There are a lot of factors that contribute to the decision to redesign a website. From low traffic to negative feedback, website migration or redesign can seriously help boost your online business. Here’s what the top SEO Company in Chennai has to say on SEO strategies for the same. 

Clean website structure

The website structure or website design is the navigation path of a website. The structure of webpage heavy websites needs refining for the algorithm to find the pages easily. 

The website structure determines the first impression that your audience has of your brand. Potential customers engage with sites that are easy to navigate and quick to load. It is a vital part of SEO strategy. Thorough research on where the current design failed, with performance evaluation of the new wireframe can help avoid issues further down the pipeline. Competitor site analysis can give a fair idea of which structures work best. 

Keyword analysis

Keywords make or break SEO, as search engines trawl for keywords to find the site. Keywords tend to change over time with the geographical expansion of your customer base and generational and cultural gaps. Keywords need to be reviewed and replaced as required to match the current language trends. 

Search Engine algorithms push websites with high ranking keywords to the top of SERPs. They bring organic traffic and conversions to your business. The top SEO companies in Chennai leverage keywords to boost social media strategy and PPC performance. 

Metadata formatting

MetaData refers to the key pieces of information embedded in the coding that tells search engines and users about your site. The Meta Description is the description of the website that appears on the Search Engine ranking pages. The Meta Title is the Title link that is used to access the site or webpage. They are critical elements that should be optimised to appear attractive and informative at the same time. 

The relevancy of the information in the Metadata determines the Click-through Rate. Keywords are also included in the Meta information to make it easy for the search engines to pull the site.  

Web copy

The content within the site shows the overall quality of the website. The content has to be SEO friendly for users to engage with the website. The keyword choice, density, and overall relevance of the content to the target audience are important when redesigning or migrating the site. Include keywords in the Alt+text as well to accommodate all kinds of users. 

Offer high-quality content that is actually useful to potential and existing customers. This builds the reputation and reach of the site. The efficacy of the content is more important than the size of it. 

Internal links

Internal linking is the key to website navigation. It enables search engines to check the relevancy of the keywords used. Sites with better internal linking tend to rank higher than websites that are only keyword rich. The number of links to reach a specific page on your website should not be more than three. Browsers will abandon a site if it takes a complicated process and too long to reach the page they want. SEO service providers suggest descriptive text-based links are the best way to let the user know exactly what the link does. 

URL equity

URL equity is the Search Engine ranking factor that determines the authority and value of the backlinks. Both internal and external links can pass on URL equity. If the links are to trusted sites that are relevant, then the link value is high. Before launching the site, check the links to see if any of them block search engine crawlers. If they do get blocked, then the value of the link is nil, however great the content at the end of it is. 

One has to understand that with any major overhaul there will be a temporary loss of organic traffic. The implementation of website redesign and migration is best left to professionals like Open Designs to avoid delays and nullify the negative impact. Ranked the best SEO agency in Chennai they have over 2 decades of experience and research in formulating SEO strategies.

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