Irrespective of the size of the business, every brand stands to gain tremendously by having a well-functioning, robust eCommerce website. This offers them a new avenue for them to be able to market their services and products. Considering the highly contentious market that we exist in today, any such avenue that offers brand an alternative marketing medium that is unique from all others becomes incredibly advantageous. This makes it possible for the customers of the brand to be able to purchase its products and avail its services right from the comforts of their own homes, while also allowing the brand to save on numerous costs that it would have to incur by maintaining a brick and mortar store. 

The significance of an eCommerce website cannot be emphasized enough. With the events of the past few months, it has become clear to everyone that brands with eCommerce websites and an established online presence are faring much better than those that are completely reliant on physical stores. This blog is written with the intention of enlightening those who are under the impression that acquiring and maintaining an eCommerce website for their brand is not a necessity in today’s economy, of why their thinking is flawed. Listed and detailed below are all the reasons why having an eCommerce website is absolutely imperative for any brand. 

Giving Your Business An Extensive Reach

The only way for any business to transition into an eCommerce brand is to get an eCommerce website. Creating an eCommerce website and maintaining an online presence allows brands to cater to their customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and make more sales while spending less, than possible by running a 24×7 brick and mortar shop. Maintaining an online presence is all about undertaking comprehensive search engine optimization, posting blogs regularly, creating social media marketing campaigns, etc. With an eCommerce website, a business can also cater to customers from far away destinations and not have to conform to the geographical limitations posed by brick and mortar stores. eCommerce websites also make it possible for brands to constantly keep adding to their product lines and not have to limit themselves owing to the space limitations posed by physical stores. Product lines can be expanded at will and new services can be added whenever needed. 

Unparalleled Accessibility & Convenience

eCommerce websites open the door to a whole new segment of customers, who never would have wanted to make purchases from a brick and mortar store of the same brand. This is owing to the fact that many people lead busy lives and do not have the time to spare to travel to a store just to make purchases. Brands that do not have eCommerce websites fail to exploit this entire segment of customers who will instead end up making purchases from competing brands who already have an eCommerce website in place as well as a well-established online presence. 

Offers Numerous Modes Of Marketing

Having an eCommerce website forces brands to make use of the numerous novel marketing mediums that open up as a result. Everything from content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC ad campaigns are made available for a brand to take advantage of and utilize completely to spread the word about its superior products and services. Not only do these marketing mediums profit the business acquired from eCommerce websites, but they also benefit brands that have both online offerings as well as physical stores. 

Room For Expansion

It is natural for any business to want to expand its range of products and add to the list of services that it offers, as well as extend the reach of its offerings to other far off geographical locations, as the demand for its products and services, as well as its popularity, grows. When compared to the costs that such an expansion would cost for brands relying completely on brick and mortar stores and brands that depend on their eCommerce websites, the difference is massive. Brands can save on large sums of money by maintaining an eCommerce website, if and when they choose to expand their product range and services, just by virtue of the fact that it is much simpler and cost-effective to do so, than acquiring a new showroom, leasing out more space, paying more rent, hiring more sales reps and personnel, etc. 

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Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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