It is a well-known fact that SEO and great content work together. And without any SEO, the content that a brand generates is bound to have no impact at all in terms of its SERP rankings. This results in below-par website traffic and lead generation. Similarly, great SEO without good content to support it results in very few conversions for a brand although their pages might be ranked highly. This is where simpatico between content and SEO is necessary to achieve the desired results. Listed below are ten essential SEO content tips that will help any brand consistently rank higher and generate more traffic to its website. 

  • Writing Content With The Target Audience In Mind

This is one of the most crucial SEO content tips, if not the most, that all brands need to keep in mind. Although it seems simple and straightforward, a lot of brands and businesses overlook this fact. They fail to comprehend what their target audience is looking for and generate content accordingly. For brand, generating content that resolves specific queries and questions that their audiences have, should be their number one priority when placing out content. Businesses should look to stamp their authority as a trusted industry expert, by offering useful advice, suggestions, and information. This is a great way for a business to gain an edge over its competitors. 

  • Centralizing All SEO Content

It is a great idea for a business to put any and all content that SEO optimized content under a single banner so as to achieve maximum website traffic. Picking and sticking to one location, whether this be the blog page of a business’s website, a WordPress page or any other blogging platform is the key to generating maximum website traffic. Making sure to embed any useful videos, illustrations, statistics, infographics, etc, and sharing them after being posted is a good policy to follow. 

  • Utilizing Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Brands have limited time to grab the attention of their readers with their content. That is why it is highly essential that the headline for a piece of content be as catchy as possible to draw readers in. Not only it is important to include essential keywords in a headline but it is also crucial that it be as descriptive about the content in the catchiest manner possible. Attractive meta descriptions that are alluring and revealing also help immensely. In combination with a catchy title/headline, appealing meta descriptions work extremely well in drawing in more eyeballs.

  • Strategic Keyword Incorporation

Making use of pertinent and keyword dense sentences all over the content is the best way for readers, and most importantly search engines to comprehend what your content is all about. Albeit, there is a limit to be observed. Inserting and cramming too many keywords into the content can prove to be detrimental to the efforts of a brand looking to generate more traffic to its website. Not only does this irk readers who go through the content but also result in considerable penalties on the part of search engines. Apart from inserting keywords into the content, titles, and meta descriptions, inserting keywords into blog tags is also a great way to get content to rank highly. 

  • Paying Attention To Content Structure

No SEO content tips list is complete without mentioning the significance of content structure. Although brands may be putting in considerable efforts into composing original and valuable content, the essence of their content is entirely lost in the absence of any structure and coherence between ideas that have been highlighted. Segment lengthy content into smaller bite-sized portions is the best way to enhance readability and increase the impact of the content. Tag hierarchy helps tremendously in this regard. Not only does this force brands into structuring their content but also ranking higher as search engines value such hierarchies. Headline tagging such as H1 tags for titles and H2 tags for subheadings are key to structuring content well. 

  • Accentuating Content With Pertinent Illustrations/Imagery

Apart from structuring into segments, inserting relevant imagery and illustrations is a great way to accentuate content. Users often respond well to visuals. This doesn’t just help in drawing their attention but also in retaining it. Any images/illustrations/infographics/statistics incorporated can also be tagged to Pinterest resulting in another platform for a business to generate website traffic by. 

  • Using Social Media To Drive Content Reach

Making use of all popular social media platforms is the best way for a brand to spread the word about their content and encourage people to share it. Using attractive descriptions with CTAs for every article/blog/piece of content that you put out, on social media is a good practice to adopt. Making sure all articles offer readers the facility to be able to share them with their friends is paramount, as that is the whole point of social media. Utilizing Open Graph (for Facebook) and Twitter Cards (for Twitter) is a great way for brands to manage any and all links that appear on their content well.

  • Stimulate Link Building

Link building remains as an essential component in the SERP rankings. By ensuring that links of its website are embedded within its content, a brand secures the redirection of traffic. Embedded code that promotes content sharing and link redirection within every article, is one of the best ways to get creative with content-accentuating features such as infographics and videos. However, quality should be given due importance as in effect brands are putting their content on display for the world to see, as a result of doing so. 

  • Take Advantage Of Content Optimization Tools

There are numerous content optimization tools available today that help in refining the quality of the content and the effectiveness of keywords. In terms of quality, these tools offer suggestions on how to enhance the structure of the content, improve readability as well as sentence complexity. When it comes to keywords these tools recommend the ideal number of times that keywords need to be mentioned within the content such that search engines are able to pick up what the article is about clearly but too much, that it results in keyword stuffing. Many of these tools also have grammar-correction and plagiarism-detection features in place. 

  • Keep Track Of Performance

Constantly keeping an eye on the performance of articles is a great way to monitor a brand’s efforts. Google Analytics makes this easy for all brands. It is a free tool that can be used to keep track of and rectify mistakes (if any) and get a hold of trends that are doing well. Google analytics offers insight into aspects of an article’s performance such as its bounce rate, traffic generated, likes, shares, comments, etc. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of this performance data helps immensely in a brand refining and elevating its overall SEO content strategy. This will also offer a great idea of all the keywords that work well and those that don’t. Of all the SEO content tips details above, this is a must-follow tip that will guarantee the long-term success of any brand’s SEO content strategy.

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