Back in the day, businesses resorted to yellow pages to advertise their services and products. This is because all people used to own a yellow pages directory that they would refer to in order to search for businesses offering what they needed. In the digital age, there are numerous sources that consumers resort to for such information.

Therefore it can be pretty hard for businesses looking to divert consumers to their website (instead of their competitors’ websites), to figure out exactly how to go about doing so. This article offers seven key tips for businesses thinking about how to generate more leads using website

Getting A Business Listing On Yahoo Local, Google My Business, Bing, etc.

As per a recent survey conducted by Google, the majority of consumers have been found to resort to search engines to find out about businesses near them. This implies that more often than not these consumers make use of their smartphones to search for particular services and products. By doing this they not only have access to the business listings but additionally, even suggestions, reviews, and ratings from other consumers. Businesses that don’t have such listings on search engines are losing the opportunity to convert a massive number of leads that could possibly come their way. As part of a business listing, all basic information about a business including its address, working hours, and contact details, has to be mentioned.

  • Google My Business

Google My Business is definitely the most popular of all search engine listings for businesses to exploit. It also offers businesses tons of features that can prove to be quite useful in the long run. These include – 

offering consumers directions to the physical address of a store/office, a business icon on the map, as well as, the chance to boost SEO. 

Those businesses that are registered with Google are ranked higher by Google than those that aren’t. Businesses can also make use of Google Analytics to keep track of traffic, to gauge their website’s performance.

  • Bing

Bing is the next best search engine for businesses to register on. One might think that listing their business on Bing is not as significant as doing so on Google. This is however not the case. Believe it or not, Bing is still used by a lot of people, especially since it is the default search engine available on all Microsoft operating systems. Additionally, if your business has already been registered on Google My Business, listing it on Bing becomes easier and opens the door to a brand new segment of consumers. 

  • Yahoo Localworks

Yahoo Localworks stands next in popularity after Google My Business and Bing. While there are free listings available, businesses can also opt for paid ones where additional features are made available. One of these features includes analytics on a business’s website traffic. 
The best thing for a business to do to reach a wider audience and generate more leads would be to register on all three platforms.

Don’t Ignore Local Business Directories

Apart from the popular search engine listings to exploit, businesses can also take advantage of local brand directories. Such directories not only provide businesses with the chance to collect feedback on their services/products but also help immensely in lead generation. Yelp is a prime example of a platform that helps businesses generate leads by offering potential consumers the provision to check out reviews about its services. Finding out the most popular directories for brands within your locality and getting your business registered on these directories will help you in increasing your sales considerably.

Having A Presence On Social Media

Having a strong presence on popular and relevant social media platforms is a must for businesses, in this digital age. This goes beyond just paid ad campaigns. Utilizing social media is one of the most reliable ways for a business to spread the word about its business. With pages on all popular social media platforms, a business makes it possible for its customers to share their experiences in real-time. This is done through check-ins to the establishment, reviews, tags, referrals, reviews, etc. In order to take full advantage of social media to generate leads, it is crucial that businesses regularly update all of their pages. Making use of tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck can assist brands in keeping track of all of their social media pages from a common platform.

  • Hootsuite This tool offers businesses a number of features for them to manage all of their pages across diverse social media platforms. This helps tremendously in saving a lot of time. Brands can also use this tool to schedule posts whenever they wish so that they can keep active pretty much all throughout the day. When it comes to finding the right time to post, making use of a tool such as Buffer should help in finding when the target audience of a business is most active on every social media platform.
  • TweetDeck TweetDeck is similar to Hootsuite in that it makes it easier for businesses to manage their social media accounts. It however only applies to multiple Twitter accounts. Tasks such as replying to followers, scheduling tweets, and keeping track of hashtags are made simple using TweetDeck. One drawback is that it is only available for use on desktop. Wondering how to generate more leads using website with the help of your presence on social media? Make sure you have links on all of your posts that redirect potential customers back to your website. 

Posting Content That Is Useful & Relevant

Google has made it clear that the best way to generate traffic to a website is by posting content that is relevant and useful to users. Content that offers users something valuable is highly regarded by Google. Therefore, for a business, the number one aim should be to put out valuable and useful content. Doing this will ensure that they generate new leads. Hiring a professional content writer can help tremendously in this regard. Businesses that are not keen on paying for content written by a professional should think of it as an investment. 

Investing In An SEO Expert

An SEO expert who is aware of exactly how to go about elevating your business’s SERP rankings is worth hiring. Such a professional will help propel your business’s SERP rankings in no time, meaning that more consumers will be heading your way instead of heading over to your competitors. By carefully planning and executing white-hat SEO tactics that are customized to your specific niche, your business should be able to enjoy a prominent position in the SERP rankings in a short span of time. If you’re wondering about how to generate more leads using website then focusing your efforts on search engine optimization is paramount to doing so. 

Think About Paid Ad Campaigns On Google & Facebook

Although resorting to organic advertising is the best policy, some investment (in the form of paid ad campaigns) might be necessary to get the conversation started (especially if your business happens to be a new one). Many businesses overlook Google Ads owing to their stringent regulations for landing page design and formatting. Adhering to these regulations, nevertheless, can prove to be quite advantageous to a business in the long run.

While you’re refining your land pages, focusing on paid social media ads should be your priority as a business. Social media ads are less expensive, more effective and provide better results. This is more so in the case of paid advertisements on Facebook. Considering the amount of time that people (especially millennials) spend on these platforms, it wouldn’t be a good idea to neglect these platforms. There is also no harm in trying out paid ads as businesses don’t stand to lose anything in doing so.

Paying Attention To Platforms Such As Quora

Answering questions that are relevant to a business’s offerings on a platform such as Quora is a great way to generate leads. Such platforms offer a world of possibilities in terms of attracting more audiences. While Quora is very different from most other social media platforms in that it only allows users to pose and answer questions (asked by other users), it is a valuable tool that is worth exploiting. As a business, you should focus on finding questions that are the most pertinent to your own services and products and answer them. 

It is important to make sure that your answers are all to the point and offer the person posing the question (and others like him/her) as much insight into the topic in question as possible. Modern businesses of all sorts are beginning to realize the tremendous potential that platforms such as Quora have to offer in terms of reaching new audiences and generating leads. If you’re wondering how to generate more leads using website with the help of Quora, it is important to remember that the key to doing so effectively lies in directing those who find your answers valuable back to your website by posting links wherever applicable.

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