When it comes to the business website, it is almost always in a single language, either the native language or English the Global language. Open Designs, the best Web Development Company in Chennai, shows how a multi-lingual website improves your chances on the international market. 

With the native language, you may be missing out on an international consumer base, and with only English, you are missing out on the local audience in each international location, that does not have access to English. 

Increased Website Traffic

When the website is available in multiple languages, there is more number of people who have access to it. Especially in the case of Web Design Services in India, this is very important as a major chunk of the population still relies on their native languages. The visibility of the site increases as it shows up even while the search is made in their language, rather than English. You can attract an entirely new client base of both local and international origin. 

About 70% of consumers prefer looking up sites that are in their own language. They feel more comfortable receiving the information in a language they can completely understand, as opposed to a common language that gives space for ambiguity. 

Improved Customer Retention

Most people spend an average of 8 seconds glancing over a website before deciding if they want to continue with it or not. You need to grab their attention within this time span, or you could lose the customer. If the content and visuals of the ethnic languages website page of yours are as good as the English one, then you have more chances of customer retention. Customers crave familiarity and comfort and their local language provides just that. This creates brand trust and reliability. 

Web Design Services in India, make use of this factor to create locally themed web pages for that part of your site that is in the local language. They make use of high-quality translation facilitators or tools that are more precise than the average online translator. 

Easy Global Marketing Strategy

While one makes so much time, efforts, and money to market their site on an international platform, the most cost-effective way to do this, is simply to make your website available in the local language. This automatically increases your user base, even without elaborate marketing strategies. All you need is a strong SEO content that is very specific to the colloquial everyday way the language is spoken. Your business instantly expands globally with just the launch of your multi-lingual website. 

If you are based in India but want to reach the Spanish market, you might think English is enough, since it is an international market. But did you know, only 22% of the population in Spain have access to English? Making your website available in Spanish will automatically facilitate penetration into that market. 

Boosting worldwide sales

The whole point of any business is to achieve its sales targets, be it products or services. Going multi-lingual visibly boosts your sales performance as has been proved by companies like Under.Me, They have achieved double the sales in Germany, after translating their website to German. 

Net Media Planet puts the average increase in conversions on a multilingual site to be up to 20%. Companies who have created completely localised content in addition to using the local language have achieved 70% conversions. 

Enabling Equal Access to everyone

Not everyone has access to the English language. However, over 85% of the World population has Internet penetration, with most of them using online services in their native language. Web Design Services in India are well aware of this disparity and create completely localised content and webpages for their clients, helping even those from smaller locations and different economic sections to access their clients’ business.   

There is a general idea that any company that has webpages in different languages ought to be Global. This reinforces the credibility of the company in the minds of the users, more than the competition which may have a single language website. Open Designs, the best web design company, based in Chennai, provides this edge with carefully crafted Multi-Lingual websites for our clients. 

Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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