If you have been in the E-Commerce business, for quite some time now, there is a marketing strategy that you might have been using without understanding its full potential – Retargeting. The thread of logic is quite simple – customer shows interest in your business – leaves the site without a purchase – remind them about you – they come back to make a purchase. E-Commerce website designing companies in India have been using retargeting a lot to boost sales, with the most successful conversion rates.

Here are some of the most effective retargeting strategies in use in 2020.

Promote New and related Products

Most products go obsolete soon enough, what with aesthetic or technical upgrades. This is especially resonant in the fashion industry in E-Commerce, as clothes go out of style within a year. So if a customer is set on a particular product, make sure they are targeted with a newer version of the same. Certain products go hand in hand. If a customer is looking for an acrylic canvas, target them with the newest acrylic varnish, which they are sure to need. Most customers are open to trying new products when they are exposed to them at the right moment. 

Dynamic Retargeting

Have you ever looked up something online and the ads on the next site you visit show the same products? This is Dynamic retargeting. The system selects which brands and products to run as ads based on the viewers’ browsing history. This kind of retargeting reminds the person of what they are missing out on, and that they want that product or service. E-Commerce Website designing companies in India use Dynamic retargeting, with a proven conversion rate of 70%. 

Sign up discounts

Getting new customers to try your E-Commerce site is very difficult, especially if you are new to the business. A lot of online customers are reluctant to invest in lesser-known brands. But who would want to miss out on great offers and discounts? Give them a signup bonus, like free delivery or straight-up discounts on their first purchase. Studies have shown that first purchase discounts actually prompt the customer to make high-value purchases to take full advantage of the offer. 

Social media campaigns

As soon as you set up your E-Commerce site, find out the social media platforms where a major chunk of your target audience is active on. When any customer leaves your site without making a purchase, you can retarget them on social media platforms. It can be in the form of ads, posts, stories, just about anything to get their attention. Gaining a good social media following makes your business popular, attracting a lot of new customers who are in the online social circle of your existing targeted customers. 

Drip campaigns

Nearly every customer you encounter will browse the site, add products to the cart, and then leave them unpurchased. It is to give them time to contemplate the purchase, or even check out the competition. Retarget such customers to remind them they were on your site and had shown an interest in those products. E-Commerce website designing companies set up automated emails with access to attractive offers, deals, or access to resources relevant to the products. 

Content Marketing

There are plenty of customers who take the customer journey at their pace and leisure. But long periods of time will remove your business from their mind. Instead of using straight on ads, E-Commerce SEO companies use content marketing to keep them engaged with your business, even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase yet. Offer them relevant resources or interactive features that are of value to the customers. 

Retargeting is a very flexible tool for boosting sales. One can design custom campaigns to target both existing and new customers. It has one of the highest conversion rates of all online marketing strategies. Open Designs is an E-Commerce web development company, based in Chennai, India. Our expert team of professionals develops and implements both website and social media strategies. We have helped hundreds of clients promote their businesses with tailor-made retargeting solutions.

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