– In light of the fact that businesses usually devote the greatest portion of their ads spend to Offline activities such as exhibitions, trade fairs and events, even a moderate adjustment of ad budgets is probably going to convert into a higher interest in online marketing spending.

– Ever since the coronavirus outbreak threw things out of gear for businesses across the world, numerous studies undertaken by market research firms have shown that, in February itself, fears about the virus contributed to a 500 per cent rise in terminations and deferments of big-ticket events.

– Anticipating that various advertisers have some additional spare time, particularly the ones who are in self-quarantine, they are now using it to audit their digital marketing strategies and rethink their online ad policy.

– Reinforcing the spotlight on Content Marketing, Google SEO and Website up-gradation will motivate you to do something truly productive and empower your business to move two steps ahead of rivals who’re ‘’soft on response’’.


Hunker down ad spends on social media and paid search? Or go full steam ahead?
This piece of news won’t come as a surprise to you – Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, conversions are down and businesses that aren’t fulfilling “fundamental needs” are thinking of scaling back their ad spends, online and otherwise.

Naturally so, as the inability to decrease spends can make even the most successful online SEO engagement strategy into a lower return on advertisement spending (ROAS).

The brands that are continuing with their ad spends are the ones that come under the category of ‘’top need’’ for customers at this moment.

What we at Open  Designs Interactive suggest you do:
For products/ services that fall under the “fundamental needs” vertical, a scaling up on the Content Marketing, Google SEO, CPMs and CPCs campaigns is an expected and a natural thing to do.

But not without a smart maneuver…

CPCs bids in numerous verticals are lower than they’ve at any point been.

What this means is that the CPC bid (cost per click) you were paying when buyers clicked on your ad broadcasts previously is probably going to be available at a lower rate as of now.

Why could this be so?

Well, this is likely because at present publicists are making fewer bids and busy with downsizing their ad spends. Especially the non-essential needs brands.

Now, brands that have historically relied on organic traffic have seen output losses due to a decrease in sales volumes. A number of paid search campaigns likewise have been clocking lower traffic.

But Google SEO (CPC & CPM) and almost all forms of Content Marketing have been recording high demand from all quarters – Possibly because both these mediums are easy-on-the-pocket AND compelling channels of advertising.

Besides, as we’ve observed with a lot of our clients that even basic Google SEO (CPC & CPM) and Content Marketing campaigns prove their worth by telling consumers that right now, following the closure of physical shops, customers’ requirements can and will be fulfilled on the internet.

Our advice to our clients selling items/benefits that despite everything have a growing market as of now is to NOT exploit the COVID-19 situation but to sensitively strategize their campaigns AND systemically EXPAND their online advertisement spend.

To hunker down or not?

For products/services that are looking at a growing market in the time of the pandemic – This is not the time to hunker down – Not yet, no it isn’t.

With social distancing leading to an exponential growth in online traffic, you may discover you can fundamentally expand your customer base much more quickly than under normal circumstances. Needless to say it’s important to ensure you’re watching out for ROAS – a technique our SEO and Content Marketing specialists are adept at managing.

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