Google is the most popular search engine in the world, not only for its convenience but also for the ton of cool features that they offer. Google My Business was launched in 2014 to help businesses connect better with their customers. 

Here are the top 6 GMB features that the Best SEO agency in Chennai recommends that you take advantage of. 

GMB Descriptions:

GMB allows you to provide an honest, relevant, and useful description of your business in 750 characters or less, including spaces. Ensure that the information provided on the GMB description matches that on your website, Wikipedia page, and any other information source on you. 

The immediate impression of your brand relies on the accuracy of this description. Any discrepancies will lend doubt to the consumer’s mind. Make effective use of the Description feature to give the most insightful glance into your company profile. Viewers are more likely to read this description than spending time on the About us page.

GMB Posts:

GMB Posts are like social media posts with images, text, and a link to the website. 

This post appears below the GMB description. The post then expands into a detailed post when clicked. 

The character limit is 300, but only 100 characters are displayed upfront. Limit the post to 80 to 100 characters, so the full message is displayed. Like any other copy, the post must include relevant keywords that the search engines will recognise. Be sure to preview the post before you upload to see the image is centred and crucial parts are not off display. 

GMB Customers:

The Customers Tab has details that customers need to know about any business. They are the reviews and ratings. Additionally, Google has a Follow option that allows users to follow your business, but that is available only for select locations for businesses with active GMB posts. 

The reviews and ratings are open to any registered google user who can leave feedback on the business. The business in turn can reply to the reviews and address any complaints, or acknowledge positive reviews. The best SEO agencies encourage their clients to interact with the end-users in the reviews section. 


This feature addresses queries that are not in the FAQs or reviews section. To mitigate this, Google has a Q&A feature that allows users to post questions on a public forum. Many companies opt to seed their own questions to boost ratings, but this is generally discouraged. 

Organic questions from actual potential customers gain more interest. Just make sure that all queries are addressed promptly. The search engine algorithm pushes businesses who have interacted with the question to the top of the listings, as it sees it as a sign of good reputation. 

GMB Book an Appointment:

The Google Book an Appointment feature is an exclusive feature that mostly applies to service-oriented businesses, like medical procedures, consultations, or cosmeticians. It is helpful while looking for local businesses to avail of a service that the customer needs. 

Once the customer finds the business on Google, they can click on the given URL. It would take them to a landing page on your website where they make an appointment or reservations to book the services. It has helped businesses directly book customers without having to run human interference. 

GMB Analytics:

This is one of the greatest features that Google has to offer that is of immense value to the businesses. Surviving the Digital market is only possible when you have relevant data on your customers. All digital marketing campaigns and strategies are based on this data. 

Google’s My Business Insights gives you information on the number of visitors to your website, how they accessed your site, time spent on the site, and their response to CTAs. It not only gives you a peek into customer behaviour but also about the quality of your website.

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