You have got a beautiful Site designed by E-commerce Website Design Services. Everything is up and
running and stocks are ready to be sent out. But after an initial spike of interest, you find that fewer
visitors are dropping into the site. This is due to a lack of Customer Engagement.
A Customer needs to be entertained, made to feel that they are valued and that your products and
services are adding value to their lives. This article is all about the most effective strategies that will
help you gain customer retention and increased organic traffic.

Feedback and Reviews

How would you feel if you were talking but nobody is willing to listen? That’s exactly how it is for a
customer who is unable to voice their opinions on your products and services. Have a dedicated
comment and review section on each product or service. Encourage customers to fill in the
feedback. This should be a gentle nudge as a favour to you rather than being compulsory.
One-sided conversations can also make someone lose interest. The customer has to know that their
feedback has been noticed and appropriately responded to.

Loyalty programs

Who doesn’t like a little freebie with their purchase? But not just anyone is entitled to this.
Incorporate loyalty programs that offer customers who sign up for them, special discounts, or a first
chance at new arrivals.
Send them coupons to be availed on their next purchase, encouraging them to make future
purchases. E-Commerce Website Design services are linking the Loyalty Program to Feedback and
reviews. The Engagement and additional Sign-ups complement each other to drive more users into
interacting with your site.

24X7 Customer support

Going online with an E-Commerce site means that you have chosen to be open 24×7. This is to
facilitate consumers from all corners of the world. A major portion of these customers needs help
with queries, complaints, and reviews. One of the most impactful pain points in E-Commerce is the
non-availability of Live personnel. This Live Support must be 24×7 and can be chat or call as is
convenient to the bulk of your users.
A dedicated customer support team must address the various complaints and other queries that pop
up. Moreover, the feedback and other comments left on your social media pages need to be
addressed within a stipulated time to keep the customers engaged.
If there are unhappy customers, it is likely they will leave negative comments and try to persuade
others from using your site. According to a 2013 Survey by the White House Office of Consumer
Affairs, 1 in 27 customers has a bad experience and only 4% of dissatisfied customers actually speak
up. It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 bad experience.

Easily Navigable and Convenient Site

The simpler the site, the more the people that will use it. All the options should be on display at all
times. Checkout from Cart to offering flexible methods of payments creates a positive experience for
the user. Convenient return and refund policies gain more credibility among users. Layout every tiny
detail of the product or service such that the customer makes an informed choice in choosing to buy
from you. The aesthetics of the site matters, but the convenience matters more

Optimisation for Mobile

By 2021, Mobile Commerce is projected to account for 54% of Total E-Commerce sales. E-Commerce
Website Design Services now come with Mobile optimisation to ensure that all potential customers
have access to the site.
The Mobile site must have a fast loading rate even in low network coverage areas. Clear menus,
expandable images, and access to the home page, shopping cart, etc make for a user-friendly mobile

Social Media Platforms

Connect with your customers on the Social Media platforms that they use. Link your E-Commerce
site to Social Media and create an interactive shopping experience for them. There are 2.8 Billion
people worldwide who use social media. Feed consistent quality content, post offers, and discounts,
incorporate current events, and entertain your followers.
E-Commerce website design services in India are taking proactive steps to keep the customers
engaged. Open Designs has been at the forefront of tailor-made Customer engagement strategies
for Clients.

Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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