Web Design Services in Chennai are reaching for the skies with the coolest new website header designs. Gone are the days when the header was just a menu bar for website navigation. Now it is the face of your website as much as the home page is. Here are tips for designing great website headers.

Choose Bold Fonts

Typography and choice of the font must be one of the first things to be considered in header design. The font has a significant impact on the personality of the website and the brand. The header sets the precedent for every other section and other web pages. 

Highlight key elements

The visitor’s attention must be drawn to the key elements of your website. If you are an E-Commerce, then the elements like the Store, different categories, etc must be highlighted. A restaurant’s website would do well to highlight the Book a Table button. Ultimately the customer needs to get what they came for, quickly. 

Showcase the Store

Place the Shop / Store button on the header to make it easy for customers. Web design services in Chennai design E-Commerce sites with all the shopping categories as cascading menus right on the header, enhancing the shopping experience. 

Contrasting elements and colours

Using contrast is an easy way to make important elements pop out. The contrast makes the header easier to read and interpret. Using a clear black and white contrast might be the best way as long as it fits with your colour theme. You can use your primary colour as the background and have text in white with a black outline. 

Clickable Headers

The header can be a navigational tool for the customer to move through the site. Navigation to any point on the site shouldn’t be more than 3 clicks. Thus the header can be frozen in view with access to all the sections of the website. 

Inspirational Headers

Make your header awe-inspiring with unique and creative designs. The header is the first look into your website and a great one can reduce website abandonment. There are several ways to do it and including modern technology gives you endless options to create one such. 

Emphasise CTAs

Since the header is the first place the customer looks before browsing through the site, placing the CTAs there, can improve conversions. Most customers are not interested in reading through large passages of text. They would rather get right into what they came here for. CTA’s like Buy Now, Contact Us, Careers, etc work well on headers. 

Transparent Headers

Transparent headers are all the rage now. They make the site look spacious, utilising the page effectively. Web design services in Chennai design menus highlighted in contrasting colour from the background or as separate buttons superimposed on the background graphics. 

Keeping it Simple

You cannot go wrong by keeping it simple. Too many images or text can sometimes be confusing to the customer, as the header is a small space. While it may look attractive, it cannot get you the desired results. Have the header convey what you have to offer and how the customer can access it. 

Employ Motion graphics 

Why be old school when you have modern motion graphics in hand. Web development companies in Chennai spice up the header with some moving elements in a minimalist setting. The moving element can be used to bring attention to the CTA or add some whimsy to the logo. Volvic uses a bird flying around a mountain top as its logo, adding emphasis on the origin of their water.

Let the Logo Pop Out

Position the logo on the headers in such a way that it stands out prominently. The Logo must be associated with the brand. Logos are traditionally placed on the far sides, but some brands are bringing them to the centre to garner more attention.

Be open to change

Website headers are not a permanent fixture, and it’s not like you are going to be stuck with your first-ever design forever. As the times change, design trends change, redesign the header to suit them. Even a minimal change in font or colour theme will make a big difference. 

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