A Responsive Website is one created using Responsive Web Design and Development technology, to adapt dynamically to the size and orientation of the device being used to view it. The cost of development is one time unlike previously used methods, where different codes were created for different sized devices. The elements on the page, reshuffle and resize to fit the screen. The entire process is automated to provide a seamless shift across different devices. 

How do Responsive Websites work?

Web design and Development Services, render a fluid Grid concept that realigns the elements on a page. It uses the relative unit of Percentage to change page size, over absolute units like pixels or points. The image size is also adjusted in this manner to prevent it from going outside our field of view on the device screen. 

Work out the kinks before launch with Usability Testing across different platforms. Once people feel that a site is not for them, it is difficult to convince them otherwise. 

Adaptability to Screen size

This is the most evident benefit of Responsive Websites. There is a shifting trend that is moving towards increased internet penetration through smartphones. A responsive website helps you tap into this market with immense potential. According to a study by Statista, about 4.2 Billion people have been identified as unique Mobile internet users in 2020. When employing Web Design and Development services, ask for a single Responsive Website that caters to all types of devices. 

Reduced Operating and Maintenance cost

A Responsive Website needs only be created once, which can be launched across all websites. Making two or more websites is time consuming, expensive and frankly, high maintenance. A Responsive website may seem expensive at the outset, but the reduced maintenance more than makes up for it. 

It is a valuable resource that enables you to save time which would otherwise have been wasted on monitoring the sister site. 

Enhanced User Experience

If you have paid close attention to the sites you visit, you might see that the version you see on your phone and your computer is different. This is because they are two completely different sites that have been developed to fit that particular device.  Text gets distorted, especially in the mobile version, while some images are partially out of view and you may have to scroll sideways to read a full sentence. Responsive websites enable you to provide an enhanced user experience that retains your clientele.  

The first organisation to adopt this tech was Audi, way back in 2001 and it took 13 years for others to catch on. Companies that have adapted to this technology are some of the leading brands that are actively looking to provide great customer experience. 

Strategic SEO Practices

Responsive websites have the potential for higher Search Engine Page Rankings. Web Design and Development services take advantage of the enhanced user experience it provides. More traffic is directed towards such sites and users also spend more time on them. This helps improve their visibility by pushing them to the top of the listings. Google confirmed this fact with an official announcement back in 2013. Web Design and Development services are urging their clients to adopt this tech. 

Content prioritization is another key aspect of Responsive websites. You can choose to make the most attractive content visible directly without the endless scrolling normally associated with mobile sites. Content prioritization eases users to the mobile site, from viewing it on the computer or tablet screen. 

Socio-Economic Benefits

Responsive websites enhance the accessibility of your website to users regardless of their infrastructure privileges. It widens the target demographic that you want to reach. More than 80% of the population in any country has access to mobile phones but not to computers. But responsive Websites bridge this gap effectively. 

Web Design services in India are now including Responsive Websites in their package. Open Designs is one of the few Web Development Companies in India that creates flawless Responsive Sites. This helps our clients save time and money and the efforts of maintaining two or more sites. 

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