Creating brand loyalty through social media is an important part of social media marketing because brand loyalty is an invaluable reward by caring for your followers. There are six ways of increasing brand loyalty on social media through social media marketing. 

For active social media marketing, you need to have active, engaged and loyal followers. But the number of follower counts is a distraction and should not be the only focus. Brand loyalty ensures that you have long-term engagement on social media. 

Why does brand loyalty matter?

Brand loyalty matters more than the number of followers a brand has and here are a few reasons why:

It resists competition: the market is highly competitive and in such times, creating brand loyalty is very difficult. Now that consumers have multiple access options, it is easy to lose consumers to competitors. At the end of the day, it is the loyal followers who end up adding value to your brand.

Creating enthusiasm and engagement: your loyal followers will be most likely to interact with your posts and contribute towards meaningful conversations. It is real engagement that matters when it comes to online image and SEO. 

Creates brand advocates: Loyal social media followers have extremely potential of advocating for your brand. They will talk about your brand in a positive light without any kind of persuasion.  

Creating a smart social media strategy

Social media services need to create a smart social media strategy by studying each social media platform since each platform comes with unique opportunities and intricacies. 

Gone are the days when social media marketing was all about posting and interacting with followers along with advertisement, marketing, lead generation, selling, and support. At present social media strategy is about creating cohesive plans for PR, SEO, link building and prospect mining to keep up with the competition. Brand loyalty is focused on asking the value of what you can create for all the fans on social media. The answer you will come up with has to be powerful enough for inspiring your fans to be loyal. It is a great idea for researching your competition in the market. 

Sharing good quality content

Any social media service provider in Chennai will agree to the fact that inspiring brand loyalty on social media platforms requires brands to share valuable content. Your followers will consume content that is useful to them. Hence, the representation of content and the formats that are chosen also matter to a great extent. If we talk about metrics, then quality content will fetch you the highest return on investment (ROI) in the form of shares, likes, comments, and click-throughs. 

Whenever you are planning your social media content, remember that visual content gets noticed and shared the most on various social media platforms. Hence, it is important to plan your content accordingly. Use infographics, screenshots, videos, graphs, and visual aids whenever possible to make your content valuable, striking and memorable. Also ensure that the content you are creating is branded with logos, colors and typography that is consistently used on all things you share. 

Look for your voice

Remember that your followers would want to interact with real people and not automated content or bots. So do not sideline personal interactions and only do that as something when you have time. Always prioritize personal interactions and use those interactions to show your personality to your fans. This warmth of interaction will help you gain loyalty among followers and they will keep coming back for more interactions with you. 

There are some brands that use common values along with interests for connecting with people. For example, if there is a particular sport you enjoy like cricket, you can make occasional cricket references on social media posts or simply talk about recent events and news that is related to it. Social media campaigns that are based on causes are also good ways of connecting with the audience and the values they hold. 


People always associate others with their most striking personality traits. This is a way for you to remember things about people and that is what keeps lingering on your mind. Whenever a brand is involved, you need to create and display favorable personality traits consistently for building a sense of familiarity among people. 

Such traits can be expressed with the help of content sharing and conversations you will have with people. Ensure that tasks like blog content promotion, answering questions that are related to the industry and commenting on what other people share must be completed in the same voice. 

Answer and acknowledge

We all want to be acknowledged. The same applies to people out there on various social media platforms. If you are consistent with your answering of queries, provide people with detailed answers, and you can earn their respect. This is something you can trace back to any social media influencer’s history. 

Another way of expanding your exposure is to find questions asked by anyone and then answer them accordingly. You can use keywords that are related to the industry in the form of search queries for finding questions. Answer the questions in a manner that is precise and concise. Always remember to acknowledge all your responses that come your way and see through the entire conversation. 

Quid Pro Quo

You will find your followers creating content on their own and also participating in conversations related to your industry. Use social media monitoring and find them out, share them if their content is share-worthy. By doing so, you will not only be earning the loyalty of these followers but also encourage your followers to share content that is related to your brand. 

This is a great way of managing the relationships that you share with your followers on Twitter. Do not forget to add followers who have similar levers of engagement with your brand to the Twitter list. In this way, once-a-week interactions by visiting the list will boost your social media interactions. 

And do not forget about rewards. The best of your followers must be rewarded and this is a powerful tool to earn loyalty from them. 

As a key takeaway, 

Be a human when connecting with fans and followers. Solely pushing content will not be enough. Care for your followers and create invaluable brand loyalty. 



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