With digital marketing becoming the primary form of marketing, it is important to design websites that have a strong target appeal. Graphic design increases the potential of the site to bring more traffic and conversions. Here’s why Web Design services use Graphics to amplify website content. 

Builds a strong brand identity

The Graphic design is the first impression that a visitor forms of your website. The colour tones and images represent your brand and must be unique and relatable. The design and theme will help people associate with your brand even without the name and logo. 

Increases Website Traffic

Humans have always been more attracted to visual stimulation than others. Visitors must find the overall design attractive enough to boost the incoming traffic. Graphics are very useful in creating User-generated content. Images and other visuals are more likely to be shared than plain text. The image will be easily imprinted on their minds compared to the vast amount of text they see on the website. 

Sustains interaction of visitors with websites

Over the first quarter of the financial year of 2020-2021, we have noticed a sudden surge in E-Commerce businesses. If you are designing an E-Commerce website, the images are key to lead conversions. Web design services use images and infographics as the best representation of products and services that no amount of text can justify. 

Powerful SEO tools

As seen above, graphics lead to more screen time, clicks, and share. Google’s algorithms rank the sites organically by these factors. More information about the products and services will catch the attention of visitors, extending the time spent on the site. Create titles and names for the images. Always use Alt+Text to ensure that search engines can pick up on the information easily. 

Supplement the textual content

Not everyone is equipped to process text in the same way. Graphics add value to the content, by providing clarity to the visitor. Large quantities of data cannot be processed easily when presented in the form of text. Infographics on the other hand, easily convey the information and help the viewer understand its scope. 

Even viewers with a language barrier can grasp the information, thus reaching a multilingual audience.  

Adds a splash of Colour 

Scrolling through seemingly never-ending text on the website will surely cause visual fatigue. Graphics along with a complementary colour theme will give a vibrancy to the website. The colour palette must be chosen to go with the purpose of your site. ( Make text as a hyperlink to choosing colour theme for website blog).  Images increase the appeal of the site. They act as much needed breaks in the text. 

How to effectively use Graphics in Website design

Decide on the template:

Plan the design beforehand, by going through sample websites. Stick to ones that have a similar purpose. Sit with the web design service provider to coordinate the outline of the website along with its embedded graphics. The design will undergo changes as it progresses, but an initial plan kickstarts things. 

Avoid Graphics of Large Size:

Graphics of larger sizes will increase the loading time of the site. Optimise the image to be clearly visible on any screen size, while keeping the file size as small as possible. 

Maintain the Structure:

The graphics must fit seamlessly into the existing structure. The graphics must complement the content and make the user engage with the website. Out of alignment images or theme disparity will take attention away from the purpose. 

Use images judiciously:

It may be tempting to use a lot of images instead of text. However, this will drastically slow down your site. The appearance of the website becomes busy and cluttered. 

Textual alternatives:

Always use Alt+Text to enable search engines and viewers with disabilities to access your website. This is extremely useful when you use the image itself as links to other landing pages. 

Maintain consistency:

Make the graphics consistent across all online platforms.  Good Web design services create visually comforting graphics that ease the visitor into spending more time on your website.

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