The image of your brand is reinforced by the elements that go with the visual like the font, the colour theme, kind of images you use, etc. Any Web Design and Development company can tell you about how important fonts are on a website. Here is how to choose the perfect font to set the tone.

Identify the Brand personality

Review yourself internally on what type of organisation you are and what you wish to convey as your image. Only when you fix upon the tone and personality of the brand, can you choose the fonts. Web Design and Development companies need this information to help you choose your font.

Choose a font that coveys Brand Image

The website is the face of your brand and the maximum of the site is covered with content. That is the second most striking think about the website. The human mind has come to associate certain fonts with certain characteristics. Each font has a unique personality unto itself.

Therefore choose carefully that font that conveys exactly your intended tone of communication and brand identity.

Digital Synopsis has classified fonts into 5 types along with their personalities.

Serif Fonts – For reliability and a sense of familiarity.

San Serif fonts – To convey stability and clarity.

Script fonts – For an elegance that portrays creativity.

Modern fonts – Progressiveness with a call to action.

Display fonts – Friendly and attracts attention visually.


Every brand goes through a phase where they are tempted to experiment with new fonts. Unless you are prepping for a complete revamp of the site, this is not advisable. Every time a customer sees content about your brand, they are looking at a piece of the brand’s personality. Any change will throw off this image, which is why consistency is very important when it comes to choosing the font for both your digital and print presence.

Choosing Web Safe fonts

Not all fonts are web-based and some can be custom made by the designer. Back in the age when websites were just beginning to sprout, designers had limited choices in font if they wanted a clean and crisp site. Otherwise, the users may not be able to view the content at all, as they would not have those fonts. Designers are of course doing their best to create websafe custom fonts, but that does not have guaranteed success in all cases. It is limited to the infrastructure availability of your users. So stick to absolutely safe fonts that are uniform across all devices of any configuration. This ensures a seamless customer experience on your website.

Google Fonts

Web Design and Development companies use Google fonts as a go-to repository of extensive and reliable web safe licensed fonts. There are over 800 free fonts to choose from, which puts a stop to your long led font search. Since Google fonts is a web-based service, every user will likely view your website in the exact same way. The fonts stay uniform regardless of the device that the consumers are accessing your website from.

Font Combinations in Web Design

It is near impossible to stick with one single font. The trick is to figure out the right font combinations to ensure clean visuals throughout the website. The three fundamental rules to choosing font combinations are as follows.

  • Use no more than three different fonts.
  • Choose fonts that blend well without making the change too obvious.
  • Assign a font hierarchy and follow it uniformly through the site.

E.g: One font is used on all headings and it should match the font on your company name and logo. The next is an easily readable font to be used on the majority of the text on your site. This should work for even small screens. The third is the Accent font that is used to make certain parts of the texts more visible to the readers. 

Fonts are the perfect tool to convey the right style and design. Open Designs, a Web Design, and Development Company in Chennai, has helped many clients, develop successful websites with brilliant visual styles.

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