A website footer is the collection of elements at the bottom of your web pages that provide information about your brand, and other links relevant to your products and services.

Web Design Services generally include Copyright notices, Return and Refund policies, Privacy policies, Blogs, Newsletters, Redirecting links to the home page and other landing pages, Contact info, and Inquiry forms in the footer.

Website Footers are an important part of your site because they are vital in achieving the following:

A Guide to your Site

Scrolling to the end of the webpage and having nothing there is like walking down a corridor that ends in a bare wall with no directions. It is not aesthetic nor is it interesting. It leaves people clueless as to what to do next.

A website footer on the other hand helps the user navigate back to the part of the website they want to review or other landing pages for more information. The Call to Action on the Website footer would be Signing up for Newsletter or contact forms for inquiries. It basically acts as a navigation guide to the website.

Legal and Technical Information

There are so many legal ground rules in the interaction between your business and your customers. The customer needs to know what kind of information that the site captures about them and what it will be used for. Some people could plagiarise off the website leading to loss of traffic and other adverse effects. All of this is dealt with by Web Design Services in the Website Footer with the Copyright Notice and Privacy Policy. Terms of Use educate Customers on how to legally interact with the site without violating any laws.

Longer time spent on the website

Any user that scrolls and reaches the end of the webpage is attracted to the Website footer. Once there, they might find links to other parts of the site that they were not aware of. This makes them stay on your site. Google gives priority to websites where users spend more time. Website Footers decrease Bounce rates and improve user retention.  It also increases the rank of your website in the Google search listings.

Footer SEO Strategy

Web Development Companies will tell you how important link building is to a successful SEO. ( add a hyperlink to the Link Building Blog). The number of links, both external and internal determines SEO rankings, provided the links are to quality content. Indexing a site becomes relatively easy when the links are easily navigable and point to high-quality content. They point out which of your webpages are most relevant and informational to the users.

Trust Building Factor

The website Footer is where all additional information about your website is posted. When you place prominent Awards, Reliability certificates, Seals of Approval from third party agencies, and security tags, customers feel that the site is trustworthy. Endorsements and links to customer testimonials can also be placed on the footer as new customers rely on positive reviews to persuade themselves into purchasing from a new vendor.

Branding Image

The website footer is the perfect place to include the company name, logo, and tagline. This reinforces the brand identity onto the customers.

Tips for the perfect Footer

Avoid Data Overload – Too many links and information on the footer makes it look clumsy and chaotic. The Footer content must be evident at one glance, so the user can make a quick choice from it.

Be organised – Organise your Footer links into distinct segments that serve specific purposes. Web Design Services usually categorise them into – Informational, Navigational and Call to Action segments.

Simple Terminology – Keep the names of the links exactly what they are. While creative names are fun, not all of the customers are quick at association. If the link is to FAQ’s, then the link itself should be named FAQ.

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