E-Commerce sites, with the general exception of platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, have a defined range of products. With that in mind, E-Commerce website designing companies need to carefully craft the website to market to the right audience.  Read on to identify the niche target audience for your E-Commerce business that will give you the highest conversion rates. 

Refine the target audience:

On any E-Commerce site analytics, one can find a lot of irrelevant traffic that won’t even come close to conversion. Even the most basic of SEO strategies of E-Commerce website designing companies drive traffic towards your site, but they would be of low value compared to your actual customers. 

Understanding the exact niche crowd that will be your customer base is fundamental to directing the time, efforts, and money of the E-Commerce development company towards the most viable potential customers. 

E.g: Say you sell educational aids for school going kids, your target may be something generic like people in their 30’s with kids to market your product to. However, you have not considered these inputs.

  • Their attitude towards your product, 
  • Their job profiles,
  • Their affordability, and 
  • The supplementary aids provided by the school their children attend. 

When selecting a wide and generic audience you are diluting the opportunities and exhausting the marketing potential of your E-Commerce business. Use demographics and psychographics to narrow down your target audience. 

Find who you add value to

Before identifying the target audience, you need to identify which problems your product can solve, and for whom they solve it. This helps you focus on those particular potentials in whose lives your products can really make a difference. 

E.g: Say you sell ready to use organic food products like Curry powders and Instant mix pastes, they make the lives of people who are too busy with their work schedules to prep elaborate meals, easy. Thus the target would be unmarried people staying on their own, or power moms who are facing the challenge of a good work-life balance. 

From working people, we were able to narrow down the audience to two specific groups just by understanding that they were the ones who would actually find the product useful. 

Map the target audience by demographics

The above two tips would have helped you create basic customer profiles. It is safe to assume that your target audience is still a varied group of individuals. Map them according to the demographic classifications. 

This tip has great potential in helping E-Commerce website design services in creating custom marketing strategies based on race, geographic locations, languages, etc. This is evident by the different ads created for each particular Indian state by a brand so to give the audience relatable content. 

Conduct Market surveys and Feedbacks

In practice, your customer base is an evolving entity. It needs constant revaluation and refining. This is possible with market surveys that takedown actual customer feedback. You can target both existing and new customers simultaneously. 

For existing customers, the feedback options and surveys are directed to improve their experience. The focus would be on making them loyal customers who will develop long-standing relationships with your business. 

For new customers, a short survey before they begin their shopping experience will help you realise what their requirements are. The data analytics from these surveys will point out the most promising customer segment. You can also customise the content that each customer can see on their home screen. 

Check out the Competition

Monitor who your competition is targeting. This provides valuable insight into key customer segments that you might have missed in your research. It also gives you a chance to reevaluate your marketing strategies. You also need a handle on your competitors marketing, to always stay ahead of them. Another interesting perspective is to reevaluate your products to market to potential customers who are not targeted by your competitors. 

Figuring out the best way to identify the customer segments can be a bit of a hassle with the vast amounts of research involved. Why not just consult with Open Designs, the best E-Commerce website designing company in India, to save valuable time and efforts. 


What is ROI?

Return on Investment is a measurement that is used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of your investment. To put it in simpler words, it is used to directly measure the amount of return on a particular investment. It is one of the most popular metrics used by businesses worldwide to measure the performance of an investment. More people prefer Return on Investment as a reliable metric because of its simplicity and versatility. The calculation will not be complicated and it can also be an efficient rudimentary gauge of an investment’s profitability. It can be used to calculate returns from other investments, thereby allowing on to measure all types of investments involved in business and transactions involved in it.

Is Digital marketing the future?

Digital marketing is one of the ways in which you can boost the business sales like never before. Having said that, considering how reliant everyone has become on digital marketing, it is all set to rule the future. Here is why –

  • The extent to which people these days are using the internet throws light on how increased internet usage would be in the days to come.
  • Digital marketing is an excellent way of building brand awareness among people.
  • All the digital marketing strategies put forth by the companies can be monitored as well. The expectation vs. reality picture becomes way clearer now. This further helps in opening up doors for improvement, if any.

Is digital branding the same as digital marketing?

No. Digital Marketing and Digital Branding are different from each other. Digital Marketing focusses on promoting a particular product or service, highlighting its benefits and how useful it would be to the consumers. Digital branding on the other hand is much more subtle and highlights the personality of the company or brand as a whole. Products and services will come and go. Digital marketing strategies will change to suit the seasonal needs or are tailor made for the product in question. However Digital branding is like a long tern digital marketing strategy to bolster the reputation of the company. It communicates what are the core values of the company and what they do to upkeep those values to give the best customer experience.

What would be the E-Commerce future in India?

By the end of 2021 there will be over 600 million internet users in India. On account of the users, the E-Commerce sector is expected to hit a whopping 200 billion USD by 2026. There are several E-Commerce trends that are making their way online, including smart devices that use voice activated commands to do your shopping on. There has been increased personalization in ads and promotions that has significantly boosted conversions. Much of online marketing will soon be automated, freeing precious human resource from mundane marketing tasks. There is widespread use of AI and VR to enhance customer experience. In 10 years, India’s E-Commerce industry is expected to become the second largest E-Commerce market in the world.

What are the most important principles of web design?

By now a lot of businesses have realised the importance of good web design. However there are some important principles that need to be followed to ensure that your website turns out perfect.

  • Ensure the website loads fast, as this reduces website abandonment.
  • Show your intent on every page so customers landing on any page are aware of what your business does.
  • Keep it simple so you don’t distract visitors from their purpose, with too many elements.
  • Make the navigation as easy as possible, with any part of the website accessible in 3 clicks.
  • Maintain the hierarchy in the layout. You don’t want your customers to keep scrolling back up each time they want to refer something.
  • Use simple, attractive and value adding content that can convince visitors into becoming customers.
  • The site must be mobile friendly for customers to access it on the go.

What is the purpose of website design?

Your website is the first impression that an online customer gets of your business. It is important to make a positive impact on your clients. The website design has the potential to convert a random visitor to a customer and boost organic sales. A great web design will keep customers loyal to your brand as they find the platform comfortable and convenient to use. It provides a good UI/UX to your clients and nurtures your leads. Better the website design, more the engagement with it, bringing in more traffic. It improves the accessibility of your website to a wider audience. It has a significant influence on the brand image and it is important that you get professionals to design your website.

What are the benefits of having a website to your business?

It has come to a point that a business is only considered successful if they have a strong online presence. This is evidently done by creating a dedicated website to the brand. The benefits of owning a website for your business are,

  • A credible repository of information on your business
  • 24 x 7 customer access to your business
  • Boosts interaction with the brand
  • It helps expand your market reach
  • It improve brand awareness to a global scale
  • Provides you with valuable consumer insights
  • Helps you beat other competitors with online presence
  • Access to all digital modes of advertising
  • Makes information exchange easier

Why Digital marketing is important for marketing?

Digital Marketing has become an essential part of today’s business world. It has become so competitive that traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as before. Digital marketing can improve your conversion rate, boost traffic to the site, keep your customers engaged, helps you understand the market and customers with valuable insights, increases your reputation, and is generally cost effective. Most of your online customers are using their mobile phones to access your site. Digital marketing helps make your business more accessible to mobile users, who make up nearly 60% of the clientele. It makes the entire customer journey more interactive and memorable, bringing you loyal customers, who come just for a good user experience. Digital marketing can also be automated, freeing you from the hassle of keeping track of the campaigns.

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