If like many of our readers, you do a lot of your shopping online, you might have noticed a lot of changes in how we used to do our online shopping and how we do it now. There are endless options for the consumers as to how they can make a purchase online. The options range from websites to web apps, and IoT devices to shoppable ads. The constant influx of demand is creating a strain on the E-Commerce industries. 

As the best E-Commerce development company in Chennai, we would like to bring to your notice, a brand new structure or in web development jargon, Architecture that helps one keep up with the voluminous data input, and respond in a user friendly manner. Thus we introduce Headless Commerce.

Headless Commerce separates the customer interface which is anything from a blog page, product page, etc. from the backend functions like the payment gateway, inventory management system, etc. It creates a customer experience that virtually feels like a one click access to their content, products and services. Thus the business can also craft an interface that can easily accommodate newer input methods like voice commands, text, etc. 

Headless Commerce and IoT:

As we discussed in the section above, there are plenty of virtual assistants available for public use. It is predicted that over 53% of the homes worldwide would possess a smart home assistant, while more people would be connected to their virtual assistants through devices like their smartphone, smart watches, etc. 

Right now most online versions of businesses have a distinct front end and back end application that is presented to the audience in the form of websites and dedicated mobile apps. But the beauty of the Headless Commerce Architecture is that it operates with a back end data model on a cloud based infrastructure. Customers can thus access anything from content to checkout processes right on their smart devices. Thus the best E-Commerce development companies in Chennai are using Headless Commerce to facilitate E-Commerce businesses to reach their customers through all devices that are enabled by the internet. 

The inner workings of Headless Commerce:

In a Headless commerce system there is a presentation layer or the actual interface that the customer uses, and the application layers that are stored on the Cloud. The system processes requests through the application layers, via web services or APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). 

Let’s say you remember that a watch that you like is available on sale in Platform XYZ, all you need to do is speak the request to your device, like a smart watch. The product is immediately retrieved on your screen along with a Buy Now option. Once you click on Buy Now, the system sends the request to the application layers. Then there is an automated request from the system which also interacts with the application layers to show you the status of the purchase on your device. This completely eliminates the need for you to open the website, find the watch, and then make a purchase using the predefined payment gateways. With headless commerce, the best E-Commerce development companies in Chennai are making this possible with a single click on your smart device. 

Benefits of Headless Commerce in E-Commerce:

There are several benefits to incorporating headless commerce that E-Commerce web design companies in Chennai are using to their advantage. 

Gives you a flexible front end presentation that is modified to suit the device in use. 

It allows you to give infinitely personalised experience to each customer

Any changes in the system need be implemented only on the front end, and the back end application layers need not be disturbed. This saves a lot of development time. 

Reduced need for development and innovations reduces cost incurred in maintenance. 

Gives you the true potential to go omni channel and omni device.

Efficient technology that helps you compete with the toughest contenders online. 

Improves potential for agile marketing, reducing time to launch campaigns. 

Helps you seamlessly integrate with any new technology and device with ease. 

It makes site updates faster without affecting loading speed.

It enables the usage of progressive web apps in the place of native applications. 

Taking these benefits into account, it is now time to think, how headless commerce can enhance your E-Commerce business specifically. This is where you need the insights of Open Designs, one of the top 10 E-Commerce companies in Chennai. Having worked with over 600 brands, over a period of 20 years, we are equipped with all the current research to seamlessly integrate headless commerce technology in your E-Commerce.


What are the types of E-Commerce?

There are 4 main types of E-Commerce –

  • B2B (Business to Business) – Here, a business sells its products or services to another business. In a majority of cases, the business that is at the buying end further sells the products or services to the consumers.
  • B2C (Business to consumer) – This is the most common of all the types wherein a business sells its products or services directly to the consumer.
  • C2B (Consumer to Business) – This is where consumers sell products or services to the companies.
  • C2C (Consumer to Consumer) – This is where consumers exchange goods and services among themselves and make money by charging transaction or listing fees.

What would be the E-Commerce future in India?

By the end of 2021 there will be over 600 million internet users in India. On account of the users, the E-Commerce sector is expected to hit a whopping 200 billion USD by 2026. There are several E-Commerce trends that are making their way online, including smart devices that use voice activated commands to do your shopping on. There has been increased personalization in ads and promotions that has significantly boosted conversions. Much of online marketing will soon be automated, freeing precious human resource from mundane marketing tasks. There is widespread use of AI and VR to enhance customer experience. In 10 years, India’s E-Commerce industry is expected to become the second largest E-Commerce market in the world.

What are the benefits of having a website to your business?

It has come to a point that a business is only considered successful if they have a strong online presence. This is evidently done by creating a dedicated website to the brand. The benefits of owning a website for your business are,

  • A credible repository of information on your business
  • 24 x 7 customer access to your business
  • Boosts interaction with the brand
  • It helps expand your market reach
  • It improve brand awareness to a global scale
  • Provides you with valuable consumer insights
  • Helps you beat other competitors with online presence
  • Access to all digital modes of advertising
  • Makes information exchange easier

What is the difference between website design and website development?

When searching for a web developer, it is important for you as a client to know the difference between website design and website development. The difference is quite distinct but a web developer is capable of doing both if they are skilled enough. Web design is the initial ideation and planning of a website’s layout, appearance and content. Web development is the actual process of developing code for creating the site and its subsequent maintenance. Web design is about creativity, while web development is completely technical. You need to engage the services of web developers who can help you with both, as they know how to recreate your brand personality on the website.

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