Many of you who are stepping into E-Commerce, are familiar with usual SEO practices. The main aim of SEO is to draw traffic and convertible leads to your website through the strategized content. If you are following the rest of them, but leave out the Pillar pages then you need to revisit your strategy.

If your website is a book, then the Pillar page is like a foreword that also lists the table of contents. But to truly design a great Pillar Page, you will need to appoint the best SEO services company there is.

What is a Pillar Page?

A pillar page is a web page the broadly outlines the details of a topic without going into the specifics. Relevant links to other sources are provided to learn each specific aspect. The page acts as an impromptu directory of sorts, a master page rather, that leads you to more resources on that topic. Even the best SEO services company will still face trouble in creating the perfect Pillar page that doesn’t look too forced.

Pillar pages have the following characteristics:

Provide a comprehensive overview of the topic.
Provides the relevant links to specific cluster content.
Generally longer than a single blog post.
Has hyperlinked chapters to the sub-topics.
Should answer just about any question a user may have about that topic.

How Pillar Pages adapt to google Algorithm changes

The most basic component of SEO is the keywords. Now that there are voice-controlled search options, there has been a significant rise in the use of conversational search queries. If you pay close attention, you will find that people tend to use long-tail keywords more than short-tail ones. 64% of searches are comprised of keywords that are over 4 words long.
When all your content is outlined in the form of a Pillar Page, easier it is to fit in conversational queries within the content. The best SEO services companies are using Pillar pages as a tool to battle the constantly changing Google algorithms. If you are still in the habit of using older SEO strategic keywords, then it may harm your Google ranking after some time.

Creative Process for a Pillar Page:

The first point is to divert our minds from keywords and focus on topic clusters instead. The pillar page should not be about too broad or too narrow a topic.
Layout the content, without the links. Utilise conversational search queries.
Review and edit in the following priority – Flow, Tone, Spelling, and Grammar.
Apply the Bi-Directional linking wherever applicable.

Effectiveness of Pillar Pages in SEO

The human mind craves organisation in everything. Right from arranging our clothes in the cupboards to filling documents in the office, organisation helps us access the right object or data with ease. This is exactly what the Pillar page does to your site.

It organises interlinked content onto a single page, with easily navigable links to the in-depth details. Google favours such sites that are user friendly, where the content layout is easy to analyse. Websites with pillar pages are ranked higher in Google searches. They also organically boost user-engagement with their clarity.

The prevalence of keywords is more when all the information on a single topic is concentrated on a single page. This is not a forced piling of keywords either.

Instead of having to initiate another search for further details, the user just needs to follow the roadmap of links to get every piece of information they need.

The credibility of the page increases as the organised layout and depth of information creates an image of a professional site.

Users want specific results and are unwilling to filter through generic content. The pillar page allows you to add as much data and be as specific as you want to attract more traffic to your site.

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