What are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-Tail Keywords are longer and highly specific search terms used by customers when they are on the verge of purchasing or generally when using Voice activated searches. The Best SEO services companies use them to craft highly successful websites that generate high conversion traffic to businesses.

Accounting for 70% of all Web searches, let us see how Long-Tail keywords are valuable to a website’s success.

Overcome Bidding competition:

Long-Tail keywords have high potential even in paid campaigns. Short keywords have high competition but seldom have good ROIs. The best SEO services companies bid on Long-Tail keywords for paid AdWords campaigns, as they have a lower cost per Click, due to low competition. You’ll get more organic traffic at lower costs. Just keep in mind that Long-Tail keywords evolve over time. Keep updating your content to replicate how users would word their search.

Brings organic traffic:

If you pull up a Google analytics report of your site, you will find that it is in fact Long-Tail keywords that are bringing in the organic traffic. They are getting the most impressions and clicks. Try out a variety of free keyword generators to find out the most viable and niche Long-Tail keywords.

Understanding customer intent:

Long-Tail keywords are based on customer intent. They change with the stage that the customer is in their decision making process.


A customer looking for décor ideas, searches for – Handcrafted wooden dining tables.

A customer who wants to find a table within their budget searches for – 6 seater wooden dining table cost.

A customer who is about to purchase the table searches for – Walnut 6 seater rectangular dining table in Chennai.

Make sure your website accommodates the variation in keywords with variation in the user intent.

Adding context to the content:

Google’s algorithms are programmed to match context to the content. This is possible only through the use of Long-Tail keywords. The easier it is for the algorithm to place the context of your page, the higher the SERP ranking.

Increases lead conversions:

The average conversion rate for Long-Tail Keywords, when used appropriately is 36%. The Long-Tail keywords strengthen CRO, through organic reach. Since visitors consume only about 25% of your main website content, it is cheaper to research niche Long-Tail keywords and place them in your blogs, than running paid ads or PPC campaigns.

Improves Search Engine Rankings:

Since customers are running their searches with Long-Tail keywords, it is important that your website rank higher in the SERPs for the same. To optimise the content, the Long-Tail keywords need to be within the URL, titles, main content, and even in the Alt+Text used with the graphics. The Best SEO services companies try to rank high for variations of the same Long-Tail keywords.

Example: The primary keywords of a furniture vendor might be – Handcrafted teak wood tables in Chennai. A natural variation of this is – Chennai Shop selling handcrafted teak wood tables. The site must rank for both sets of keywords.

Enables Voice technology:

Long-Tail keywords make your website more accessible to a wide range of customers. Long-Tail keywords open the potential to Voice Technology. A person using Voice activated Search will definitely use only Long-Tail Keywords. All the major tech service providers have enabled voice access to their devices. Adopting Long-Tail keywords will gain your site traction when Voice Tech becomes the new normal.

Value to the Viewer: 

Besides strengthening your SEO, Long-Tail keywords have been proven to add value to the viewer. Research into Long-Tail keywords gives you better insight into what your customers want. Data collection becomes more accurate, enabling you to cover all your customer requirements with text, images, and even personalisation.

Example: As you research keywords for your furniture site, you’ll find keywords like Tips on wooden furniture maintenance. Adding a tips column or blog on maintenance adds value to your customers.

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