Whenever a client approaches us for Content Marketing, one of the first steps we insist on is Link building. Link Building is simply the process of rerouting traffic to our site from other websites and pages by embedding our links there. The best SEO company would develop a strategy for link building for their client, as part of their services. This article is about building links, which go deeper down into building reliable relationships in business.

Types of Link Building:

 There are two ways to Build links. One is organically earned links and the other is Self-Made or Paid Links.

Paid Links are relatively easy to get if you can afford to spend on them. One paid link used to cost as much as 1000 USD in 2019. However, they are prone to falling under Google’s radar and you could get penalised. 

Organic Links are the most coveted ones and require much effort and an exhausting contact base to create. The best SEO companies would always recommend this. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive if you follow the ideas below. 

Unique Content:

Content of good quality will sooner or later become visible to those seeking it. Unique content is even better at grabbing attention. Creating very specific content enhances both quantity and quality. This will earn source citations from people who use the content in their web copy. 


Blogs are the most basic yet effective tools for creating links. Blogs allow you to create both internal and external links. Blogs of high quality and a consistent nature tend to get natural citations from other blogs and websites. 

Internal Linking:

There are posts and landing pages that revolve around your brand and its website. All of these can be interlinked, to keep the visitor engaged on your site for longer periods. Just ensure that the internal links that you build are truly relevant, Irrelevancy can quickly deteriorate the reputation of the site. 

Friends and Family Recommendations:

Do not hesitate to take advantage of your personal and professional contacts. If anyone else has a website or other social media which can promote you, just ask them for a link. There is nothing to lose, but lots of links to gain. 

Follow your competitors:

SEO MOZ offers the tool Open Site Explorer to trace backlinks. It traces the links of the input sites and gives the output in a csv file. You can analyse the data and see if you can venture into the same territories. There is a high chance of discovering viable niche opportunities that you wouldn’t normally consider. 

Your competitor could be employing the Best SEO Company around, whose services you could avail. 

Linking Out:

You can also earn links by supporting other domains. This also builds a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust. Remember, this is only safe as long as you thoroughly verify the authenticity of the source’s content. You could lose your reputation with an unreliable citation. 

Content Partners:

Content Partnership is a deliberate relationship for exploiting the marketability of the shared content. The content partners share the investment of the content. They enjoy the benefits of natural link building through their networks. More partners equal more links.

The best in SEO companies have their own network of content partners that they use to build their clients’ links. 

Online Directories:

There are paid and free online directories that will create backlinks to you if you fit their criteria. The critical part is in identifying truly reliable directories, paid or otherwise that are referred to by the end-users.  

Keep it simple:

We cannot stress the importance of simplicity enough. Most businesses, except those involving software development, are running on the most basic online tech support. If you could create Link to Us pages or HTML ready code snippets, then it is easy for people to link you. The best SEO services would include this little bonus. 

The competitive SEO services that include Organic Link Building, makes OpenDesigns the best SEO agency in Chennai. We create various trusted channels of promotion with links that are guaranteed to boost traffic.

Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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