When you have a website, there is a ceaseless rush to get lots of visitors and eventually turn them into potential clients. Search engine optimization is not the black sheep of marketing. You have to understand how to use it. The top SEO services will complement the SEO efforts with the analytics data. So how does Google analytics work? Well, you need to have an account that is purely dedicated to the analytics product. Then you could get access to the analytics data, pull up the sleeves and step in using the analytics data kit. We have listed down a few tips that will help you in improving your Google rankings using the analytics:

Turn Landing Pages into Link Magnet

Knowing which landing pages of your website are receiving organic traffic is important. This will help the content markets to make good decisions, and the overall strategy of the marketing campaign will be improved. Most top rated digital marketing companies in Chennai look for organic traffic first. How can you track the organic traffic? In your google analytics account, open the behaviour, then site content and all pages. See all the pages in order by the highest number. If you want to see traffic for some page categories, you have to search for them. The landing pages with a high number of unique page views state that they are the area of interest, provide a better user experience and have higher indexation than the others. Thus to sprout your backlink profile, improve those pages and optimise them. 

Money Keywords to Optimise the Content

With a well-planned strategy, there are few triggers in google analytics that could lead to financial outcomes. In Google Analytics, you could always look for money keywords. The first way to check money keywords could be by looking into google Adwords campaigns that could be accessed through clicking acquisition, then Adwords and keywords. You could do a bit of deep search and order keywords by cost. Keep in mind to select the ones with a higher cost because those have the most clicks and are successful. You could search keywords through your e-commerce website/ online shop in the second case. Click the behaviour, then site search and then search terms. In e-commerce websites, you could check what people have been looking for and use those words to create new content and optimise the product pages. 

Look for Search Queries

With Google data, you can always see what the audience looks for before accessing your content. With top SEO services, all the hustle of finding relevant keywords can turn into an easy and pain-free task. The google search console provides you with plenty of keyword data. You can use Google’s search term from the amount of data collected into your search console account. You can access it through acquisition and then search console and then queries. You can check out all that the users have searched for from when they visited your website. Google Analytics helps you look down at the queries relevant to your business. This helps you find the keywords that are very much relevant to your business.

Track Third Party Campaigns

A digital marketing agency in India uses analytics to check the third party campaigns run by you. These campaigns can be checked from acquisitions, campaigns, and all campaigns. This category in analytics includes various promotional campaigns created on other websites and are pointed towards yours through discount codes, landing pages, articles, etc. All the links from these have UTM code to make it easy to track in analytics. The data gathered from third-party campaigns helps in understanding which website performs better and brings a lot of clients towards the site. 

Evaluate Website Traffic

Another thing that you could do from google analytics is check for the traffic from search engines. The traffic has a high connection with high rankings. You should never focus on one or another. Track keywords that send traffic to your site. Also, in analytics, you could view the organic search traffic for all the searched terms in a specific period. 

Channel Grouping for Better Targeting

It is always better to know from where your visitors are coming. Though the process is a bit critical, google analytics help in understanding where the visitor came from. Channel here represents the path a visitor takes to come to your website. With analytics, you could see some of the default channels at first, but they are customised to view detailed categories. In google analytics, goals are very important to understand and analyse the performance of your landing page. A good structure and suitable naming are very important to understand the goals of a particular landing page.

Gauge Changes in Your Website Evolution

Besides all the analytics methods, a top SEO services agency will help you get shortcuts to your report and historical data from Google analytics. With annotations, you could keep track of your changes. For instance, if you want to use a flag to add an annotation to any important changes, you have to go to the graphics you are interested in and click on the small arrow to expand and create your annotations. Keep in mind the below tips before creating an annotation:

  • Give it a specific name to make it explicit.
  • Keep it short to avoid overlapping with other annotations.
  • Keep a record of all the marketing campaigns that run offline and online that could potentially affect the traffic.

Advanced Segments to Shorten the Conversion Path

How would SEO be successful if we don’t create a segmented audience? Segmentation provides a lot of insightful data about your audience to give you a deep dive into everything that happens with your website. With advanced segments, you could get deeper information about isolated groups established through parameters. The advanced segments are good at determining the channels that drive quality traffic to your website. Segments could be created for different demographic groups to see what pages are listed the most and how long they are on the website. 

Bottom line:

As we know, top google rankings are the pinnacle for the success of the online business. Any online business needs to rank on the first page of the Google search engine. It is achievable with the help of Google analytics and a bit of resourcefulness, dedication, persistence, and creativity. 



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