How many customers do you think actually feel secure about shopping on a new E-Commerce site? A survey by buySAFE reports that less than 20% of online shoppers try out new sites. In the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, a lot of retailers chose to go online than go under. There is no dearth of online shopping sites, but there is a gap that has to be bridged with trust. E-Commerce website development companies should focus on building this trust while building the site. 

Reasons for lack of trust:

One of the prime reasons for reduced penetration of online shopping is lack of trust. The reason behind this, are questions on

  • The legitimacy of the advertised product
  • Timely Delivery
  • Convenient payment options
  • Hassle-free returns and refunds
  • Data security

However trust is not a choice that a consumer makes, but a state of mind, influenced by the Customer experience.

eConsultancy’s survey found the following factors which can be used by E-Commerce website development companies to build the trust of the user.

Professional E-Commerce Site:

Design is a passive ambassador for your brand which should make for a great first impression. Even small retailers should invest wisely in the site, with no compromise on design.

E-Commerce website design in India is just beginning to gain ground on these design aspects.

  • Easily navigable layout. 
  • Engaging visuals to suit target tastes.
  • Concise yet informative content. 
  • Faster Loading
  • User-oriented language
  • 24×7 help

Third-Party Trust Certificates:

E-Commerce Website Development companies use them, to deem the site secure for use. This reinforces the legitimacy of the site. 

In the case of Express watches, sales was still low despite having the manufacturer Seiko’s trust certificate. When the Third-party Trust Pilot Seal was added along with customer reviews, there was a visible increase of 58.29% in Sales. 

The trust seal must be placed alongside all product information apart from being on the home page

Branded inventory:

A product inventory that carries well-known brands will gain more footfalls. This is in the case, the E-commerce site is not for just a particular brand. Well-known, prominent names are more likely to be searched for by end-users, providing organic traffic. 

Privacy Policies:

Privacy policies are very important in gaining trust, especially in the digital age. It protects both the supplier and the customer. A detailed privacy policy that assures the customer that their data will be handled securely. Comprehensive information on how, where, when, and who would use this data must be provided to the customers. 

Current Contact details:

Customers are more likely to believe in an online store when it is attached to a physical store. Providing contact details, especially with a current address is crucial as it is verifiable. The contact details can be used to reach the supplier when there are snags in automated communication. 

Return/Refund Policies:

The return or refund policies allay the fears about being saddled with the wrong or faulty products. When there is a secure and guaranteed way which allows you to return the product, people are ready to spend on a test basis. If their first experience is fine, then they continue to shop on that E-Commerce site. 

Social Proof:

Social proof of legitimacy like product reviews by customers or by a third party assessor. The reviews prove the authenticity of the site, while the number of positive reviews and the store responses play a significant role in convincing the buyer. E-Commerce website development companies must ensure the client site is well visible in prominent social media. 

These are just some of the factors that can be easily addressed. However, there has to be clear that trust is built with time, and takes much effort to be sustained. Try to make the customer experience as positive as possible in terms of both the service and the product. OpenDesigns is one of the few E-Commerce Website designing companies in India with absolute clarity on gaining customer trust. We believe in not just design but facilitating the growth of our clients through organic reach. 

Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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