Blog comments can without a doubt promote any brand when done executed in the right manner. The challenge lies in the fact that most SEO professionals are not aware of how to utilize in the best way possible, so as to be capable of weaning maximum benefit from them. As the internet has continued to age, blog comments have been not only used in the wrong manner but also overused. This has resulted in the misconception that blog comments are of no use whatsoever, as a valuable strategy for link-building.

In fact, they are presently being perceived by many firms offering link building services across the globe. as having the contrasting effect of link building. They are considered a false illusion to the benefits that link building is known for. Whether you are an SEO professional involved in the eCommerce, technology, real estate, travel or other industries, the tips detailed below should help you in gaining a concrete understanding of why blog commenting is beneficial. You will also acquire a fair idea of how to utilize them in the right manner, so as to gain maximum benefit out of them.

Steer Clear Of The Desire To Let Up On Blog Commenting

There are numerous link building duties that an SEO professional can take up, that will make their day jam-packed. Right from creating content to link recovery, there numerous activities that constitute link building. Blog comments no longer count as a valuable link-building strategy worth pursuing, by most present-day agencies offering link building services

Nevertheless, instead of just overlooking blog comments completely owing to the fact that it is an antiquated method link building, not to mention spam, one should think of it as just another strategy for engaging with audiences. The new perspective should be to think of blog comments as a way of stimulating productive engagement between content creators and their target audiences. The solution to effectively utilizing blog comments is to post the most topically pertinent comments on the most topically pertinent blogs and content pages. It is crucial to perceive blog comments as a more mature version of the blog comments of the 1990s. Although they can be quite appealing and value additive, they necessitate a bit more effort, to pull off, correctly.

The Many Perks Of Blog Systematic Commenting

Effective blog commenting has to do with more than just basic Search Engine Optimization. Systematically posting a comment or two on a blog can result in a number of outcomes for SEO professionals, including –

  • Increased Website Traffic

If your objective is to increase the in-flow of traffic to your website, then commenting on blogs that are pertinent to your industry as well as the services and products offered by your firm, is the most reliable of going about doing so. 

  • Elevating Your Reputation & Standing

Blog comments can also be effective to elevate and develop the prominence of a brand. When this is your objective, it is essential to post comments only from a completely authenticated and updated profile. If you are making use of pseudonyms as your name while commenting on blogs, then you are making them ineffective. 

  • Acquiring A Status As A Recognized Expert

When you post comments that exhibit and prove your expertise on a certain topic, then you are not only assisting someone who is not in the know but also positioning yourself as a recognized expert, by the community. 

  • Establishing Inbound Links

Taking the time and effort to comment on at least two blogs ever day that comprise a backlink to your website, will result in the accumulation of at least sixty backlinks to your website each month. Doing this is bound to result in some inbound traffic. Engaging the assistance of an agency that is recognized for its link building services and backlink services will be beneficial in this regard. 

  • Lead Generation & Conversion

When you manage to stimulate some inbound traffic to your website, you are conceivably gaining more chances of converting these leads into sales. This is the main benefit of commenting on blogs. 

If your objective for blog commenting is to elevate your SERP rankings, then you might be too late to do so. Blog commenting for SEO purposes is not as effective as it used to be nearly a decade ago. For SEO specialists with this intention, it is crucial that you reconsider your strategy and begin thinking of other ways to expand your SERP rankings. 

Key Tips For Effective Blog Commenting

Beginning with discovering the most high-quality and pertinent sites to the framing of a comment, there are numerous aspects of posting a comment to consider before proceeding to do so. Listed below are some of the most crucial tips for SEO professionals to ace the blog commenting game. 

  • Discovering Superior-Quality Websites

One of the keys to effective blog commenting is to only spend your valuable time commenting on sites with a domain authority of greater than sixty.

  • Look For The Most Pertinent Articles

Upon singling out the most high-quality sites, proceed to find the most pertinent articles/blogs for your industry, product, services, as well as the target audience. 

  • Packing Your Comments With Value 
    • Next, think of ways to pack in as much value as you can into your comments. The goal is to provide valuable information in some forth or another, to make readers want to click on any links that you might have specified. 
    • This can be accomplished by including some less-known, but completely authentic and highly useful information, that will prove your reliability to readers. 
    • Try adding something that could’ve been added to the article/blog, but wasn’t added. Think about useful points that would have amplified the article, but the author might have overlooked. 
    • Another way of doing this is to complement the efforts of the author of the blog that you are commenting on.
  • Think Carefully Before Adding A Link

When you add a link to your comment, you need to make sure that it is the most relevant link possible, to the article/blog that you are commenting on. Make sure it adds value and doesn’t seem like blatant self-promotion. 

  • Make Sure Your Comments Are Crisp

It is essential to not bore or overwhelm readers who might be checking out your comment. Try to limit every comment that you post to under a hundred words. 

  • Refrain From Automation Of Any Kind

Effective blog commenting is a time-taking and labor-intensive. Blog commenting is not something that you should schedule and leave up to an automation tool to take care of. 

All in all, it is paramount that all your comments value-intensive. A comment that has nothing to offer is a complete waste of your time and effort. Make sure you don’t post comments blindly. Reading through the article/blog that you intend to comment on, will give you a fair idea of how to make your comment appealing and attractive to readers. Lastly, refrain from spamming, by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind.

Blog commenting is a sure-fire strategy that SEO professionals from diverse industries can adopt to effectively reach their target audiences. They can not only help immensely in accelerating lead generation but also promote brand value tremendously behind-the-scenes. Feel free to get in touch with us at Open Designs India, if you wish to engage a top firm offering the best link building services as well as cross-industry off page SEO services.

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