Animations have gone from being used in movies, cartoons, presentations to a tool to spice up websites. Businesses are beginning to acknowledge the particular power that animations have over the audience. The Best Web design company in Chennai offers Pro Do’s and Don’ts on the use of animations in websites, from their experience. 

Do’s :

Use animation in moderation:

Animation can become a tempting wormhole to fall into. Too much animation compromises the performance of the website. In addition to reduced loading speed, overloaded animations distract the visitors from the Call to Actions. 

One can always use a healthy dose of animation for the following purposes. 

  • As a navigation guide
  • To supplement the textual content
  • To help customers visualise products
  • Creating relief from static web layouts
  • To bring attention to a CTA

Keep the animation short:

Animations are only effective if they keep within the right time frame. The purpose of the animation is defeated if it goes on for too long. Keep the animation short so that the point is conveyed without the visitor losing interest in what you have to say. The animation must be short, and slow-paced so it keeps the viewing experience pleasant for all the visitors. 

Keep animation consistent with the theme:

Every website needs a nice colour and image theme that keeps true to the business’s tone and personality. Anything that doesn’t fit with this theme will look out of place and divert attention from the main points. It can even topple the entire aesthetics of your site. The Best web design companies make the animated elements fit well into the layout of the pages. 

Do animation that works on all devices:

You cannot expect the animation to play out the same way on different devices and on different sized screens. Have the animation respond differently in each. In computers, the animation starts when the mouse pointer is hovered over it, on mobile screens, it starts playing automatically when the user scrolls to that point of the page. This way all visitors no matter the device they use can access the animation. 


Don’t force the animation on the user:

Some people find flashy animation distracting to the point of being a physical discomfort. It is important to consider the needs of such users. The best web design companies make the animation optional so viewers who do not want it to play out can turn it into a static image. This can be achieved with little tweaks in the code with Javascript. Animations can engage your audience, but don’t force it on users who don’t want it. 

Don’t use animations for the sake of it:

You don’t need to have animations on your site just because your competitor does or it makes your site look fancy. You have to take into consideration the actual usability and effectiveness of it. Good animations are expensive and don’t always work out the way you want them to. Figure out the goals you want to achieve with the animations. Add animations only if you actually have a purpose for them and not just because you can. 

Don’t forget the audience preferences:

The target audience of any website is always mixed. They are separated by so many factors like age, culture, location, etc. The kind of animations you use must be relatable to a major chunk of your audience. Fast-paced and colourful animations work well with a younger audience, while older ones prefer, simple and soothing animations. Any and all aesthetics of the animations must be to the preferences of the customers. You should also consider the devices and the user interface that the majority of your audience uses. Old devices or older versions of software may not support modern animations. 

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Does dark mode website design really help your business?

Dark Mode website design has been adopted by some of the biggest technology giants out there. Needless to say dark mode is projected as a beneficial aid to the customers who use their tech rather than as a beneficial feature to the service provider. Dark Mode is easy on the user’s eyes, especially in low light or at night. The dark design stretches their battery consumption enabling them to spend longer hours on their phones without having to charge the phone. The design is also aesthetic focussing more on text over a dark background that pops out. The search engine doesn’t have a preference for dark mode over light, but the higher number of users automatically signals the search engine to improve the ranking of the site.

What are the benefits of web designs services?

Web design services help you give a great first impression to your customers. Professionally designed webpages get good customer retention rates. Good web design goes hand in hand with SEO strategies. Search Engines rank sites with good design higher in the results pages. Web design services automatically optimise the website to attract high volume of visitors. This traffic also results in increased conversions. A professionally designed website gives the impression that your site and business are reputed with good credibility. It can subtly boost your conversions. An expert web design service will set you up with a site that projects the personality of your brand perfectly. It sets the right tone of communication that nudges the customers towards the call to action. It enhances the customer experience earning their loyalty.

What are the newest trends in website design?

Website design has come a long way from the basic blue and white theme with black text to colourful, interactive spaces that have become even primary source of income for businesses. Here are the latest trends in web design that will keep you on top of the industry. Parallax Animation: The foreground is designed to move faster than the background creating a 3D visual effect. Neumorphism: Digital embossing with soft backgrounds with overlay elements that have a shadow to lift them off the screen. Dark Mode: Like mobile apps websites too are turning to dark mode to give viewers a comfortable experience. Pastel Colours: Businesses are going with pastel colour themes to give a visually soothing customer experience. Scrolling transformations: The elements on the screen are designed to move and transform with scrolling creating a video like effect.

What is the best way to build your website?

Congratulations on your decision to make a website for your business. Follow these steps for the best way to build a successful website.

  1. Choose a web developer. Find a web developer with experience and knowledge of website design.
  2. Choose an initial web template. Select a suitable template and ask your developer to build and customise on it.
  3. Edit and Review the site. Insert your content, images and graphics in the website. Before launching it, test the site’s performance to work out the kinks.
  4. Create a domain. A domain is the unique address of your site and has to be registered with a domain provider.
  5. Publish your website: Now that your website is designed and done, you are ready to publish it.

What are the most important principles of web design?

By now a lot of businesses have realised the importance of good web design. However there are some important principles that need to be followed to ensure that your website turns out perfect.

  • Ensure the website loads fast, as this reduces website abandonment.
  • Show your intent on every page so customers landing on any page are aware of what your business does.
  • Keep it simple so you don’t distract visitors from their purpose, with too many elements.
  • Make the navigation as easy as possible, with any part of the website accessible in 3 clicks.
  • Maintain the hierarchy in the layout. You don’t want your customers to keep scrolling back up each time they want to refer something.
  • Use simple, attractive and value adding content that can convince visitors into becoming customers.
  • The site must be mobile friendly for customers to access it on the go.

What is the purpose of website design?

Your website is the first impression that an online customer gets of your business. It is important to make a positive impact on your clients. The website design has the potential to convert a random visitor to a customer and boost organic sales. A great web design will keep customers loyal to your brand as they find the platform comfortable and convenient to use. It provides a good UI/UX to your clients and nurtures your leads. Better the website design, more the engagement with it, bringing in more traffic. It improves the accessibility of your website to a wider audience. It has a significant influence on the brand image and it is important that you get professionals to design your website.

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