If you maintain a website and other social media platforms, you might know how important it is to keep constantly renovating your content to boost SEO. On the contrary, the best SEO services would also advise you to keep things consistent on all your internet platforms for longer durations. Don’t they feel like two entirely contradicting strategies? Not so, when you have something that is referred to as – Evergreen Content.

What is Evergreen Content?

The term Evergreen brings to mind something that will stay fresh always. Evergreen Content is any content on your page that is perpetually relevant and will always be something that users will refer to. It is not just content that will survive time on the internet but will remain useful and relevant at any point in the future. It will keep on sustaining and attracting traffic onto your site.

What is considered Evergreen content?

This will include content that the user will always search for. It will be pertinent to the core purpose of your website and be considered as valuable.

The Best SEO services class the following as Good examples of Evergreen content.

  •         Frequently Asked Questions
  •         Reference Guides
  •         Subject Matter Tutorials
  •         DIY’s for featured products
  •         Reviews and Feedback

What is not Evergreen content?

If one knows what evergreen content is, one must also know to identify what is not. This is useful in determining which of the content needs to be replaced or removed.

The following are classed as Non-Evergreen content

  •         News clips and references
  •         Negative opinions
  •         Obsolete Statistics
  •         Yesteryear Trends
  •         Seasonal content

Characteristics of Evergreen Content

Simplify in Language – The language used must be understandable even by a layman. It can be tempting to use technical jargon and big words straight out of the thesaurus, but it is inadvisable to do so. Those looking up the information are most likely those who are not proficient in the field. Your content must first cater to them before it does to the experts.

Specific in Details – Content is only as useful as its details. Superficial content on a broad topic is no help to the user. Be generous on the details, especially those that will not change for a long period.

Links to other Sources – A single content group cannot cover all the data needed by the user. So evergreen content will link to other sources that will provide the complete information that they seek.

Advantages of Evergreen Content

The Best SEO Services Companies stand by these advantages of Evergreen content.

Compounding Value – Like money stowed at Compound interest, Evergreen content will always increase exponentially in value. It may not show immediate results like seasonal content but will sustain and grow over longer periods.

Traffic generating Keywords – Google gives priority to websites with evergreen content. The search rankings of the keywords in this content will always be high. As long as your site exists, the keywords will direct the attention of new users to it.

Informed Customer – The Evergreen content categories listed before, are all aimed at educating the customer about all the information about the product or service that you provide. An informed customer has a high potential to become a loyal customer.

Increased Reputation – Evergreen content is usually high-quality content that is of value to the consumer. When there are quality and value there is always a good reputation for your business. Trust building is an easy task with this content.

Earns External Links – Doesn’t a site seem more credible when it is cited as a link in other websites? Any site with evergreen content that is detailed and caters to user intent has a high chance of earning external links.

Pillar Pages – The pages with Evergreen content can act as pillar pages that link to other landing pages with relevant data. They provide structure to the site and organizes it in the most attractive manner.

There is much planning and analytics that go into the creation of Evergreen content. There is so much deliberation involved to ensure the best mix of Evergreen and Non-evergreen content. Open Designs provides the Best SEO services in Chennai, with sensationally crafted Evergreen copy. We ensure the sustained growth of your business through your digital presence.

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