There are so many ways to get ahead of Google’s algorithms and attract a lot of visitors. But how many of them revisit often or actually engage with the website? The success of a website can be measured by the user retention rate and successful conversions. Here’s what the best web design company in Chennai is recommending to improve user retention. 

Upgrade your content

Higher the quality of the website content, the more the number of visitors and their retention. Evaluate and upgrade the content to keep with the trends and the language evolution of the target audience. 

Capture the attention of the users through infographics and blogs. The right keywords will improve SEO rankings broadening the reach of the website. When the information in the content genuinely adds value to the user, the retention rates will show significant improvement. 

The best web design companies use interactive content to attract and retain more volume of visitors. They can be in the form of surveys, fun quizzes, videos, small games, etc. 

Add product tutorials

Tutorials are one of the best ways to impart knowledge to your customers that keeps them coming back for more. Sure there is a lot of user-generated content on the internet, but coming from you, makes it professional and official. If your website happens to sell niche products or services then, customers will definitely look up how to set up the products, and how to use them. Video tutorials or Step by Step guides with supporting images will increase footfalls as well as the time spent on the website. 

User Generated content

By encouraging the customers to share pictures, videos, comments, reviews, and even blogs on your product or services, you are delivering fresh content at little to no cost. The best web design companies use positive UGC and also increase the reputation of the business. Over 53% of online consumers check online reviews before they choose to engage with a website. This improves the chances of a customer choosing your website over other competitors. 

Include internal links

Say a user stumbles upon your site through a particular blog link, if the navigation ends there, they are unlikely to explore the website on their own. Include internal links that take them to other webpages on your site. Hypertexts embedded within blogs enables users to navigate to all the resources. This subtle marketing takes them to product landing pages without forced ads and clickbait. 

Customised customer experience

Each customer is unique in their purchase intent and the way they engage with the website. If every visitor gets the same approach, it brings down the conversion rates. Understand what each customer is looking for from history and their survey answers if any. Customise the experience by making the relevant products come up on top of the page, special discounts, drip campaigns, etc that will score higher customer retention. 

Rework the Website design

The first look of your website must capture the viewer’s interest within mere seconds of being opened. Keep the layout simple and easy to navigate. The number of internal links to any web page must be three or fewer. Visitor’s stick around longer on websites that they can get around with ease. The best web design companies have the graphics, text, and white space complement each other to give the most aesthetic experience. Do a little bit of research on the best fonts to choose for a pleasant reading experience. Keep the colour palette true to your industry and the tone you want to set. 

Make your website design responsive

Over half the world’s internet users go online on their phones. Even if your website layout looks great on a computer screen, there is no guarantee that it looks the same on a smaller screen. A responsive website has,

  • Readable, complete text within screen limits
  • Accommodates different hand sizes for touch controls
  • The resolution of images and videos is not compromised

The transition between different screens must be seamless so that visitors do not abandon the site while switching between devices.  

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