It was very clear from the start that the massive growth in E-Commerce in 2020 would continue on into 2021. The pandemic prompted individuals and even well established brands to go online.

E-Commerce like everything else in the universe is subject to short lived and long standing trends. Catch up on these awesome E-Commerce trends that Open Designs is implementing for E-Commerce website development in Chennai. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, affectionately called AI is making its rounds in all industries and E-Commerce is no exception. From making personalised recommendations to dynamic web pages, AI has pushed the automation of E-Commerce. It frees up your human resource that can be diverted to less intensive tasks. AI is used to read into search histories customise user experience in E-Commerce website development in Chennai.  

  1. Voice Commerce

At least 51% of the homes worldwide are expected to have a Smart Speaker by the end of 2021. The primary mode of communication with these devices is through voice commands. Voice commands are distinct and phrased differently from typed search phrases. Thus E-Commerce sites need to be optimised to account for voice activated shopping. 

  1. Omni-Channel marketing

Omni Channel marketing has the advantage of reaching almost every potential customer on a variety of social media and digital platforms. It is one of the marketing strategies that helps you reach a high volume of good leads. It works great for E-Commerce businesses that have customers from a wide range of demographics. You also get a lot of valuable data on the customers from the respective platforms. 

  1. Variety of Payment Mode

Consumers worldwide are realising the advantages of using digital wallets. They give access to attractive discounts and offers that the supplier cannot provide. E-Commerce sites are offering a variety of payment modes like EMI, buy now pay later along with unmatched deals, in addition to credit and debit cards, and wire transfer. They increased the customers’ buying capacity. 

  1. Dynamic Pricing

The demand and supply loop allows you to both get rid of stock by slashing prices as well as get full profits from minimal stock which has the highest demand. It is also termed as Surge pricing, Demand pricing or Time-based pricing. By employing Dynamic pricing, you can maximum profits while still having the customer avail maximum benefits. 

  1. Mobile Shopping

Over 75% of the world’s consumers are shopping from their mobile. In this fast paced world, no one has time to sit down at their desk and browse on their computer. They prefer shopping on the go from their phones. Increased access to the internet is another reason for this. The E-Commerce site needs to be responsive and adapt to mobile devices. You can also create dedicated apps to enhance their user experience. 

  1. Thrift Shopping

The resale market is expected to reach over 69% by the end of 2021. Customers are becoming more environmentally aware and the impact of commercialism. Resale makes luxury items accessible to the common man. It reduces the load on raw material supply and is generally more eco- friendly. From fast fashion to furniture and appliances, anything can be resold as long as they have been gently used.

  1. Virtual and Augmented reality experiences

Over 60 Billion US Dollars was spent on developing AR and VR technology in 2020. Now you can use that to your advantage in 2021. VR and AR enables customers to virtually experience the product or service before buying it. The shape, scale, size and texture can be seen in detail. It is most popular with the tourism industry as they allow customers to experience the locale beforehand.

  1. Social Commerce

Social Commerce is the use of Social Media platforms to sell products and services. They can shop from the same platform through shoppable ads. This is a great way to get customer’s attention and engage with them immediately. It gives you access to a lot of data on your consumers in addition to increased conversions. 

  1. Partnering with influencers

More than 50% of the followers of an influencer buy the products recommended by the influencer. Partner your E-Commerce brand with a relevant influencer to get a boost in sales. They are inexpensive and the time taken to reach customers is reduced by half. There is also a lot of user generated content from their following.

Open Designs is an E-Commerce Company in Chennai that has been operating for the past 20 years. We are responsible for a lot of E-Commerce development in Chennai. Our professional services and on time delivery can help you implement the latest E-Commerce trends to give your business the desired boost.

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