If you have an E-Commerce site, then we cannot stress enough the importance of having a strong SEO plan. Whether you already have an E-Commerce website or about to design one, below are the tips and tricks that the top E-Commerce development companies stand by. 

Keyword Research:

The right kind of keywords are needed to bring in organic traffic. Catching the appropriate keywords involves a lot of research. Without the research, you might end up targeting keywords that are difficult to rank or rank for keywords that attract less traffic or the wrong customers. 

Engage in competitor research and google keyword planner to cherry-pick the perfect keywords to boost not only incoming traffic but also conversions. Use Long Tail keywords and their direct variations that align with customer intent at each stage of their online journey. 

Organise Website Link structure:

Structure your website such that no page is 3 clicks away from the home page or any other internal link. The hierarchy of pages must be simple and scalable. E-Commerce Development Companies can optimise internal links and redirects to initiate the best SEO practices. The Home page must redirect to all the category pages directly. An easily navigable internal linking structure always gets ranked higher in SERP’s. 

Remove obsolete pages:

E-Commerce sites usually have different pages with different URLs for categories and products, resulting in content duplication. Some of these pages have become obsolete with the product line long discontinued. Such pages constitute about 30% of the site but don’t generate revenue. 

In some cases, the internal links would be broken leading to orphaned pages. Most common pages with errors are 404 – Page not found, and 302 – Page temporarily disabled. Check with Google Analytics to find which pages are obsolete and remove them. 

Duplication of Content:

Google’s algorithm pushes pages with a lot of repetitive content down the SERP’s. Google indexes all these pages which are literally content dumps. This can also happen when the same products are categorised in multiple categories. Review your product range once more and categorise without repetitions. 

In case repetitive classification is justified, E-Commerce Development Companies remove one of the URL’s and redirect clicks to one unique URL.  Alternatively, Canonical Tags are being used to ensure Google indexes only one of the URLs. 

Example: A seller of cosmetics may sell Eyeshadow under both Eye makeup and Face products. Instead of listing it in both, Eye shadow can be categorised under Face products directly. On the other hand, they can redirect the selection Eye shadow to one particular URL. 

Make your Content Robust:

Google analytics generally ranks robust content i.e. longer content, higher than thin or minimal content. But when writing lengthy content, you may end up with repetitive content that harms your SEO. 

Use the following template for product pages to maintain optimum content size. 

  • Heading that explains the product explicitly.
  • Product description within 50 – 100 words. 
  • List of product specifications or features. 
  • Additional information on the product to emphasize its value. 
  • FAQ’s that clarify potential customer doubts. 
  • Alt+Text with images for Search engines and challenged customers.

Keyword wear and tear:

Over the years it becomes quite difficult to keep up with the main keywords used on each page of your website. This leads to repetition of keywords across pages. Google’s algorithm can get confused over which page to rank higher and may end up pushing both of them down. 

Keywords evolve, as do the consumers. Optimise the relevant pages by updating the keywords. You could also consider merging the pages where the keywords are repeated. 

Reduce the Loading Time of Webpages:

Site loading speed is a major metric that affects Google rankings.  If your site size is large, has too many graphics, or uses a slow server, then the loading time goes up significantly. Try compressing the image and other graphic files to bring down the size of the page. Alternatively investing in a CDN (Content Distribution Network) boosts the loading speed. 

E-Commerce Website Designing Companies in India are constantly working to improve their SEO game to keep up with Google’s evolving algorithms. If you are overwhelmed, making decisions on SEO strategies, then Open Designs is your best option for SEO services in Chennai.

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