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User Interface is User Experience ?

UX is UI

Yea, kind a sure of this statement. UX and UI are the twin mates of business. They seem identical but have a deep inter relation between them.

They just differ by their expansions. What makes the user speak to the webpage is the reason behind the crave for the best UI. Coming across this statement, UX is not UI, well it makes a little sense on thinking about why UI is UX and why does this seek any clarification.

Is it the process or the result?

What does it mean by user experience? For a first try, the feel, the expressions, the behavior, the motivations, the satisfaction could be the possible experience outcomes that a user would probably exhibit. Is it exactly the experience that we expect the users to go through? Probably, we have neared the perfect answer to it.

We mean to say that we accomplish the user-centered design strategy which we call it as UX. Here, UX adopts the verb, a process. It’s the birth of an experience through intense research and the validation process is done through usability testing which is collectively the UX process.

So, that we have discussed on UX, what is UI then. We have got a way old definition pertaining to any aspect of technology which would state that it us the interaction that prevails between the system and the human and this has got a field of study of its own which is the Human -Computer Interaction.

From the punched card systems dated back in the 60s, the lines and lines of commands in the 70s, the 80’s miracle of GUI, the hand phones and games of the 90’s to the wearable’s of today’s time, gives the pride of expressing the enthusiasm over gesturing with the machine. The typing, the clicking’s and dragging’s, the waves and the scrolls and the swipes, the voices of inputs could never the less be the signs of boasting about the user interaction.

If it’s all about what is the difference between UX and UI, we are just merely distinguishing the terms rather than looking into the actual relationship between these terms. Building the design and is the work over? Doesn’t it has the responsibility of answering the user experience?

Designers into the spotlight!!!

If you are that soul who had been into job search, probably in the IT related job search, then you would notice this ‘UX/UI Designer’ as they call which appears to be the trend. They just want someone who would add creative UI toppings to the page but they would also hire you for the extra stuffing’s which they call as the UX.

These designers are rich in empathy and only such people could come up with innovative ideas to unlock wonders pertaining to experience. The design manifestation makes way for a good experience.

UX – an empathy and more than that

There is nothing like this is the only formula for design patterns for any kind of situation. Apart from the client’s need, one could research more on it and come up with an unexpected recipe for the users. The first and the longest phase would be the comprehending stage. This requires an intensive research and evaluation processes. Discovering the actual problems and setting up the apt solutions before falling into framing methods and patterns for solution is much needed at this phase.

We should keep in mind that the design that we mould, is ultimately for the behavior. How well it is made use of and how well it satisfies the desires of the users, well it could even be described as the attitude that the system exhibits determines how far it reaches the users. Ultimately what are all these for? It’s the experience that the user would entertain and make him addict to it for his joy.

So you have created something and what are you proud of? It’s not about what you and the computer have in relation. It’s about the end user and the system. So that thought should always be striking across your mind while designing.

So, I have come closer to the statement that UX design is the UI design. Whatever we built indirectly connects the target customers and the business thereby we fall under the relationship management.

It’s not the extreme physical involvement that has to be considered when it comes to user experience like voice inputs or gesture capturing etc. Even the tiniest physical involvement like in the case of form filling or the reading of contents, even the small clicks and the mouse movements matters a lot. Forms are the highest chance provided to the business to talk with their customers. Designing it with the right pattern makes users very interactive. The next major point to be discussed is about the priority of contents displayed. Focus on the taxonomy that has to be followed in order to attract the audience. It could also be the restrictions that you deliberately encompass. Especially when you are a new comer to the industry say mobile apps, then the relationship between your business and your customers. A meaningful design holding hands with a satisfied experience manifests the brand. These UX guys have got the trick in motion.

UX is no more a mere term in any industry. It’s become something that any organization would crave for. All brands know how to seek a place in the market but what credits they earn is now the big deal. They get easily vanished if they lack in the user experience. When two to three sites are compared, consumers just opt for the one where they can reach their desired place with ease. You may have better products but the path you shour customers to reach your product matters.

Designers know the grammar of experience. A full stack designer as you would have come across in job portals are the bunch of people that a business should run behind. These front end designers are indirect means for your brand’s success story. They are assets to your company.

Concluding with an idea for business improvement…

Well, the UX designers get paid well for they are invisible pillars to the company. Make the UX valuable to your business. Make an app isn’t a mere small statement. It has the fate of your business. Integrating the processes making it more human centered keeps the show alive.

UX is the ultimate base plan for the goal. This is to the project managers. Don’t just hire UX designers to implement your design. They are more than a single brain. They can create wonders more than expectation.


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