The primary aim of every ambitious business looking to go guns blazing after the lockdown ends should be to elevate its SERPs, such that it pops up on the first page for all keywords related to its offerings.  

This blog is meant to serve as a comprehensive guide for those businesses who are eager to get their SEO strategy off to a flying start. 

Paying Attention To Your On-Page SEO

The on-page search engine optimization for your business’s website is perhaps the most crucial part of your SEO strategy. Marketers should begin by identifying all the keywords that their business wishes to target and are pertinent to the services and products offered by it. The common misconception is that keywords single words, when in fact that are common phrases that people seeking out such certain products or services use when they’re using a search engine to find a suitable provider. Identifying such keywords and separating them as primary and secondary keywords based on their importance, should be the first step in a business’s SEO strategy. 

As part of this strategy, businesses should also ensure that the content of every page of their website is entirely unique, well-written, and also informative. The content also has to be embedded with just the right number of keywords, as over embedding the content with too many keywords leads to what is referred to as ‘keyword stuffing’, which Google identifies as a ‘black hat’ SEO technique and as a result ranks that webpage lower. All headings including the H1, H2, and other tags should contain pertinent keywords. 

Don’t Overlook The Significance Of Metadata

The metadata for a webpage is a brief description of the webpage and its contents. This appears on the search engine page results. Metadata not only assists in informing the users about what the webpage is all about but also assists Google in doing so. By embedding the title and description of the metadata for a page with relevant keywords, you make it easier for Google to identify exactly where and how to rank the webpage. The title of the metadata for a given webpage shouldn’t be more than sixty characters long, while the description should be limited to a hundred and sixty characters or less. 

Keep An Eye On Your Off-Page SEO 

Off-page search engine optimization involves stringent link building through which content containing links that point to the website for your business are posted on other websites. This sort of off-page search engine optimization is integral to assisting Google in realizing that your website is a legitimate provider of the services and products that your business and brand deals with. 

Maintain A Blog Page & Keep It Constantly Updated 

An integral part of a robust SEO strategy requires businesses to create and maintain blog pages, constantly updating them with new and informative content filled with appropriate keywords. Blogs are the best way to target long-tail keywords that might not be appropriate for on-page SEO and metadata, especially for product pages where such keywords will stick out and look artificial. Apart from serving as a good means of targeting long-tail keywords, blogs also serve as fodder for social media marketing. A blog having unique and highly engaging content that is embedded with the right amount of long-tail keywords, and promoted proactively across all social media platforms that a brand has its presence in, is an extremely powerful SEO and marketing tool.

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Shrikrishna Tangatur

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