The Visual Aesthetics of a brand are very important as they are what is constantly under the public eye. The visuals must be comforting with an established sense of familiarity. According to the Colour Marketing Group, Colour contributes to 80% of Brand Recognition. So how does one go about choosing the right colour for their website?

The Emotions invoked by colour

There are endless colour possibilities but if you have noticed there are very few colours that the most prominent brands go with. Web Design and Development companies use the emotions that each colour conveys to project brand values. 

Blue is a commonly used colour as it conveys trust and reliability. Roughly 40% of brands go with Blue for website theme and logo. 

E.g: Skype and Standard Chartered Bank have Blue themed websites that are reliable and visually comforting.  (Hyperlink each brand name to its website for reference)

This is closely followed by Black that conveys strength and being Elite. Tech hardware providers are also well known for using shades of grey and black to make their website look more professional. 

E.g: Apple’s iconic dark website is professional and totally cool! 

Red and yellow are happy colours that project fun and playfulness. Most food establishments that target younger demographics choose them. 

E.g: McDonalds and KFC use these colours to make the brand look approachable and friendly. 

Green represents freshness and growth. Companies that deal with organic products, travel and tourism tend to choose such themes. 

E.G: Tripster’s is a classic example of Green themed travel websites. 

Target Demographic preferences

(Infographic reference at )

Each generation has a different perception of colour and its values. Before choosing the colour theme, you may want to conduct a survey with your target demographic. That demographic will have distinct personalities and preferences that appeal to them. Take the help of a Web Design and Development Company that will guide you to the colour palette of your target audience. You can then choose the primary colour theme of your website from that palette. 

Gender Influence 

While gender stereotypes are old, we are in fact influenced by the conditioning we grow up. Every gender of the current adult generation does have a distinct colour preference. 

(Infographics for Gender based colour preferences: )

It is a general inclination for men to favour colours like blue, brown, and orange and women to favour colours like reds, yellows, pinks, and purples. 

Age Influence 

Age also matters when it comes to colours. The colour you liked as a child may not be the same as the colours you prefer now. With age and experience, tastes are refined. If your target demographic is restricted to a certain age group, then you should take this information into account. 

(Infographics for Age based colour preferences: )

Don’t go with personal choices

As your brand, it can be tempting to go with the colour palette that you are most comfortable with or one that appeals to you. Web Design and Development companies will advise you to always cater to the tastes of your customers and not indulge your personal preferences. This can cost your brand in terms of an adverse impact on your audience, especially if the target demographic is of different gender and age. 

E.g: A service provider for gardening and landscaping with a pink-themed website seems unnatural. Tropical green with Earthy tones as secondary colours works perfectly. 

Check out the colour Wheel

The colour wheel is a basic tool that helps select complementing colours. The above information helps you in choosing the primary colour of your theme. The Colour wheel will help you in choosing the secondary colours that will lend contrast to the theme. 

(Add image of a Colour wheel)

Try out different Coloured themes

Feel free to play with different colour themes. Ask for a few options from your web design and development company. This will help you make up your mind about which to stick with. Choose the one that best complements the layout. Compare the themes and ask the opinions of employees and business associates. Narrow it down to the one that fits your brand perfectly. 

It is all just a matter of understanding what colours will make your brand image work for you in the real world. Open Designs is the Best web design and development company in Chennai that offers expert advice on all things web. 

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