From being a platform to communicate with friends and family, all and any social media has
broadened its scope to include businesses. You cannot expect to reach every potential
customer out there, but there is always a higher chance of running into them online. Social
Media agencies use these platforms as a cost effective tool to widen the customer base and
market your brand. Here’s how to effectively use social media to boost your business.

Choose the Platforms

One cannot choose just any social media platform and start posting about products and
services. Although nearly 50% of the world’s population uses Social media, you need to
know where your target audience is. Posting on the right platform matters the most in
terms of visibility.

Every social media has different benefits and tools to offer. If you want to develop a natural
connection with your customers, then Facebook and Instagram work best. In the case of
Google+, it caters to a very niche, tech-savvy crowd, but if that’s where your clients are,
that’s where you need to be.

Prepare a Strategy and Schedule

Once you know where to build a presence, strategize what you want to convey and how to
do it. Each post is directed towards expanding the business. Have engaging posts that
instantly attract people by being entertaining. Evoke desire for the product or service
without forcing it on them.

The Quality of posts depends on both timing and content. Last-minute work will dilute the
effectiveness of the content. An efficient Social Media Agency prepares a monthly schedule
and keeps at least a week’s worth of content as a buffer always.

This schedule includes the time of posting as well. Social media posts are received well
during lunch breaks, late evenings, and weekends. This allows for time and the mood to
leisurely browse through the data we put out there.

Evoke Engagement

Imagine being among a group of people, and nobody is directing their conversation at you.
Won’t we get bored easily? This is exactly how our consumers will feel if our social media
posts are not engaging. Either the content has to be of high quality and helpful information,
or the content has to be interactive. If your content is truly adding value to their lives, there
will be plenty of organic traffic.

If you sell Mobile phones, then providing trustworthy information on different models, their
specs including comparisons, boost traffic.

Social Media Agencies create fun quizzes, contests, reviews that constantly keep Likes, and
Comments coming your way. The popularity of the posts ensures it spreads to more number
of people.

Address Queries

You cannot please everyone and this becomes very apparent in social media. Your feed has
to be constantly monitored for negative feedback or complaints. There will also be lots of
queries in the comments section and DM’s despite having official communication means. All
of these need to be addressed as and when received. Any Social Media agency will have
dedicated personnel for diplomatically handling this. Publicly apologize and offer
compensation as required. Quick and positive responses build your reputation.

Build an online community

Once your social media presence is established, you would have at least a few followers
who use your products and services. They would be loyal to your brand. Engage with them
personally, offering special discounts or feature them on your posts (With permission of

Loyal customers repost your content and refer you to friends and family. Create a forum for
them to interact and share their experiences. With little effort, you can reach people that
you didn’t even know were your potential customers.

Measure success metrics

Social Media allows you to measure your reach in hard data. The visible likes, shares, or
following apart, social media platforms allow us to run analytics to verify your ROI. You can
compare your numbers with competitors and up your social media game.

Open Designs will guide you through the 6 step process successfully, offering the best in
Social Media Marketing services in Chennai. With meticulous planning and content
contingency strategies we are shaping brand images that are most relevant to each Social
media platform. Remember, the right platform, the right target, and quality content makes
the most of Social Media for any business.


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