To run a successful E-Commerce website, you need successful Sales Campaigns. The online market is highly volatile and you need expert help to navigate its choppy waters. Here’s what the Best E-Commerce Website Designing Company in India has to say on creating high conversion sales campaigns. 

Pre-requisites to Sales Campaigns:

There are 3 important things to finalize before you implement the E-Commerce Sales campaign. With the data collected towards the points below, you can successfully wield the campaigns the way you want. 

Analyze the audience:

Collect all the demographic data about the target audience. This helps you devise the best method to reach that audience. This demographic data is the raw material that the E-Commerce development companies work with. This is collected from the browser cache, cookies and by conducting target specific surveys ahead of the campaign. 

Fix the budget and time frame:

Figure out how much you want to spend and what is the best time frame to implement it. Google Web Analytics comes to your help with assessments to identify the most effective and economic channels to run the campaigns on. Even on a low budget, E-Commerce website designing companies in India, turn to organic marketing and influencers to promote your brand. 

Evoke emotions:

If you pay close attention to ads, you will realize they are selling emotions rather than their products or services. The intention is to evoke the right emotions that make the consumer feel the need or desire for the product. There is no hard code for this, and you need to focus on the reaction of the major portion of your target audience. 

Types of Marketing:

There are different types of marketing techniques to devise the campaigns, the most common of which are:

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be used to promote awareness among consumers about your brand. This is an indirect method of marketing that generates leads by adding value to the customers. E-Commerce Website Designing companies in India use Long-form content like blogs, user guides, videos, podcasts, and interactive online sessions to engage customers. 

Email Marketing

E-Mail marketing is a great way to promote your E-Commerce business and remind customers of abandoned carts without being too intrusive. Email addresses can be obtained from surveys, sign-ups, and other data capture methods from your own website. Email marketing is literally free and can be sent in bulk. Throw in a little personalization and getting your customers to click on them becomes easy. 

Google Adwords

You can bid for keywords on Google Adwords. Google has an assessment of your site based on the CTR, customer retention, landing page relevance, etc. This assessment determines how much the keywords you bid on would cost. Google Ads are promoted based on the intent of the user. If you can match the user’s intent then, it is relatively easy to break through. 

The above marketing techniques can be used in the following types of campaigns.

Time-bound campaigns

Sales on E-Commerce sites always experience short bursts of high volume purchases during festival seasons. You can use this to your advantage by offering time-bound discounts either on your own clearance periods or during the holidays. These short-period campaigns are sure to deliver the sales you wish for. 

Offer based campaigns

There are so many types of offers you can put up online. The most successful sales campaigns are ones that offer Free Delivery, Discounts on minimum order values, personalised coupons, and clearance sales. Such campaigns may not always guarantee a high volume of smaller purchases, and simultaneously promote the brand among new users.  

Social Media linked campaigns

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc offer advertising and even sales linking on their accounts. Whether it is ads, direct sales, or simply content marketing, social media is an effective method to reach a wide audience. The data from social media gives you valuable insights into customer buying behaviour. 

As a business, you can easily whip up E-Commerce sales campaigns with the help of the best E-Commerce company in Chennai, Open Designs. They have worked with over 500 E-Commerce businesses from start-ups to industry giants to create successful sales campaigns that are creating cultural and creative impact worldwide. 

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