The chaos of 2020 left us trying to establish our footing in 2021 as firmly as possible. A virtual boom happened that led to the creation of a billion new websites. Now, what would make yours stand out from the rest? Catch up on the 9 new stunning web design trends for 2021 compiled by the best website design company in Chennai. 

  1. Parallax Animation / Parallax Scrolling

Parallax animation or scrolling is an animation technique where the background moves slower than the elements in the foreground. It creates a 3D illusion out of a 2D screen. This technique has been around since the 1930s for creating animations in cinema. It creates an immersive theatre-like experience for the viewers. It boosts customer retention as the animations are more attractive. 

  1. Horizontal scrolling

Horizontal scrolling isn’t a new concept. However, it was shunned by the design community as a major faux pas. But now it has made a comeback in the most practical way possible. It still is a cumbersome feature if used on the main content. But secondary data like image carousels can be displayed with this feature. The horizontal scroll opens the choice to the viewer to continue scrolling if they are interested. 

  1. Neumorphism

This design trend is a portmanteau of the words New and Skeuomorphism. It presents elements on the screen with a soft, extruded, almost vacuum-formed plastic-like rendering. The design is very minimal but offers a soothing image to the viewers. The best web design companies use it to transform flat form elements into soft, relatable, 3D elements. It is a great way to get your customers to focus on the main elements like CTAs. 

  1. Comfortable colours / muted colours

Like neumorphism is used to create soothing elements, the colour palette should also align with this design. Soft, pastel colours with muted contrasting colours create comfortable visuals. This kind of colour theme works great when using traditional print or hand-drawn text and illustrations design. 

  1. Scrolling transformations / Scrollytelling

Scrolling is one of the ways the users interact with the website. Each scroll generates a response from the screen. Scrolling is used to spark entire design changes like colour themes, animations, etc. It heightens the experience for the user, generating interest in the content. Make sure that the design changes aren’t too distracting. 

  1. Multimedia experiences

Creating a multimedia experience on your website involves a combination of text, graphics, video, audio, and animations to make the screen come alive. When this is used along with closed captions and alt+text, it becomes an inclusive experience for a bigger customer base. Get a professional web design company to render this feature on your site. 

  1. Augmented Reality experiences

Following Multimedia, there are Augmented Reality experiences aimed at improving UI/UX. E-Commerce and travel sites are taking full advantage of the AR technology to help customers envision and experience their products and services virtually. It is helpful to customers who suffer from social anxiety to avoid physically entering the stores. 

  1. Dark Mode

Designers and users alike are embracing the dark mode concept. Black or a near-black background with white text and greyscale graphics form the dark mode aesthetic. It gives a certain elegance to the website or app, expected from black themes. It reduces power consumption and strain on the user’s eyes. It is the most comfortable mode for users with light sensitivity. For others, you can offer a toggle button to alternate between dark and light modes. 

  1. Colorless design

Colour – Less design is the ultimate trend for minimalist designs. The entire website is in greyscale until the user hovers over some elements. They get transformed to colour.  It keeps the attention of the user on the elements you want them to focus on. The text is easy to read, and the CTAs pop out of the screen. 

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