Having invested a lot of capital in an E-Commerce business, it is natural to want maximum ROI. But the digital landscape is ever-changing and needs constant monitoring. Let’s see what the best E-Commerce development companies in Chennai are recommending. 

SEO friendly content

The SEO friendly content on your site is bringing in a lot of traffic. But the lack of increase in conversions is from a lack of seasonal content. Evergreen content establishes the brand, but it cannot boost conversions during sale periods. 

If you wish to have a  Christmas sale, start implementing it at least a month before Christmas. Create more content on the products that you know will sell well during this season. Build SEO by incorporating relevant long-tail keywords. 

Personalised communication

Personalisation is a great way to implement CTAs. Customers are 40% more likely to open a message or mail that begins with their name. It gives them a sense of import. But content personalisation does not stop at using their names. It is about learning what they want and promoting those products and services. If a customer searches for a particular product, let the product pop up on your home page when they open your site. The scope expands to personalised chatbots, product bundling, nearest physical location-based shopping, etc. 

Partner with influencers

Partnering with social media influencers is a lot cheaper than getting celebrities to endorse your E-Commerce brand. At least half of the target audience that follows the particular influencer will buy or try the products and services recommended by them. Try to partner with influencers who are already into the kind of products you offer. 

If you sell home décor products, partner with an influencer who does a lot of content on interior decoration. It is how E-Commerce website development companies in Chennai ensure that the content reaches the right following. 

Better segmentation

List segmentation is easy to implement and is a great way to get relevant content to your customers. Compartmentalise your lists into different categories like demographics, interest, search history, purchase history, abandoned carts, etc. 

This makes it easy for feedback generation and releasing bulk communication that is also personalised. This builds the engagement of the brand with customers. 

Data-driven decisions

Hard facts are always better than assumptions when it comes to marketing. Web analytics tools and software can get you data on each of your campaigns. They can measure traffic and conversions, and pinpoint where they are coming from. This shows you which kind of campaigns work on your target audience. You can use this data to devise further strategies and improve conversions. 

Test different webpages on the audience

When launching your website, there is absolutely no way to ascertain the organic interaction with the site. However, if engagement is low in the following days, you need to question if the site is to the customers’ preferences. It is always wise to test variations of the web pages on different groups of your customers with the same demographics. It aids in finding which elements drive conversions. 

Nurture your leads – Offers, targeted ads, etc

Several leads have interacted with your website but stopped just short of making a purchase. Dynamic Marketing methods can help avoid cart abandonment. Additionally, implement time-bound offers through drip campaigns.

Offer time-bound discounts through drip campaigns. Send them personalised reminders about the products. Most customers tend to abandon their carts as the price may be more than they can afford, or a competitor offered a better price. Do some competitive price research and send them irresistible offers to increase the ROI. 

Encourage User-generated content

Over 30% of users will organically post about products they use on social media, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Send the feedback forms, get them to post pictures of your products on their social media feed, use DIY content involving your products to encourage users to do the same. As new customers rely on positive feedback from the existing customers, you need to rally more user-generated content. 

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