Title Tags are the clickable titles that get displayed for the websites in the Search Engine Ranking Pages. They are the first point of contact for Search Engine Algorithms. The best SEO services use the Title tag to convey what your webpage is about to the search bots. It is only displayed on the Search Engine Ranking Pages and is not visible anywhere on the actual web page. 

Elements of a Title Tag:

Most Title tags include the company name along with their primary function. The most effective format is, 

Main keyword – Second keyword|Third Keyword 

A hypothetical Title tag for a company like Teak and Oak that sells furniture would be

Teak and Oak – Wood Furniture Manufacturer|Chennai, India

The company name becomes the primary keyword, which is the same as in the website address. The secondary Keyword specifies their function, which is that they sell wood furniture. The third keyword specifies the location. This covers everything that a potential customer might search for. 

Like every other element of a website, there is a set process that the best SEO services follow to craft the most SEO friendly Title Tags. 

Research and isolate the keywords

The Primary keyword put simply can be your company name. But this works only for firms that are already popular among a reasonable range of customers. Otherwise, the primary keyword must be relevant to the purpose of the firm. Think about what kind of words and phrases that a potential customer would type into the search engine to find your business. They are generally long-tail keywords. 

SEO services companies make lists of all the potential keywords that may work and brainstorm on it with the team. Base your research on how each segment of your target audience may word their search. Employ the use of website analytics and keyword planners to find which keywords are ranking high. Even after making your list of keywords, their strength can be checked with free keyword tools online. 

Format the Title Tag

The title tag can be purely functional or catchy. Now that you have the list of keywords, isolate the top three, and incorporate them into a working Title tag. For a more professional appearance, it is better to go with functional titles. You can use catchy title tags for associated landing pages like blogs, announcements, etc.… 

Taking the previous example, customers who are familiar with Teak and Oak may directly type the name into the search bar. The algorithm recognises the primary keyword from the customers search phrase and returns the search results. 

In case a potential customer does a general search for sellers and manufacturers of wood furniture, then the secondary keyword fulfills the search request. If the customer happens to live in Chennai, then they are more likely to search for a local business, by specifying the location. The algorithm recognises the location from the third keyword.  The actual search phrase would have been something like – Manufacturer of Wooden furniture in Chennai. Thus the title tag must comply with a good portion of the search phrase.

Create unique Title tags for each web page

The website consists of different web pages, and each one must have a unique Title Tag. If you use the same Title tag for all webpages, which is allowed, the search algorithm may not know how to rank your pages. 

There is a limited potential for aesthetics as you cannot change the font or the colour. However, you can create contrast with capital and lowercase letters. The addition of numbers and adjectives is eye-catching, especially for webpages of blogs and other articles. The company name can be included as the third keyword in such cases, as subtle reinforcement to the random browser. 

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