Many times in life, quality triumphs over quantity, and lead generation is no different. Whatever the number of leads that enters your funnel, what matters most is how many of them convert into paying clients. The Facebook Lead Ads style is an excellent approach to producing large volumes of leads. However, quality may suffer by making it so simple to fill out a form. In your lead forms, include qualifying questions. Including qualifying questions in your Facebook lead forms may not only assist your team in better qualifying leads, but it can also have a significant influence on lead quality with Facebook Lead Ads.

With Facebook Ads, this basic strategy works even better than you’d anticipate. Here’s how you can learn to generate Facebook lead forms from different social media services.

Add questions to generate leads 

Many marketers are hesitant to add questions and pages to their lead forms because they are concerned about raising the cost per lead. This is frequently the case with your internet forms.

However, because Facebook’s algorithm is so effective at optimizing for the action, you specify the cost per lead does not rise significantly, but Facebook will seek out higher-quality leads. Making the forms more difficult to complete will automatically boost the number of interested leads.

Different social media services will make you understand for what purpose these questions can also be used to further advise the buyer about what to expect. 

Employ the Greeting message

The Greeting is an excellent opportunity to ensure that users understand why they should complete the form. While consumers may click on their feeds randomly, the Greeting message may be utilized to remind the user of the true objective of the ad.

For example, if your lead generation plan includes phoning all leads, mention it clearly on the context card.

Lookalike of the Target Quality leads

Lookalike audiences are likely the most potent targeting option available in Facebook advertisements. Increasing the relevance of your adverts and lowering the cost per quality lead are two benefits of optimizing your audience. Try segmenting your leads into high-quality leads and utilizing this as the Custom Audience for your Lookalike. Conversions are a superior seed, but data is frequently scarce.

Exclude previous leads automatically

In certain circumstances, you may wish to target the same people with several campaigns, regardless of whether they have already submitted a form. However, removing someone from a campaign means you won’t waste money or bother the client with the same message. While Facebook will not display the same form once it is completed, it will display alternative forms if you are running other campaigns.

Improve your campaigns

Consider Facebook, which has 2 billion users. Your consumers are there; all you have to do is locate them!

Don’t just apply a broad brush to all Facebook leads with the same lead conversion rate when it comes to lead quality. It is critical to track and optimize your adsets, advertisements, and forms to enhance lead quality.

You may accomplish this by following adsets and advert through to purchase. However, you may also use a quick feedback loop based on ‘upstream signals.’ 

Fine-tune your ad copy

While the primary goal of your ad content should always be to convince readers to be interested and click through, the advertisement itself is the first point of contact. Certain optimizations may be performed at this stage of the funnel to guarantee only quality leads are created.

It’s all about striking a delicate balance between not alienating valuable prospective leads and preventing Facebook users from clicking out of curiosity. 

Provide a genuine value exchange

Some social media marketing agencies in Chennai will give you significant information outlining what the user should expect from the ad. Make sure you share and express a transparent value exchange.

Giving contact information is no different from asking for money to purchase a product. People should be aware of what they are signing up for and what they will receive in exchange for providing their personal information when using Facebook Lead Ads. Ensure that your ad title, creative, content, and call to action button correctly express the offer’s value and indicate the subsequent actions.

Provide a variety of alternatives on your lead forms

You may filter out prospects not currently in the market for your items but maybe in the future by simply presenting them with two variants of your offer. Form fields such as “I’d want a quote” or “I’m just searching for additional information” provide some insight. This allows you to prioritize prospects who are instantly interested in your services.

Consider the customer lifetime stage

When developing your Facebook strategy, consider the whole consumer purchasing experience. Unlike search advertising, not everyone in your target demographic will be actively seeking your products and services at all times. It is critical to learn how to elicit action and move your Facebook leads to the next step of their buying experience.

While there is plenty you can do to improve the quality of the leads you produce, there are some things you can do to ensure that any current leads are nurtured and, therefore, more likely to convert into paying customers.

Follow up on leads as soon as possible

You lose if you snooze when it comes to following up on Facebook leads. According to lead generation services, the vendor that answers earliest receives 30-40% of the sales. According to a Lead Response Management research, following up within the first 5 minutes is 100 times more likely to result in a sale than following up within the first 30 minutes. If you don’t want to lose out on remarkable chances, make sure your sales staff is alerted immediately when a Facebook lead is produced or that they can readily locate the data of all of your leads once a lead form has been filed. 


A high-quality lead is likely to become a paying client. The only way to optimize your efforts for lead quality is to know how many of your leads convert into paying clients. Purchases in numerous industries, such as automotive and retail, are impacted by various digital channels yet occur offline. With this vital information, you can optimize your campaigns for lead quality based on actual sales achieved. That’s why you should learn to generate Facebook leads from different social media services.


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