All businesses, even E-Commerce have long term plans, which are ultimately about
expansion and more profits. The strategies built around this long term plan, begin with the
implementation of the first step – Gaining more customers. Any E-Commerce Development company can tell you how vital this is to the growth of business.

Personalised Web Pages

You have precious few seconds to keep new customers engaged. Data assessed from the
user’s intent based on search phrases and browsing history should bring personalised
content to the home page. Build your site to capture the data by tracing the customer back
to campaigns you ran or to Email invites.
E.g: If the user has browsed for a work desk and you sell wooden furnishings, then his
browser data should prompt your website to bring up your work desk designs to be
displayed on the home page.

Make Yourself Visible

Optimise your Website’s SEO to achieve maximum visibility in user searches. Include more
Long tail keywords that reflect a new User’s intent. Work on content SEO strategies (Provide
the link to Keywords blog) to provide quality content that retains the user on your site,
after they have landed on it.
E.g: Customer type in very specific phrases – Walnut brown Work desk with organiser.
Product descriptions with this phrase are prioritised in search listings. A person looking to
buy a Work desk will definitely need information on choosing the most ergonomic work
station. Link in social media posts and blogs pertinent to their search.

Educate customers on your products

A fully informed customer makes educated choices on your products and services. They are
loyal, happy customers. The very fact they understand the product from the images and
specifications, results in more lead conversions. E-Commerce Development Companies use
better images and quality, useful content grabbing the attention of new users.
E.G: A seemingly trivial Zoom-in feature for images, and scale reference, helps view the
details. An image of the desk against a window, or a person, will help the customer envision
how the product will be in their own setting.

Reach out to potential customers

You can’t expect your customers to just find you out of the blue on their own. Unless your
SEO game is very strong or you have a paid campaign going on, it is unlikely that you are on
the top of the search results. Email marketing (make it as link to Email marketing blog) is
fast gaining popularity with the customer base, as they are less annoying when used
Leverage the medium by creating personalised mails, with attractive offers. In this process,
don’t fall for Email list scams. Instead collect your customer list from marketing campaigns
online and offline, existing customer referrals etc.

Employ Pay Per Click Advertising

E-Commerce development companies advise their clients to invest in a solid Pay Per Click
marketing strategy. With advanced Keywords, based off User intent, PPC's have a high
potential for bagging up to 65% of Clicks. Search Engine advertising based PPC are
commonly used, as they allow for measuring success metrics and other analytics. Although
PPC is an experimental marketing tool, careful deliberation of previously known data gives
you a fair idea of what is successful.

Accumulate User Generated Content

User Generated content is nothing but content about you on social media platforms by your
existing customers. This helps bring in organic traffic to your site. About 92% of consumers
make their buying decision based on other online reviews. New customers are looking for
valid and genuine endorsements from existing customers and or Celebrities. If your user-
generated content is convincing enough, it can help you reach conversion rates up to 97%.

Incentivize First Time Purchases

Incentivising First Time purchases, enable new customers to try your site at least once if
only to avail these discounts. Even if you are offering a huge discount that's cutting into your
profits, remember that this is one time. They will go on to purchase more from you if they
find the product quality satisfactory. Offer more discounts for referrals, which makes your
customers a medium of marketing.
Open Designs has grown to be one of the best E-Commerce Development companies in
India. Our strong technical team specialising in E-Commerce Website design creates
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Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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