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By 2020, Consumers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human! Consumers are more likely to do their own research about your company before your first point of contact with them and that is through the blogs. A blog with high-quality content also helps build brand loyalty, increase inbound links, further increasing conversion rates.
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bullet22 to 10 seconds is all the time you have got to engage your audience. Delay in loading time will increase the bounce rate.

bullet260% of internet access is done through mobile devices. Hence, stagnant content and static website result in poor navigation and reduced rate of usability.

bullet267% of the smartphone users are likely to turn into potential customers. So, a mobile-friendly website can give more conversions. Low mobile optimization reduces target hit and minimalizes conversions.

Online image enhancement is vital to any business venture. Getting a well-designed website up and running is only half the task accomplished. To ensure that your website reaches the right information to the right people, easily and effectively, your website needs a revamp. The very success of your business depends on it.

website redesign services company chennai

Periodic assessment, screening for risk factors, preventive and remedial measures, ensure an effective website and also provide an opportunity to make provision for easy assimilation and adaptation of future technological advancements, and harness its benefits. To identify and rectify a revamp requirement, it is vital to focus on the details, such as these:

Outdated look / functions:

The relevancy of a website depends on how well it is updated. Usage of Flash, for rich multimedia content is a vital indication for a revamp, as it is an outdated technology. It would mar your growth too, as it is not compatible with smart phones and is less search engine friendly.

Cluttering graphics:

Excessive content and graphics packed in every page of the website overwhelms your audience. Though your website may have enough information, it will get lost in the clutter so much, that it would scatter the attention of your audience.

Poor focus:

An effective website should cater to its target audience well. The principle focus of the website should exactly be what was intended to be communicated. A website which shifts its focus from its main objective, will end up diluting its importance and rendering the focus, poor.


A website is a virtual visiting card. With the internet being accessible with mobile devices too, it is imperative that a website be designed with the expected flexibility. A non-responsive website fails to give optimal viewing and efficient navigation, making it a website that hardly interacts with its audience.

Absence of Mobile optimization:

The intention of a website is to present the organization favorably to its target audience and thus boost its sales. Hence, if the website is not mobile-optimized, the audience reached would be lesser, resulting in lesser conversions.

Low conversion rate:

Websites that are not compatible with mobile browsers, unclear calls to action, and ineffective menus, all fail to offer an engaging experience to the user and also bring down conversion rates.

website maintenance services chennai

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Delay in loading:

Users tend to abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Time is of essence in any business. Heavy graphics, other auto loading videos, animation, etc. can slow down a website. Thus, it is essential to check these deterrents on a regular basis.

High bounce rate:

The percentage of website visitors who leave it right from where the landed, without checking the other pages, is called a bounce rate. A website with low usability, ineffective content, bad navigation tools are a few of the issue which may result in a high bounce rate of a website.

Benefits of a revamp:

The better your website is presented the better you can engage your audience. A customer centric design and relevant content can win you new customers too!
Your website presents a digital image of your business to your customers. Hence, it is essential that the look and feel of your website is maintained well enough to match your corporate image. Analyze what your customers would expect in your website and give them early, with updated information and clear content.

You may require a business continuity plan for your website. This may be very helpful especially if you run a real time website.

A timely and effective redesign can give your website clarity, a fine-tuned focus, enhanced flexibility and a boosted conversion rate. It can also empower your website with suitable up-to-date technological advancement.

Easy access to the web anytime, encourages mobile users to spend more time online, than from their PC. With over half of the web traffic through mobile devices, a responsive website would give an excellent user experience and prove to be a rewarding effort for you too!

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