Naturally, in this crisis situation when going outside and meeting people has become a matter of life and death, more people are spending their time online than ever before, in the history of the internet. Search engine traffic has soared as people are resorting to the internet to quell the boredom. Everyone is looking at their phones for updates on what’s happening and how the virus has impacted their immediate communities. People are also looking to get entertained, but most are seeking eCommerce options for both essential and not so essential commodities. 

Owing to the fact that most of the world’s populace right now is online, it is not in the best interests of businesses to start getting complacent with their SEO and digital marketing efforts and strategies. Anybody doing so is, as a matter of fact, losing out big time! In a time, when most businesses may not be able to much else in terms of expanding their operations, procuring more customers, owing to the extensive worldwide lockdowns, it is a good time for those running their businesses to hunker down and start focussing on implementing SEO strategies. Doing so now is guaranteed to yield the necessary results and witness tremendous growth in the SERPS, within a matter of a few weeks or months.

People are still resorting to eCommerce firms to place orders and contacting their favorite brands during normal working hours. The demand has not tapered off, but in fact, only risen. Sustaining and even stepping up your SEO game could help you gain the edge over your competition and put you in a better position to capture the market when things return to normal. 

Leapfrog Over Your Biggest Competitors Through Sustained SEO Efforts

The best way to propel organic traffic to your brand’s website and gain the edge over your competitors is through sustained search engine optimization. The objective is to top the SERPs so that when customers look for products or services that you offer, they learn about you. Reaching the top of these search engine page results is an arduous process that requires unwavering effort. Spending time every day in optimizing the existing content on your website, social media platform, and other pages, as well as adding more crisis-relevant content in the meantime, should part a part of your strategy to reaching the top. Failing to do so, could mean your business losing out on considerable revenue that it could have gained in these times when the going is tough and there are not many opportunities to exploit except for those available online. 

Halting your SEO strategy could not only result in your business failing to capitalize on the opportunities that have arisen out of this crisis situation but will also put it in a detrimental situation when it comes to getting back on its feet when the economy does recover. Moreover, you may never be able to overtake your competitors, who might be ramping up their SEO efforts during this time, if you choose to take a breather on your SEO strategy. 

While your competitors are taking a step back from their usual campaigns and going into crisis mode, this might be the best time for your business to take a punch and put the pedal to the metal. 

Put Your Brand In A Better Position To Strike When The Economy Gets Back To Normal

It is almost confirmed that the novel Coronavirus that has overtaken the world right now, started in China months before it spread. Recent reports from the country indicate that things are going back to normal and the Chinese are going back to work. Therefore, it is only a matter of a few weeks or months, before the rest of the globe goes back to a state of normalcy as well. Which is why, sustaining your current SEO efforts, or even stepping them up, is bound to put your business in a better position to overtake your competitors when this does eventually happen. As soon as customers start spending and making purchases as they did before the pandemic hit, your business will be at the top of the SERPs for all the keywords that you’ve been steadfastly targetting. 

It is important to keep in mind that SEO yield results in the long-term and only when done steadfastly without ceasing. Putting in the work and refining your SEO approach as well as fine-tuning its implementation is sure to yield results at some time or the other. Not only does taking a break from your SEO efforts not going to help you gain the edge over your competitors, but it also could lead to the downfall of your brand’s online presence. If this does happen, it may be next to impossible to get your brand online presence back on track again. 

Keep Up With Local SEO Strategies & Reviews

With more people resorting to local businesses within their vicinity, your brand should seriously consider ramping up its local SEO efforts if it hasn’t already done so. 

This can be done by – 

  • making sure your brand tops any “near me” searches in your area, 
  • managing your brand’s online reputation by garnering positive reviews.

Despite the fact that Google My Business has currently halted the posting of new reviews, part of your digital marketing efforts should definitely involve posting new reviews, so that they get posted when GMB does resume posting. 

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Shrikrishna Tangatur

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